For once without Plan-B

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Chapter -33 : Informing the near and dear!!

Drake POV:

“Should I be happy that my best friend would be having the woman he loved for the rest of his life or should I be angry that the one person who I have been in love would be leaving me tomorrow.

What does she expect me to do? Stop her and be selfish? One simple sentence I don’t want to go from her and I would have put a ring and made her mine the next moment.

I could have even asked her not to go but what if we have arguments in future and she regrets the decision I made for her?

I was angry sad and hurt and I didn’t have the heart to go behind her into the room where we spent some beautiful nights. I am not in a position to see her packing her stuff and ready to leave. Damn if it was in my hands I would have tied her down with me for rest of my life.

I should have never insisted on sending her thesis to Goldman Inc. She would have not got that offer and she would have never thought of leaving me. But God, she is so talented and she is going where she can spread her wings and fly high. I must be happy, shouldn’t I? Then why am I sad? “

I am roaming aimlessly and I have absolutely no idea with whom to talk, where to go and what to do. I just want to believe that this is a bad dream and Hele is never going to leave me. All around I see people in love, smiling, celebrating and here I am breaking within myself into shatters.

Will I ever get happiness that I wished for. Why had I to fall in love with a girl who I know would be leaving me one day and I can do nothing but let her go. This was a bad idea right from the beginning. We both knew we would get hurt and now its happening. Now I am facing the harsh reality which I thought I could face it with strength.

My phone started ringing and as I saw it was from my mom.


“Draky where are you?”

“In the beach mom. Do you need anything?”

“Are you okay? Why does your voice sound so low and depressed” tears pulled up in my eyes and I wanted to tell her what happened and how I am feeling but I cant. She cant see me like this and I don’t want her to talk to Hele and make her change her mind.

“Nothing mom. Its windy and that’s why I guess you are hearing me different”

“Okay. Once you are relaxed would you come to my room and help me pack the stuff. I am needed in Ghent office tomorrow. Some urgent issues to tackle.”

“Sure Mom. Do you want me to accompany you to Ghent?”

“No. I mean it would be good if you come but I don’t want you to come leaving Hele here. You both need to spend some alone time . So I prefer leaving alone this time”

“Mom, Hele will understand and its not like we don’t spend alone time. I mean we are all alone when we are in Amsterdam. So let me come with you.”

“Everything is good between you and Hele right?”

“Off course is…everything is perfect between us”

“okay .. talk to Hele first and if she is completely happy about your decision then come, else I wouldn’t want you to come along. That girl deserves all the happiness Drake and you are the one responsible for her happiness. So make her your priority”

“yes mom… I intend to do that”

“Okay. So see you soon. I am going for dinner and later meet me at my room”

“Okay. Love you Mom”

I need to go with mom and stay for sometime with her. By the time I return to Amsterdam, Hele would be in NY and I will be left with her memories and my miseries.

I sat in the sand and rested my head on my knees and closed my eyes. I need to calm down. I need to be normal infront of my mom. I don’t want her to worry for me. I am going to act my normal self infront of everyone. I should start with Hele.

Mom needs some help and I would be with her tonight. Tomorrow I might go with her to Ghent there is an urgency in the Ghent office. Hope its okay with you.” I sent Hele the text and left to meet my mom.

Helena POV:

As much as I am hurt and heartbroken I need to be strong. Drake wanted me to go and I would respect his decision even if it breaks me. I cant be and don’t want to be a burden or self impose myself on him. We from the very beginning knew that one day we would move apart and I was reckless in barring the reality and falling in love with him knowing the consequences. Now it has hit me and it hit me hard. But is there anything I can do? I can do nothing but live the rest of my life with the memories of the beautiful times we spent with each other. I made memories of life time and they bring smile but nothing else and it would keep me alive. This is how our story had to end.

Who am I kidding , not every story has a happy ending isn’t it and my story, right from the beginning it was fated to be sad ending.

As I was self pacifying myself my mobile chimed indicating a message and it was from Drake. He doesn’t even want to say a good bye to me. He is leaving with his mom tomorrow. Am I not worth even a bye. Whatever we shared doesn’t deserve such an end. But do I have much say in this? - Yeah, but would I want to say – No . If he wants to get rid off me then that’s what he would get.

I wiped my tears and sent him the reply “Its fine with me Drake. Hope everything gets settled soon. I am going to meet Steve, Liam and everyone else. I “ before I could delete “I” , by mistake the send button got pressed.

In less than 2 seconds I got another text

“You ? what?”

“Sorry. Typo…”

“Ohh okay. Take care Hele. Good night”

I threw my phone and went to freshen up. I texted Steve to meet me at the diner and he was okay.

I reached the diner and saw Steve but what surprised me was Elina next to Steve.

“Hi bro”

“Hele” he hugged me

I hugged him back and then smiled looking at Elina

“Steve..I didn’t expect you to bring Elina”

“Hele…Elina wanted to apologise and requested me to bring her to you. She wasn’t brave enough to do all by herself”

“Apologise? For what?”

“You know…” Steve looked at Elina and then me

“Umm… I am sorry for whatever I have done with you Helena. I was acting as a bitch and never tried to think how much you were being hurt. I was stupid not to realise that even if you left Drake, he wouldn’t give me a chance to be in his life as more than a friend. I am truly sorry Helena. I can understand if you cannot forgive me but trust me, I am sincerely apologising for what I have done” she spoke and stared at me as if waiting for my response

As I looked at her I could feel she was truly sorry and even though I shouldn’t forgive her for what she did, I didn’t want to go to NY with any bad memories. I also didn't want to know how she suddenly changed her persona and has apologised.

“Its fine Elina. I am glad you apologised.”

“You have forgiven me?”

I nodded.

“thank you. Thank you so much and I am sorry once again. I know you both love each other a lot and I would always want you both to be together.” She hugged while speaking

“We … we don’t..”

“Everyone can see it Hele don’t try to run away from truth” she said

“I..” before I could say her phone started ringing and she excused saying it's an important call and that she would talk to me later.

“So Hele…why did you want to meet me?” my brother asked

“I am leaving for NY on Saturday Steve”

“you what?”

“you heard it Steve. I am leaving to NY on Saturday. I am leaving to Amsterdam tomorrow at 11:30 and then on Saturday night I would be leaving for NY.” I explained the events and what happened between Drake and me.

“You are acting stupid Hele. Drake loves you. Why would he want you to go?”

“He asked me to go Steve. Would he ask me to leave if he loves me? I want to believe he loves me Steve but I don’t want to get more hurt”

“Hele…don’t act without thinking. Try to think from his perspective. He might have reasons to ask you to go.”

“I really don’t know what are his reasons. We asked each other to be open and honest in every matter and I was . I asked his decision and when he said what his decision is I am going to respect it. I cant stay here and make a fool out of myself.”

“Talk to him Hele. I still think he doesn’t want you to go and may be…may be waiting for you to change your decision”

“I Cant Steve. Tomorrow morning he is leaving with Mrs. Johnson to Ghent , there is an urgent issue to handle and by the time he reaches Amsterdam I might be on my way to NY or in NY.”

“Hele ..” I stopped him

“Steve other than to inform about my departure I also have one more request”

“Anything for you Hele”

“Please take care of the house in Amsterdam. I can understand if Drake doesn’t want to stay there anymore after I leave, but I want it to be maintained as long as I am alive. I have too many good memories in there and wouldn’t want to throw them away. Will you do that for me. I Promise I would send the maintenance cost every month”

“Shut up Hele. I can afford the maintenance cost and you need not send any money. After what we all have done to you, let me atleast repay through my services. As you have wished it would happen so.”

“Thank you Steve. I wish we had such bonding from our childhood but whatever I am so happy that I have my big brothers support no matter what from now on”

“Yes and you will always have. Do you want me to drop you at the airport tomorrow”

“Will you?”

“yes, off course. We have a flight to take tomorrow night”

“Thanks again” I hugged him

My phone started ringing and I knew it was from Liam.

“Ok gotta meet Liam and Ann and bid my good bye. See you tomorrow big bro”

“good night Hele”

I turned and left to meet Liam and Ann at their place of stay. Once I met them I informed them about my departure and they both weren’t happy.

“Hele. I am also going to NY on Saturday. We can go together in my private Jet. That way you wouldn’t feel alone”

“Umm.. but I guess Stephanie the HR might have booked the flight”

“No big deal. I will talk to my friend and explain him” he winked Ann and Ann smirked.

What’s going on ?

“Why trouble your friend. I mean it should be fine with the way it is. Also I don’t want to seem greedy – travelling in your private jet”

“Ohh…come on Hele.. its not like you are asking him to write the private jet on your name. You are travelling with Liam and there is plenty of room in that jet. Believe me. And yeah about troubling his friend, its nothing. He is actually helping him to reduce his company costs. See that way” Ann spoke and once again winked at Liam.

"Something is definitely wrong. Why am I feeling Liam is upto something and Ann is helping him by playing along"

I left a deep sigh and agreed.

“Fine then, I will meet you at Schiphol airport on Saturday evening . I will fly from here to Amsterdam and then we go from there.”

“I still feel I am troubling you. Please tell me honestly if it is a trouble. I can buy a ticket and reach NY”

“You sure can buy a ticket on your own - I have no doubt and No you are not troubling. Infact I would be happy to have the company of one of my good friends instead of getting bored during the journey”

“Thank you so much. If in anyway I can pay you back anytime please let me know”

“Hele…don’t be stupid…a day will come when I would ask for something and promise me you would give that wholeheartedly”


We smiled and I hugged Liam and Ann and left towards my room. “No its only Mrs. Johnson, Bert and Pearl I have to inform. I don’t have the heart to inform Pearl. She is celebrating the most wonderful and happiest day of her life. One she waited ever since. I cant rob her of her happiness atleast today.”

I reached my room to open the closet where I placed some files and books. Those were the only ones I would need to zip in my suitcase and I thought I would tomorrow morning. As soon as I opened the closet my heart dipped, it was empty. That means Drake has come and packed his stuff while I wasn’t here. He is avoiding me. He doesn’t want to meet or see me even for a last time. Am I so bad? I guess I am.

This time I couldn’t control myself. All the internal battles I was fighting were penting up and I cried my heart out. He doesn’t want me in his life anymore.

I didn’t know how much time passed but I wanted to write a letter for Pearl. I might meet her tomorrow before leaving but I cant see her sad for a longer time and I wanted to thank her for everything she did from the moment we met till date. I picked up my pen and wrote everything that I wanted to tell her.

For Drake and Mrs. Johnson I will leave text messages because if I talk to them I know they will convince me to stay back and talk to Drake, which I don’t want to do.

I never thought this day would come so soon.

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