For once without Plan-B

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Chapter-27: Teasing , fun and emotions !!!

Helena POV:

The moment we entered Drake’s mansion, I was pulled away by Pearl and Krystle. Krystle doesn’t have much of friends. While she was in her school she used to be more on a heavier side and was constantly bullied, so she hardly made friends. I learnt that Drake became her support and made her follow a strict regime for years and now Krystle doesn’t have even a bit of fat. She looks like an angel. I couldn’t be more proud of Drake. The way Krystle speaks about him tells me that the brother-sister are very very close and can give life if needed for each other.

Our talks soon shifted to the wedding arrangements and details and when I accidentally spilled out that I had to buy some dresses for wedding all hell broke loose.

Krystle and Pearl dragged me for shopping and here I am now trying dresses since hours yet not getting approval from both the fashion police.

I needed a break from shopping so I just looked around to find a chair and immediately sat down while Pearl and Krystle were still on the mission to find perfect dress for me that would match with theirs. Crazy isn’t it. Well actually not !

I took my mobile and at the same moment I received a text from Drake. We had a small chat and what bothered me was he had something important to let me know. My thoughts started revolving around possibilities when I got interrupted by a scream and I quickly marched towards where it came from, because I knew it was of Pearl’s.

“Pearl you okay?” I said while walking towards her

“OMG OMG OMG, Hele, I found the one for you” she started jumping

“Pearl relax”

“ohh you are not saying that, now come on try this” she handed me the dress and pushed me into the changing room.

The dress looked beautiful, it’s a Burgundy coloured Leaf sequin bodice mesh full length dress with slit till thigh. The moment I came out I could see Pearl and Krystle smiling end to end.

“We are definitely buying this” they spoke in union

“uhh Thank God. Remind me not to come for shopping with you guys”

Next few hours passed by with me buying few more dresses and accessories and off course Pearl and Krystle also bought few things. Soon we were back to mansion and I couldn’t wait to meet Drake and know about the matter.

“Seems Hele is desperate to meet Drake” Pearl teased

“I can see that” Krystle joined Pearl

I rolled my eyes and pulled my tongue out and walked my way towards the stairs but then I got confused as to where to go and turned back

“Need help Hele?” I could see Krystle smirking

“If you don’t, your brother would for sure isn’t it” now I smirked

“Girls grow up” Mrs. Johnson spoke coming out from kitchen

“mom…I was enjoying teasing my would be sister-in-law” hearing that I stood frozen and all three were laughing.

“relax Hele” Mrs. Johnson came and pulled me into hug “its upto you both to decide. Take your time, enjoy and then decide. But to me you both are just perfect” as I pulled myself away from her hug, my eyes turned glossy.

This was the first time I was experiencing mother’s love and care.

“Thank you Mrs. Johnson” my voice hoarse

“call me Mom , mother or Mumma and remember , it doesn’t matter if you and Drake are together or not. As I said earlier, you are and would always be cared and loved in this house and are free to come and go anytime you want. “

I nodded as tears ran down my cheeks

“you know what I cant see my daughter crying and frankly I am really bad at persuading too. So better calm down and smile else I would let you eat food cooked by Krystle”

“mooooommmmmmmmm” Krystle yelled

“What its truth, you cant cook to save your life. Poor Jeff, cooking would be his duty from now on”

“momm…” this time she stomped

“By the way, does Jeff know you can’t cook”

“I am going from here. You can stop that” she pouted and left towards her room while Pearl and I laughed

“Go straight up the stairs and turn left, the second room is of Drake’s and your luggage is there”

I nodded and hugged her once more and walked towards Drake’s room while Pearl followed me and entered the room next to Drake’s room.

Drakes room was huge and was styled according to his taste in black, white and grey shades. A king size bed in the middle of the room, an attached washroom, walk in closet, A 75 inch Tv wall mounted, a desk and a chair, And a window which overlooks the garden behind. Taking in the luxurious room I started looking out for my luggage and finally found out that it was placed carefully in the walk-in closet. I got freshened up quickly and came out only to see Drake waiting for me in the room.


“Come here” he patted his hands next to him on the bed gesturing me to come over. I walked and once I reached him, he pulled me into his lap. Nuzzling my neck he spoke between kisses “I missed you”

I smiled and shook my head

“its just few hours Drake”

“Cant help”

“So you had something to tell me”

“ohh yes, can you give me a second, I would freshen up and we would talk about it in length”

I nodded and once he came , he made me lie with my head on his chest

“Hele, your family is also invited for wedding”

I looked at him , he shook his head “Listen Jeff’s parents are close to your father and its Jeff’s family who invited them”

I gulped. I don’t want any drama and at this point I can’t do anything much

’’s okay..doesn’t matter if they are there”

“that’s not all Hele. Elaina is also coming”

I was surprised

“Krystle has invited her and trust me Krystle doesn’t know what Elaina did”

Why does this always happen with me? I wanted to enjoy the wedding but seems I will be busy avoiding people.

“As much as I want to deal with Elaina I feel..”

“its not right time Drake. It’s your sister’s wedding and last thing I want is a cat fight between two grown up girls fighting for a man. “

He nodded and we both were silent for few minutes

“Bert and I would do anything to keep her away from you”


“So that she doesn’t speak rubbish to you or try anything foolish”

“I can handle her Drake. Once I can be fooled , twice never”

He looked at me searching for any doubt or worry

“But still I am going to be always beside you Hele. I don’t want any misunderstanding between us”

“me too”

He pulled me close and placed his lips on mine and soon it turned deeper and made me feel hot and wet at the same time. Damn this guy.

“We need to stop” I was panting

“I don’t want to stop” he pushed me on to the bed and hovered over me

“Drake your family is around”

“my room is soundproof” he winked

“you are insatiable”

“only for you” with that he nuzzled my neck and started placing kisses downwards. I didn’t even realise when he removed my clothes leaving me in my lingerie.

“God! you are so beautiful”

“and you …are handsome”

He looked at me and grinned showing his dimples and continued working on my body with his mouth. The next I realise he is in his boxers and I could see he was hard as his bulge was struggling in his boxers.

“Like what you see”

I blushed

“I like what I am seeing now Hele”

My cheeks became warm from blushing furiously, God this guy has no filter. He kissed me again and got lost between my thighs pleasuring me with his finger and tongue, not giving up till I exploded.


He looked at me

“I need you inside me” and he didn’t need to be asked twice, His boxer accompanied the pile of cloths next to the bed and he was thrusting inside me making me feel pleasured like never before. My moans and his grunts were music to our ears and it continued till we came together.

When he pulled himself out of me, I tried to put my clothes on but he pulled me on to his chest as he laid next to me asking me not to bother about putting clothes on as the room was locked from inside and none can enter.

I was too tired to argue with all the happenings of the day and we fell into sleep in arms of each other leaving the worries for the moment.

Next morning I woke up and got silently out of bed and went ahead to freshen up. My body felt sore but I didn’t feel lethargic. I could see all the hickeys Drake gave me and I thanked him internally as hickeys were not in visible places. We had a flight to catch and a wedding to attend and I packed my luggage putting everything carefully.

Once I was done I saw Drake walking with towel wrapped around his waist and water dripping from his hair. He was a hot sight to see.

“Close you mouth Hele. You have your entire life to stare at me and I would be more than happy to roam in a towel when we are alone”

“shut up Drake”

“ok fine, will you help me packing my suitcase?’’

“You need my help?”

“yeah, why not..i mean I am not good at this stuff”

“Fine…let’s start and then head down for breakfast, I am practically starving”

He pulled few suits , formals , casuals and swim trunks along with his inners and placed them next to me while he started getting ready

“We are almost colour coordinated” I spoke setting up his suits

“not almost, we are” he said applying some gel to his hair

“What..i mean how?”

“Bert and pearl planned. Isnt it obvious” he said staring at me through mirror while setting his hair


He shrugged. “I guess that’s the whole plan from beginning. “

“Fine all set, now please can we go have breakfast” I pouted

He placed a chaste kiss, entwined our hands as we walked towards the dining area to see Pearl, Bert, Krystle and Mrs. Johnson waiting for us.

“took long to come” Krystle spoke earning a glare from Drake

“I am so happy, this vampire would be leaving the mansion today. I must actually talk to Jeff and express my condolences for bearing you for rest of his life” hes poke taking his seat next to his mom opposite to Krystle

“shut up Draky” Krystle threw an apple which Drake caught right in time

“Never Krissy” he threw kitchen napkin at her and she scowled

“I am gonna miss this” Mrs. Johnson spoke as her voice choked

“Mumma..don’t listen to Draky’s words, I am gonna come often and stay here” Krystle hugged her mom silently wiping her tears.

“Ohh please don’t. Have some mercy” Drake continued teasing her making me nudge him to stop

He looked at me and then got up and pulled Krystle into hug “I will miss you Krissy. You better visit mom and me often else I am going to hunt Jeff for imprisoning you”

Pearl and I were in awe while Bert was all smiles.

This is family, this is a perfect family which I never had and which I was experiencing now.

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