For once without Plan-B

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Chapter - 32 : Chapter -32 : Time to face truth !!

The wedding day came quick and Krystle was ready to wed Jeff. Drake and Bert walked Krystle to the aisle where Jeff was eagerly waiting. While giving away Krystle to Jeff both Drake and Bert warned Jeff that they will hunt him down if Krystle would shed even a single tear. Jeff had to gulp a couple of times before assuring both that he loves Krystle and would always keep her front at times of priority and behind in case of facing troubles.

Soon the vows were done and the priest announced Jeff and Krystle as husband and wife. They both took their own sweet time to end the kiss when the priest asked Jeff to kiss his bride erupting laughter from the audiences around.

The first dance was done by Drake and Krystle while I danced with Jeff and later Bert danced with Krystle while I danced with Drake and Pearl with Jeff. During the toast Drake and Bert shared some hilarious memories involving Krystle and so did Ann and her parents about Jeff.

However Liam was not seen around during Dance and toast. I asked Ann and she informed that he had to take an important call and was on call. After the cake cutting and the reception , Krystle and Jeff left for their honeymoon. The guests left and so did we only after discussing that we would rest today and tomorrow we would clean up everything . That night no one had energy and I am sure everyone did slip into sleep the moment they went to their rooms, as we did.

The next morning came up quickly and we all started cleaning up.

“Hele” I turned around and saw Bert being absolute nervous. My lips twitched up and I neared him smiling.

“I will make sure Pearl meets you near the cruise. Don’t be nervous because Pearl would suspect something.”

“You are the best Hele. Thank you so much” he hugged me and I felt happy for both of them.

“I know I am the best, so go now and be on the cruise on time. We will clean up here and bring her there.”

He nodded and left from there. I worked fast to wind up the work when I was almost done I saw Drake talking to Elina. As much as I didn’t want to get effected , I couldn’t help but feel down. Liam who was working alongside with me noticed and placed his arm around my shoulder and looked at me.

“Drake will never let you down Hele. Don’t let any wrong ideas enter in your brain. If he had any other intentions he would not talk to her out in open knowing you are around, he would have taken her somewhere private.”

“Thank you Liam. I trust Drake but I am not sure if I should trust Elina”

“Elina is not bad as person but she does really get influenced easily by people. To be frank by her sister Diana who oozes negativity without doing anything. God I am so sorry for her husband”

“Liam you forgot her husband is my brother Steve”

“no I didn’t and I mean what I said. I feel sorry for Steve” he shrugged earning a slap on his shoulder from me.


“really, I hardly touched your muscle Liam”

“whatever Hele”

We both smiled and got back to work and finished it. Once done, I left towards the beach house of Pearl because it was time to make her ready . Drake, Jeff , Steve and Ann left to return the rented things and Drake texted me that as soon as he is back he would drive all three of us to the cruise. I made Bert text Pearl that he is going along with Drake and Jeff and would meet her once he is back to avoid any suspicions.


“Hele” she screamed

“God Pearl I don’t want to get deaf”

“I am so happy today”

“I can see but is there any reason?”

“Nah… nothing special just that Krystle is married to the love of her life and we all enjoyed the wedding. I was just reminiscing all that we did and that alone makes me super happy”

“Me too I am also happy about it”

“So finally you got time for your best friend “

“Shut up Pearl, you know I always have time for you”

“Just kidding. So tell me what are we doing since the wedding and post wedding works are wrapped up?”

“Ohh yeah, I gotta know that there is a party today evening in one of the cruise, so I was thinking can we go on the cruise and spend some time – only us 4 like old times. I spoke to Drake and Bert and they said okay. What about you?”

“You know I am always up for such outings.”

“I knew it. Okay but we need to get ready and be our best”

“Ahh I already love it. One more reason to dress up”

“Yeah… so get freshened up and I will make you ready. While you get freshened up I will make the bookings”

“Sounds good. Here I go” Pearl said and left to get freshened up.

Once I made sure she was busy in getting freshened up I texted Bert and Drake about what I said to Pearl.

As soon as Pearl came from washroom I informed that I could get bookings for them at different times and she and Bert had to go first and then Drake and I would join after couple of hours. She was disheartened but I assured her it was okay and we still would spend time and moreover she can also have some alone moments on the cruise with Bert.

We picked up her dress and I made sure she looked as the most gorgeous girl and I was sure Bert wouldn’t be able to take off his eyes from her the whole evening. It was almost time and I informed Bert and Drake that Pearl is ready. Drake knocked the door and Pearl was surprised.

“Drake where the hell is Bert?”

“Bert had some call and he said he would meet you near cruise and asked me to drop you there. Later Hele and I would join. I think we both also need to clean ourselves and join you guys”

“Are you guys sure you are not hiding something from me?”

“Ohh Pearl don’t think too much. Come on , don’t let my money on the booking go waste. Enjoy till we join you okay” I quickly tried to wipe off her thoughts.

“Ok. Lets go”

“Pearl” Drake called and as she turned “You look beautiful. Bert wouldn’t be able to keep his hands off from you”

She blushed and I smiled and we all started towards the cruise where Bert was waiting. Once we neared Pearl looked for Bert who wore a suit and was looking handsome as usual. We could see his jaw dropped and his eyes on Pearl.

“Bert” Pearl almost yelled

“Pearl…you look…”

“I look ?”

“I don’t know the right word… amazing, gorgeous , beautiful, stunning…I mean donno how to describe” Bert kept on stuttering

She gave her widest smile and Drake and I looked at each other holding hands seeing both of them happy and absolutely in love.

“Okay guys now time to go else you would be late. Enjoy your time” I said and gave a hug to Bert and Pearl and whispered all the best to Bert. He thanked me for everything and left with Pearl. Drake and I started walking towards the place where our car was parked.



“what’s wrong?” Drake asked turning towards me

“What..I mean…nothing..why are you asking me?”

“I know you Hele and I have always known you. You have been oddly silent since 2 days and I thought its because of your family. But I donno why, I think there is something else that’s eating you up”

He knows me too well. He could read me like an open book. Should I tell him about the call I got or should I… No there is no point of delay it has to come out today or tomorrow and moreover Mrs. Johnson has advised me to talk to Drake..



“Sit” he made me sit on the sand and we were facing the water once again.

“Hele, remember we made promises to each other that we would talk anything and everything with each other. I don’t know what’s disturbing you but I want you to spill it out.”


“I am here Hele”

I took a deep breath and looked at him and turned towards the water “I have been trying to tell you something since 2 days. I was just waiting for the wedding to be done”

“ok and what’s that about”

“Promise me you wouldn’t get mad and whatever your decision would be I would be going to accept it.”

“You are worrying me Hele”


“okay now just tell me”

“Fine…I got a call on Tuesday from Goldman Inc..” and I explained everything about the call…and looked at Drake who had absolutely no expression on his face

“Drake” I held his hand, he looked at me and then turned his face

“Drake as I said I wouldn’t want to make any decision unless you have your say in it. I asked them time only because I wanted to know what your decision is.”

“What should I say Hele?”

“What do you want me to do?”

He went silent and my heart was racing so fast that I am afraid it would stop any moment if he doesn’t speak

“Drake …say something please”

I think you should GO Hele”

“You…you….you sure” my voice was quivering and I tried to clear the lump in my throat and heaviness in my heart

Yes, I am sure and I guess that’s what I want for you”

I looked at him and still he kept his face blank.

“So you want me to leave”

He went silent and I knew there wouldn’t be any answer anymore from him. Tears were ready to spill but I didn’t want to let them out before him. He made his decision and I am going to respect it.

“I will inform them tonight and …”

“And I think you should leave early to Amsterdam and start packing” he finished my sentence making me break internally into pieces.

“Fine if that’s what you want. I will pack tonight and leave tomorrow” I Got up and started walking towards car.

Drake came and we rode silently . each immersed in our own thoughts. The moment we reached our beach house, I ran towards the room and pulled up my suitcase and started putting my clothes in. I was for once thankful that Drake didn’t come behind me and I don’t know where he is at this moment. Tears were unstoppable and soon after finishing I collapsed in bed and cried my heart out.

He didn’t stop me. He doesn’t want me to be with him forever. We had to separate and the moment has come”.

After sometime, I picked my mobile and called Goldman Inc and spoke to Stephanie the HR and informed her that I want to join as soon as possible. We both agreed that I can join on Monday and I was also informed that my tickets would be booked for Saturday night and they would send me a car to the airport which would take me to my apartment where I would be spending I donno how many years.

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