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Chapter – 28 : Happy times !!

It was no surprise that Drakes family had booked Business class for all of us to comfortably reach Valentia, however I was thankful they didn’t book a private jet which would have made me feel weird or uncomfortable.

Throughout the journey we had lots of fun with chatter and teasing - the best journey I can say I ever had experienced, not that I had many. I got to meet Jeff and his family and they were very warm towards me.

Anne - Jeff’s sister bonded instantly with Krystle, Pearl and me and we had fun together. Throughout the journey Drake made sure to keep any eye on me and I felt for the first time that I am not alone, there is someone to look after and care for me.

We were informed by Jeff and Krystle that they had booked beach houses for all of us. All of us in the sense , one for Drake and me, one for Pearl and Bert, one for Anne and her boyfriend Liam who would join her couple of hours later after we reach, since he had to come from NY, Krystle would stay with Mrs. Johnson, Jeff had one for himself, Senior Viceroy’s(Rose and Matthew) had one , while Steve, Diana , Melody and Elaina would be staying in a villa nearby the beach houses. The other important guests would arrive for the wedding and leave , so there was no point in arranging an accommodation for them.

Once we landed, we were driven to the beach houses in a bus. The whole idea of Jeff and Krystle was to spend time together with people who matter to them most as much as they can before the wedding. They said that after the wedding everyone would go back to the hectic life and will rarely get occasion to meet like this. Everyone agreed and were in happy and high spirits too.

As we reached the beach house, we were informed to meet for dinner at nearby small diner which was booked for the next couple of days for all of us. I liked the idea of having food from the small diner, because to the fact most of the times small diners provide great food than the highly expensive restaurants.

Soon Drake and I made our way into the beach house with Drake carrying my luggage despite me insisting him to carry it myself. The front had a path way to the entrance of the house. Left to the path way had a small washroom and a utility room with a washing machine .The beach house was cozy to be put. A small veranda, followed by a medium size living room with TV and sofa sets and a coffee table at the center, walking down the hallway is kitchenette with a fridge, a hot plate, microwave oven, coffee maker and some pans and cutlery. The left of the hallway led to a bedroom with a small walk in closet and an attached washroom. There is a small open top sit out area as you cross kitchen and then a garden with small pool at the middle. There was lot of ventilation in the whole house and the see breeze was refreshing.

The moment we entered, we left the shoes at the shoe rack in veranda and walked directly to the bedroom to access the washroom. Drake immediately took off to get freshened up, while I pulled out his and mine comfy clothes from the suitcase and placed it on the bed. I set the rest of the clothes in the closet and waited for Drake to come out.

I didn’t know how much I slept but when I got up I could smell the aroma of coffee and soon walked towards the kitchen to see Drake sitting on one of the chairs in the sit out area and sipping his coffee while in deep thoughts.

“Hey” I spoke standing against the kitchen door

“Hele” he grinned

“Sorry I slept”

“Its fine, you were tired”

“You could have woke me up”

“you were so peacefully sleeping and I didn’t have the heart to wake you up”

I smiled “thank you”

“Thank you too”


“picking my clothes and placing them on the bed”

“Sorry I didn’t ask you and..”

“I felt happy Hele. Someone has done such a thing for me for the first time.”

“really. I can do it everyday for you, if that makes you happy”

He shook his head “Don’t spoil me like this and most importantly don’t make me get used to all that”

I smiled catching his intention only if he knows how much I want this to be forever.


“you know why Hele” he stared at me

I nodded and turned to make coffee for myself

“where are you going?”

“To make coffee”

“sit here” he extended his hand and I took few steps to place my hand in his. He pulled me onto his lap and held me tight along my waist

“Everything fine?” I asked

“yes. I missed you” he kissed my neck

“We were together you remember”

“but you were not this close to me, you have to understand” I laughed

“you are such a baby sometimes”

“whatever” he continued kissing my neck

“Drake I need to freshen up and also have my coffee. So …”

“few more minutes and then you can”

I felt his grip tightened as if I will be leaving him if he left me now. I slowly loosened his grip and sat opposite to him looking.

“What's wrong Drake?”

He shook his head

“no tell me”

He handed me my mobile , I frowned taking it

“I had no intention to pick the call, you were sleeping peacefully and your mobile was ringing, so I picked it”

“its fine, but from whom was the call”

“From Goldman Inc, NY”

I was surprised

“They asked you to call back on the same number”

“ok…but why are you upset?’’

“I am not upset Hele, I am just not feeling right. I feel as if you would leave soon”

“Did they say anything other than asking me to call back?”

“No. They didn’t say anything else”

I trust Drake with all my heart. If he said they didn’t say anything else, then it is that’s it.

“Drake” he didn’t look at me

I knelt before him and lifted his chin up..

“listen Drake, we came here to enjoy, let a call not ruin the moods of us. Whatever the call was for we can deal it after the wedding. This is first time I am enjoying an occasion, please let me make good memories. Please”

He nodded and held my face gently

“I am sorry. I just..”

“I know, I understand. Lets just not think anything without knowing the matter”

He smiled and this time his smile was genuine, we both leaned towards each other with our foreheads touching. Drake made coffee for him and me as his coffee wasn’t hot and we enjoyed our coffee in a comforting silence.

After I got freshened up, I wore a floral print black and blue summer dress that ended up right below my knee joints, for the dinner as it was way too hot in Valentia. Drake also changed into his shorts with a blue-black striped t-shirt. I put on flat white sandals while he put on white sneakers. We met Pearl and Bert on the way to the diner and soon engulfed ourselves in chat.

The diner was beautiful to look at, hanging lamps with white bulbs within, wooden tables and stools, aroma of delicacies being cooked , it was simple yet classy. The others were already present and we 4 joined them. Anne introduced Liam to us and he was as handsome as Bert and Jeff, but not as much as Drake. I know Pearl would kill me if I say that and it is understandable too. For her Bert is the most charming person on Earth.

All the while, while talking and having food, we are smiling or laughing. Suddenly there erupted a discussion where things took a dramatic turn and then it became girls vs boys.

“okay, then it is officially girls vs boys” Anne huffed

“yes” Liam retorted

“Guess what Girls are the best” Krystle said

“Not until you prove sweetheart” Jeff replied

“what’s there to prove. We have always proved ourselves” Pearl barged in

“That was funny “ Bert hifi’ed Jeff and Liam

“Not really, tone down your sarcasm Bert. Who knows you would mint words when we prove you wrong once again” I said

“Is it a challenge Hele?” Drake responded

“Yes Draky”

“We will see Krissy”

“Children what's going on?” Mrs. Johnson asked

“Mumma…the guys here think we Girls are not best at anything” Krystle explained

“And why do they think so?”

“Not sure, I guess its their delusion”

“Ohh no mom it isn’t our delusion. For the starters, tell me something Krissy does perfectly”

“Drake you don’t go there?” Mrs. Johnson replied

“See even you cant list one thing and these girls here are challenging us to prove that they are the best. Like what a joke”

“ohh come on Drake. You know and have said 100 times that I am the best” I intervened

“That’s…” he paused

“that’s what Drake?” I raised my eyebrow

He shook his head

Girls 1 boys 0

“God Drake…You cant become a cat from a tiger in next minute” Bert huffed

“Shut up Bert, you know where I am best at” she winked and Bert almost choked his drink earning laughter from all of us

Girls 2 Boys 0

“Hey I am best at cooking” Jeff put his statement

Now what Girls 2 Boys 1 …

“Okay Children, if that’s what you want to prove, why not have some exciting challenges before the wedding” Mr. Arnouts, father of Jeff and Anne spoke

“Like” we all asked

“We elders will hide the wedding rings, bride and bridegroom wedding gown and costume somewhere. You have to find all the four things by Tuesday evening.”

“Like treasure hunt”

“yes . But remember there would be no chits as clues. How to find clues is also your headache. This will prove who is the best in terms of understanding, analyzing and acting upon.”

“this is gonna be fun”

“ohh yes…it would be fun. So Jeff and Krystle would handover the rings , costume and gown after dinner and the game will start tomorrow evening and will end by Tuesday night. No cheating allowed - get it. Play fair and get proved as best”

“yess” we all shouted in excitement and gave challenging looks.

The rest of the dinner everything went to normal and we had busied ourselves in conversations which were mostly about the weird experiences in our lives. The whole scenario was so beautiful to experience and definitely a memory for lifetime.

Drake held my hand under the table and smiled and I tightened my hand against his mouthing thank you. If I had not been with him I wouldn’t have experienced this. There was no awkwardness even though I met Anne, Liam and Jeff for the first time. They treated me as their equal and even though they fairly had idea about who I was and what I underwent they didn’t bring up that topic or tried to put me down. Infact during the conversation when I went silent, they encouraged me to share my thoughts and nodded in agreement if I had a fair point to put. I felt I made more friends in a short while than I had made in my lifetime till now.

Liam even tried to flirt with me and got kicked by Anne , but all in a fun way. After spending enough time chatting we all went out of the diner and started dancing on the sand as the lady from the diner lit up firewood and played local Spanish music.

Drake and I were swaying our hips and were slow dancing ignoring the people and surroundings. His hands on my waist, my body against his, legs moving in sync , breaths mingling and eyes locking. The intimacy was comfortable and relaxing. Feelings growing with each passing minute.

“Hele” he said in the most husky voice possible

“mmm” I hummed meekly

“I ….I…..”

I looked at him, I know he wants to confess his love to me, I can see it in his eyes that he wants me to understand his silence and his stuttering too


He looked at me

“Kiss me” I asked and as soon as the words left my mouth his lips crashed into mine.

At that moment I didn’t care who were watching us, what would they think of us and how will we face them. All it mattered to me was Drake kissing me and pouring his love and I reciprocating the same towards him.

He is the only and one for me. I love Drake and I have never been so sure of anything ever in my life.

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