For once without Plan-B

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Chapter -31 : All about the Proposal information !

“Alright Children, seeing your faces I am sure you are not in a position to go for the so called treasure hunt, so we would postpone it to tomorrow and make it short too” Mr. Arnouts, Jeff and Anne’s father said to which all the boys readily agreed and we girls felt bad for making them work so hard.

Everyone soon filled themselves with something lite and went back to our respective beach houses. Once I got freshened up, I could see Drake sound asleep and I couldn’t help but smile looking at his face. He looked so peaceful, calm . His pink lips parted a bit making me want to kiss him senseless. Hair messy yet sexy, he was hugging a pillow and major portion of his body out of the quilt.

I sat next to him and gently started stroking his hair….a smile crept on his face and he looked further relaxed while in sleep.

Hey Drake. I know I cant say all these when you are awake and looking at me with so much care and may be Love. I donno or rather am not sure if you Love me or you are in love with me, but I am in Love with you. You know I want to scream to the whole world that I LOVE YOU DRAKE JOHNSON and I cant wait to be yours for the rest of my life. I never felt so happy and complete, you gave me everything I missed in my life. You made me human in real sense, am saying this because I used to be like a machine with every sort of feeling hidden. You made me feel wanted and important. As cheesy as it sounds I just want to be in your arms and be loved by you till my last breath. Is it even possible?

I am hiding an important matter from you, I am sorry for that, but let Krystle’s wedding be done and I will let it known to you. I am scared at this point, scared as to what if you want me to go to NY. I wouldn’t even know your reason or intention behind if you let me go. But without you stopping me, I cant even stay back because I would feel as if I am forcing myself over you and that’s the last thing I want to do when its about you.

I want you to want me as much as I want you Drake. I want you to tell me all your feelings about me. I want you to ask me out, ask me to marry you and have kids with you. I know this is stupid of me, but this is truly what I want and only from you. You accept or reject , there can never be any other man in my life. It would always be you and only you.

I don’t know what and how our future would be, but never stop loving, thinking and caring about me Drake, even if we are apart. I would not be able to live again if I lose you too.” Tears were rolling out and I quickly wiped them off before they touched Drakes skin waking him up.

From an emotionless machine to an emotional human, the transformation of me is scary yet good and all because of this wonderful person Drake. Smile formed on my lips and I gently kissed him and snuggled in his chest, wanting to sleep and leaving the worries to wait for couple of days.

With a kiss on my forehead I fluttered my eye lids to open.

“Wake up sweetheart” a gentle voice heard

“Drake” I mumbled

“who else would it be?” he chuckled

I smiled and brushed his face. He pulled me into his chest and planted kisses on the nape of my neck making me moan.

“Drake, I just got up. Let me get freshened up”

“I missed this yesterday night”

“It’s okay. I know you were tired”

“All because of Krystle. I am going to make her do all the work when we get married”

My eyes widened in shock. Did he just talk about our marriage.


“uhh..umm…I mean when you would get married to person you like and I would get married to person I like..I mean she has made each one of us work so hard isn’t it” he quickly covered up and I nodded in disappointment.


“hmm” I looked at him

“I really missed you yesterday and I am sorry I slept even after telling you that we would be talking once we are back to the room. aren’t mad at me right?”

I broke into laughter and he looked confused

“Drake… I am not a bitch to get angry or annoyed for silly reasons. Don’t you know me?” I raised my eyebrows

“What will I do without you” he leaned to kiss and I pushed him and ran into the washroom to get freshened up. I mean I cant really kiss or eat without brushing my teeth , the first thing in the morning. Call it an OCD or name it anything else, that’s me.

“what time is it?” I asked wiping my face with the towel


“its very early”

“yeah, but I had enough of sleep”

“so what are we gonna do till we join others for breakfast”

“I think I have a great idea” he smirked and his eyes turned a darker shade

“Don’t…don’t even think of having s*x., You Perv”

“Come on…we didn’t last night”


“What. How can you deny the most handsome man in the world when he is willing to offer you the best possible …” I placed my hand on his lips before he could complete



“I thought you were talking about Coffee….the most handsome man in the world , willing to offer me the best possible Coffee”

He pouted listening and I giggled “That was a good one” he replied chuckling….”I know” I winked at him.

He made us both coffee and as we sat

“Hele, I have something to let you know and promise me you wouldn’t tell anyone”

I frowned


“Why cant I tell anyone”

“because that’s supposed to be a secret”




“Fine after listening just don’t scream at top of your voice” to which I rolled my eyes and waited for him to tell me the matter

“Bert has planned to propose Pearl”

“whaa” he placed his hand on my lips shushing me

“I said don’t scream”

“What? When?” I was jumping with joy

“Calm down girl. He had planned even before our reaching here. He would be doing it on Thursday. He..” he looked at me

“he needs my help isn’t it?” to which Drake nodded

“What’s that he needs?”

“Simple….make Pearl ready and bring her to the dock where the cruise awaits for her and then make an excuse and leave the love birds to be with each other”


“yeah…he is Albert the great… he wouldn’t do anything simple. So kind of booked cruise and bought a real big ring. I just hope Pearl accepts and doesn’t break his heart”

“Ohh that wouldn’t happen. Want to know a little secret?” I could see his eyes twinkling with excitement

“Yesterday Pearl was really sad and was almost crying thinking Bert didn’t want her anymore in his life and that’s exactly why he isn’t popping the question despite they both dating for such long time”

“She was waiting”

“yeah. So Bert would be a happy man after the proposal”

“am sure now”

“but you wouldn’t let Bert know this. Let him be tensed for a while.”

“you are cruel”

“as if you aren’t. you are not allowing me to let this thing known to her when she is already sad and worried”

“Ok I give up. Let them have their moment of excitement, anticipation and happiness”

We both smiled being genuinely happy for our best friends.

“Hele. What would be your dream proposal” Drake asked and I stayed silent not expecting such a question and not knowing how to answer

“I..ummm…I don’t know”

“there must be something right…may be you saw any movie and wanted it or heard it and wanted it…”

“Why are you asking?” I narrowed my eyes at him

“relax…I just wanted to know… I am trying to know you..and since the topic came” he shrugged

“Fine…to be really frank I don’t have anything on my mind. But I don’t need anything expensive and pocket denting. May be honesty in eyes, sincerity in voice and love filled in heart would suffice. Surroundings, ring or anything else are not important. Because when it happens it should be only the two of us in the moment and nothing else matters” I spoke as if in trance

“its…” he didn’t say anything further and his eyes spoke what he thought so I didn’t insist him on completing the sentence.

After a brief amount of comfortable silence we got up and went to get ready, the atmosphere was soothing yet tense for some unknown reason but I didn’t want anything to take away the time I want to spend with Drake as much as I can before the things take quite a turn.

The next day morning was the wedding and the girls took different duties to decorate the wedding venue and the guys duly helped. At the end the venue turned to be beautiful….

Pink and yellow drapes on sides and top, twinkling lamps to the poles, artificial daisies and tulips on each table, the stage with lilies and roses, a red carpet covering the entire area. It was simple yet elegant and most importantly it was all arranged with love, respect and care. We all got free by the afternoon and soon the treasure hunt started.

It was typically hard to get to know the clues because there were no real chits, we needed to find the clues through conversations and then analyse and get the things… the dress and costume were found by the girls and now was the time to find rings. Thankfully we were said that both the rings are together at same spot but clue?

The elders were peculiarly silent and all the youngsters were watching them with hawk eyes as if they talk and clue is found.

We only heard the church bell and elders stood up smiling and left quietly to rest making all of us confused.

“Ohh God, now how would we find the rings” Jeff said

“and without the rings how are we going to get married?” Krystle almost cried

“Krissy, we will get new rings…don’t you worry” Drake said as if it’s simple

“Shut up, it’s the wedding ring of mom that Jeff would be putting onto my finger and I would not wear anything else than that. It has an emotion and a sentiment and it would break me if I don’t” tears welled up her eyes

I could feel her emotion. When Jeff and Krystle thought of getting married and Jeff went to ask for the blessings of Mrs. Johnson, she had only request: to let Jeff put Krystle the wedding ring of her. It was the same with Drake too. Drake’s fiancée would put his fathers ring on his finger. Mr & Mrs Johnson loved each other and they were eachother’s world. When Drake and Krystle were born they engraved all four of their names on the rings. Mrs. Johnson felt it would be a blessing from her husband when her kids wear the rings.

Everyone were consoling Krystle and I was thinking about what the clue might be and started walking. All the elders knew rings were important and they wouldn’t be silly enough to not give the clue and leave, that implies clue was given, but what?

It was then it strike me. I ran towards Krystle and while panting asked her

“What time did your parents get married?”

She and everyone looked at me as if I have gone bonkers

“Are you serious?” Krystle asked to which I nodded

“Ohh No you are not Hele. Why would you ask me that when I am worried about ring”

“Trust me Krystle, I know what I am asking, just answer me and I guess I can get the rings”

“Fine 13:15 hrs”

“You sure?”

“off course, my mom has said me every detail of her wedding , I donno about 100 times that even you wake up and ask me in the mid of night, I would tell you everything and anything about her marriage”

“Great. Now relax I know where the rings are”

“What the actual f…” Liam spoke and stopped as I narrowed my eyes at him and as I turned my look towards Drake, he was already running as if he understood what I implied

“Where is he running?” Krystle asked

“to get your rings”

“I mean pardon me, what has your question to do with the time of Mrs. Johnson’s wedding” Jeff asked

“The clue was the church bell. The bell rings at every 15 minutes here to alert the people working on Dock…they got up and left to rest when the clock struck 13:15. That was the clue. ”

“Damn why are we here even Girls and reach before Drake gets and boys equal the score” Krystle screamed

“Too late” I mumbled and boys chuckled and I smirked internally

The girls ran and the boys went behind them to stop so that Drake comes back with the ring. I walked towards Mrs. Johnson’s beach house and knocked the door.

“Hele. What brings you here?”


She smiled “So you got the clue.” I nodded. Come in then and get it.

I got in and looked around and then my eyes fell on the frame with a pencil sketch where there was a man and women getting married , the venue and a clock showing 13:15 hours behind. I picked the painting and turned it back and there the boxes were carefully attached with a duct tape.

“how did you even know?”

“Today when you all left I thought for a while and knew that it was related to time. These rings are precious to you and I am sure you wouldn’t put them at the clock tower without any safety. So took a chance and came here. I asked the time of wedding of you and was looking when I saw this frame and everything got connected.”

“You are genius Hele. Right the way Drake has always described you”

I smiled and tried to deny but she shushed me and I hugged her and turned to reach my gang of girls to let them know we won.

And then the girls relentlessly teased guys and the rest of the night passed by laughter and happiness.

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