For once without Plan-B

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Chapter -34 : Emotional outbreak!!

Drake POV:

As soon as Hele sent the text that she would be meeting Steve, Liam and Ann … I sneaked into our beach house and packed my things as fast as I could. I am not in a position to talk to her, forget talking I am not even in a position to look at her - Not that I did something wrong , mostly because if I look at her my current emotional battle would bring the worst out of me and I might ask her to stay back and forget her aims, aspirations and her dreams.

I had to gather myself and prepare to be back to who I was before and be the man of my family. My mom had been through enough after my father’s death and she need not see me drowning in sorrow which will make her worry.

The moment I walked out of the cosy place which felt like home away from home for Hele and I , I turned to take a glance once and leaving a deep sigh I left to my mom’s place.



“Where is Hele?”

“She is meeting her brother , Liam and Ann” I wished she wouldn’t question anything further

“Would she be joining us tomorrow ?”

I had no idea what to say. I didn’t know when she is leaving to Amsterdam and then to NY. I couldn’t dare to ask. I haven’t even said at what time is my flight. I just informed her that Mom and I would be leaving tomorrow and never said at what time.


“I guess not Mom. I mean she hardly had any vacation in her life and it would be wrong if I ask her to come along with us. So, umm…I just asked her to enjoy and not to worry” I cant believe I am effing lying to my mom straight without stuttering. How worse can I be !

“Fair enough. I am proud you said that to her and I am now feeling more guilty”

“Mom” before I could say she looked at me and I knew she that look meant she hasn’t yet completed

“Draky. Why don’t you stay? Its not that I cannot manage the office issues , I have done that even before. You too need to enjoy your life a little “ she paused and looked at me before continuing “ now that you have a perfect girl on your side who makes you so happy . You both deserve the whole world of happiness. I was worried when you were you know a playboy sort. But now I am not at all worried. You have always been the best version of yourself when its about your family and work and from past few months you hardly took any breaks…not considering weekends. You finally have a chance to get away so I want you to make most of it , instead of tagging along with me. “

I waited for her and when she didn’t speak any further I had to convince her to take me along. The more I stay here the more devastated I would become. Because I cannot see Hele leaving me and going away. If I indulge myself in work I will come to terms that she already left and would never come back and that’s how I am planning to lead my life from now on. I am sure I can never love anyone as I love Hele and I can never give myself to anyone physically or emotionally other than Hele. All in all my worst time has kicked off without any caution.

“Why are you silent Drake?”

“Nothing mom. You are overthinking. I will make sure to enjoy myself and take breaks once we get back to normal. For now let me come. You know Hele is very nice person, she understands me well and she would never want to me to stay back with her , while you are in Ghent resolving issues. Trust me mom if Krissy had been with you, I would have never even uttered a word of coming along”

“You have grown up Draky. Too fast – sometimes I think” she kissed my forehead and turned to go to her room, while I took the couch to sleep and I knew I would and can never sleep peacefully from now on.

I made a call to Bert and informed him about my sudden departure. When he asked about Hele , I confined the truth to him and asked him not to let pearl know my real intentions. In no circumstances would I want Hele to stay unless she wants and decides it by herself and if she truly wants to stay , I am never letting her go away from me. He was sorry for me and assured to be by my side and would never leave me. I know that because we practically are brothers from different mothers and were always backbones of eachother.

A lump formed in my throat and tears rolled off my eyes and I didn’t even bother to wipe them off. This should be new normal from now on every night without Hele being in my arms when I go to sleep and when I wake up.

I am just waiting for the morning to arrive, so that I go away from her without meeting her on my way. I deliberately booked our tickets at early hours – 6:30 AM.

The whole night I immersed myself in the memory of every moment I spent with her. I remembered our fights, talks, gossips, craziness, jogs, runs, games and hot s*x. It was as if a movie was playing in my effing brain and I couldn’t somehow stop it from playing.

And finally the time came when we- mom and I got ready and started towards the airport. As I passed our beach house, I just prayed to have a glance of her without being caught.

“Draky do you want to inform Hele , we are leaving ?”

“No mom, I don’t want to disturb her sleep. I will call her and talk to her once we reach”



“okay. But when you call her, make me talk to her, I must thank her for being so kind enough to let you go with me. She is an angel I tell you Draky”

I know mom. I know.

I stayed silent and looked at the side mirror till the beach house was out of my view. I would never see her again.

Don’t go Hele. I love you. I love you more than you can ever imagine. Please don’t go leaving me. I might be alive but I will not be able to live if you leave me. I cannot stop you but you can always stay back. Give us a chance to be together Hele. Make the decision to stay back for me, for us Hele. If you stay back , I will never let you go away from me.

Helena POV:

As his car passed I burst out into tears once again. I tricked Bert by sending a message and asking the time of their departure and learnt that their flight was at 6:30 AM and they will be leaving at 4:00 AM . I didn’t even blink my eye the whole night because I wanted to see him one last time.

I hid myself behind the curtains and stared at him till his car disappeared from my sight. He left , he left me as everyone else. I am back to where I started – being all alone , on my own.

I hated my fate, I hated how I was destined to have no constant in my life, I hated myself to the point as to why I was born at that point. I was asking whoever was above in the skies or wherever as to what sin I did to bear all these punishments. I knew there would be no answer. I never had ever.

I laid myself on the bed and tried to sleep. I had some hours and at that point I wanted nothing else but to sleep. I slept and as the alarm rang I quickly got ready. Steve pulled his car on time and loaded my luggage in the trunk while I ran towards the beach house of Pearl and silently dropped the letter I wrote to her. I know Pearl. She would sleep till 11 if she had late night outings and I knew through the reply from Bert that they were pretty late last night to reach their place of stay. Running back I jumped into passenger seat and asked him to drive.

Steve tried to talk to me to rethink about my decision but I had no much choice. Drake leaving me without even saying a bye was enough for me to come to conclusion that he doesn’t want me further in his life. I love him too much to deny his wish and decision, so I really don’t want to rethink. TRUE LOVE IS TO LET YOUR LOVE GO AWAY AND WAIT FOR HIM/HER TO RETURN ON THEIR OWN.

Steve hugged me and wished me all the best and asked me to visit him , talk to him whenever I feel like, also asked me not to worry about the house or anything else. I asked him to visit me and cried my heart out. In the past few months we definitely bonded and it was kind of hard that this was the amount of time I had with him. Not that I cant visit him or he cant visit me, but I don’t think I would ever want to return to Belgium or Amsterdam anytime soon because of the memories it holds. I have to move on and coming back is never going to be an option.

Few hours later I reached Villa and I knew I had not much time left to clean up everything. I quickly got freshened up and did shut down my mobile. I knew Pearl would call and would want to talk to me, convince me or even emotionally blackmail me. I didn’t want to give in to her this time. Before shutting off, I sent out a text to Liam that I would be switching on my mobile the next day before I leave for airport and would only receive his call. I muted all my contacts except for Liam.

Soon after I started with laundry and sorted out what to take and what to donate. The last time I packed I couldn’t think right, but now I have time. There is no way I would be coming back, so instead of placing all the things in store room it would always be better to donate to the needy. I mentally noted that I had to ask Steve to donate the stuff in boxes, once I reach NY. With all the works and packing and cleaning, I somehow forgot the truth of Drake leaving me. I cant really blame him – I asked his decision and he was honest. I was not angry with him – I know that , I am …I don’t know what to say.

The banks would be open till 12:30 afternoon on Saturdays and I had to go to bank and sign the form to close my account here after a month. However the locker and the stuff in that was something I never did think of figuring out. But its too late. May be after Pearl calms down I can ask for her help. I have given her the authority to operate my locker.

It was past midnight by the time I had done all the works. I didn’t feel like eating anything and food was the last thing on my mind. I was acting strong and all , all these hours but once I was idle , my thoughts were back to Drake. Unable to sleep I went to his room and sat on his bed. His bed still smelled of him and I broke down once again.

I love you Drake. Stop me from leaving. Only you have that power - no one else, not even me. Just tell me not to go and I will never leave your side. Please Drake stop me from going away from you. Please. I sobbed and cried till I fell asleep.

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