For once without Plan-B

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Chapter -30 : Exchange of words !!

As I went back to where everyone was, as expected Krystle was mad at me and muttered some choicest of words that left me giggling. After she cooled down she apologised for losing cool and I was okay and also apologised her for being away for long time. As I turned to talk to others I saw Elaina talking to Pearl and Anne. The guys were no where to be seen. Its just the girls.

“Hey Pearl” I called while walking towards her with Krystle behind me.

I could see Elina a bit tensed and I knew why exactly she was tensed.

“Hey Hele. Where were you?”

“Had to make a call”

“Anything bothering”

“nothing… all good”

“Hi Elaina” I smiled

“H..Hi Helena. How are you?”

“I am good as you can see”

“I didn’t know you were coming here” I said

“Ohh Krystle invited me and Diana asked me to tag along so I am here, hope you don’t mind”

“why would I? Its not my wedding, I am also a guest as you are”

“Ohh no..Helena …You are family” Krystle spoke

“Thank you for saying that. I am one in your family” I smiled and could look at Elina’s face getting pale

“is there something I don’t know Hele?” Pearl asked sensing the tension between Elina and me

I nodded and looked at Elina

“I think it is fair enough for everyone to know Elaina. We are all so close knitted friends now”

She didn’t utter a word

“Helena what happened?” Krystle asked

I explained whatever Elaina spoke to me at De Riveria and when I completed the whole sequence everyone looked shocked while Elaina looked pale.

“I didn’t expect this Elaina. I mean wasn’t it you who said you were happy for Drake being with Hele” Krystle asked

“To be honest Hele doesn’t even match to the standards of Drake” I turned around to see Diana replying

“Diana its not about standards, its about what Drake wants”

“Off course, but the type of person Hele is I am sure Drake would run away from her after a couple of months”

“Ohh No Diana…” Anne pitched in

“They have been living together in the same house for almost 2 and a half months now and all I can see is adoration and respect for each other in their eyes. I am sure you must be mistaken”

“Guys relax” I said

“Krystle, I don’t want anything or anyone to disturb you during your happy times. So I am least bothered about what Elina or Diana would think about me. I am in a happy space and to me happiness of my closed ones matters. I picked this topic to confront Elina and let her know that Drake is not interested in her and also advice her to not get her hopes raised.”

I turned towards Eliana and smiled “I am sorry Elina if you feel I have or am trying to insult you. Trust me I have no such intentions. Even after everything as a person known to you I am just trying to say that Drake sees you as a friend nothing more than that. He respects you because you respected his words during the event at Ghent. He has become your friend because you wanted to be friends with him. It is good if you understand this, else you would get heart broken”

“You can never see anyone happy Helena” Diana spat

I smiled because I know better than giving it back. Anne was the one who was much shocked seeing the true colours of Diana.

“Once you leave for NY, I am sure Drake would forget you and Elina would still have a chance to pursue him”

“Are you kidding me Diana. You have the audacity to talk about my brother infront of me. Wow…I mean you have guts”

“You have no say in this Krystle. You would be with your husband and would lead your own life. Mrs. Johnson already gave blessings for Drake and Elina’s relation and everything was going good, until she” Diana pointed her finger towards me and continued “had to come in between and ruin everything. I never knew she would stoop to such a level of snatching someone else’s man too”

I took a deep breath as I listened way too much

“If you have anything else to vent out go ahead. Lets end this discussion tonight because this is my best friends wedding. My problems shouldn’t ruin her mood. So this night lets end and get back to normal. Behave as if nothing happened and enjoy the wedding. What say?” I smiled as if her words didn’t hurt me

“You know what you are impossible, but trust me Helena, once you leave to NY everything bad would end here and everyone would be happy. You are nothing but a bad….”

“Stop there Lady…not a word more against her” we heard a voice and turned towards the person

“Liam” we all spoke in union

“Liam Go..” Diana didn’t speak and was shocked

“Yes I am Liam and if I am not mistaken you are Mrs. Diana Viceroy, Daughter-In-Law of Mr. Matthew Viceroy right?”

“Yeah..nice meeting you Liam”

“Can I say the same to you after what I have listened now?” he shook his head

“You don’t know the truth, its not what you are understanding”

“Whatever is the truth it is no way to talk to a girl/woman like this. You were insulting when she wasn’t even uttering a word. “

We all were looking shocked

“Do you know her Liam” Anne asked

He nodded “Steve Viceroy has contacted me couple of months back and remember I visited Belgium , I met them then. So you can say I know them pretty well. But I didn’t know that Helena was also related to them”

“I am not anymore Liam… I was once … not anymore” I replied.

We all went silent and I finally spoke

“Diana for all I know, I have never asked Drake to pursue me, it was his choice, from my end I also started liking Drake and we are where we are now. Tomorrow if Drake decides to leave me and bring Elina or someone else into his life, I would go away from his life without any awkwardness. That’s how much I love him. I would never force him to be with me. love is about letting your partner to be independent and make his or her own decisions and respect the decision taken. Elina can keep trying I wouldn’t interfere, but don’t blame me if he doesn’t want her to be in his life because it is his choice, his decision, his life. For all I know, after knowing what Elina said me, I am not sure if Drake would even want to talk to her. “

“You said everything to Drake” Elina gasped in shock

I nodded “Off course I did..why wouldn’t I? I had to know if what you said was true or not. If it was true then trust me you wouldn’t have seen me here today. When we both decided to see where our relation would go, we decided that we wouldn’t keep any secrets between us and would clear up any misunderstandings. That’s why I spoke to him and I must say thank you to you, because only after speaking to him I understood that Mrs. Johnson always wanted what Drake wanted. She would give her blessings to anyone who Drake would bring to her as his partner. I am not in a competition with you Elina, I never was. If you felt me as a competitor that’s definitely has nothing to do with me.”

She turned and left and Diana followed her

“I am sorry Hele, I didn’t know all this happened. I would have never invited her” Krystle said

“No, its good you invited. I wouldn’t have got chance to give it back this way”

“I cant believe they are so cruel towards you” Anne said

“They always had been. Ask me how they treated her” Pearl who was raging with anger spoke

“girls relax. It all has happened and we cant change anything but I am sure we can become relaxed and enjoy the wedding . Like seriously I stopped caring about what they felt or feel about me. I am immune to them” I smiled and I could see everyone relaxing

“Okay, we have to even find clues to find our wedding rings and dress” Krystle said

“Ohh yes, we better find and win over the guys” I said looking at Liam who was by now chuckling

“ok lets get back to work then”

“Guys, a moment please” I said and everyone turned towards me “Let this matter not reach anyone else please”

“impossible. I am gonna tell Drake right away” Krystle said

“Please. Drake wouldn’t spare her anymore Krystle and the amount of drama that happened is enough now. We are here to enjoy not create drama. So please”

After a moment of silence everyone agreed and started walking

“I will join you, I need a moment for myself” with that they left and I sat on the sand with the waves touching my feet every now and then.

Whenever I meet my family, something or other happens. Diana’s words have pierced me in a very painful way. What had I had to steal away from anyone, I kept away from Drake as much as possible. I love Drake and it happened not that I anticipated. Was it so wrong to love or to be loved? Does that make me selfish?

“No, its not wrong and you are not selfish” I heard words and looked at the person shocked


“Helena. You are not Selfish, the way you kept your calm amazed me. I have never seen a girl so level headed. So don’t even think for a minute that you did something wrong or you are selfish”

“Did I just say everything so loud”

“No but enough for me to hear sitting next to you”

“I am sorry I didn’t mean to”

“its fine. I actually saw you sitting here and came here to give you company”

I frowned

“Don’t worry, Anne and everyone else knows that I am with you, including Drake”

I smiled while he handed me Orange juice

“So you love Drake” I nodded

“did you tell him?” I shook my head


“I donno. Something in me is stopping me. May be my indecisiveness”

“I think you must tell him because everyone can clearly see how much you both love eachother”

“I will if he stops me”

“Stops you?”

“its ..its nothing”

“Come on…you can trust me with your secret”

I took a look at him and I felt like trusting him. I explained my situation and the decision I took sometime back and also what I said to Mrs. Johnson about Drake stopping me.

“So you mean to say Goldman INC has basically threatened in a way that if you don’t join they might terminate your offer and you have to let your decision known before end of day Friday”

“Yes. But I wouldn’t call it a threatening. I know how the business runs, I know why they had to take such decision and its fair enough. Its not like they had not informed me.”

“you really think so?”

“yes. I am positive”

“Let me know if I can be of any help to you, in terms of your job.”

“how can you help me?”

He took a pause and spoke “I know the CEO of Goldman INC and a word from me, everything would go your way”

“Thank you Liam, but I don’t want to use your friendship for my personal benefits”

“You know you are different. I mean if there was someone else in your place and I say these words, they would have asked me to help them. “

I smiled

“You know what sometimes you need to be selfish. There is no harm being so for genuine reasons Helena.”

“I will take your advice”

“I am so glad to meet you. Like truly glad to meet a person like you and I want our friendship to go long way.”

“feelings mutual Liam”

“Perfect. Now come on…. Its time we have to be against each other.” I frowned and he chuckled “treasure Hunt” he winked

I laughed and we both walked towards our gang who were waiting us at dinner. As soon as I reached diner my eyes searched for Drake. I hadn’t seen him since morning.

“Looking for someone?” I heard whisper against my ears and I knew it was Drake. I turned towards him and hugged him

“I missed you Hele”

“I missed you too”

“lets get some food and then we can go back and catch up with the happenings of the day” he said and I nodded. He is definitely tired with the manual work he did. Infact all the guys looked tired and sunken.

Two days more and my fate would be decided but these two days I would not want a moment without Drake not being next to me.

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