For once without Plan-B

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Chapter -35 : Turn of events!!

Helena POV :

I woke up suddenly and looked at the wall clock. Its almost 10: 00 AM and I remembered I need to rush to bank. The thought of going away hit me bad once again when I realised why I need to go to bank. Without any further delays I went to get freshened up, made a bowl of cereals and picked up my purse and some important files and documents required. Stepping out of the house and locking it behind, I called a cab and left to the bank.

Working with Drake for the De Riveria in the finance department had one advantage , a good relationship with the bank. Normally without prior appointment nothing works, however I knew the bank manager as I had spoken to him many times and when I sent him mail that I would need a favour , he obliged.

In an hour all the formalities were done and I had only few hours with me when I leave this city and this continent forever. I walked slowly towards a park and sat on a bench. I didn’t want to think anything or cry . I just want to stare and absorb the surroundings and make myself numb. That’s what I exactly did for a couple of hours.

I again took a cab and retuned to my villa and was surprised when I saw Liam sitting on the steps of our porch. More than surprised I was shocked


“Hele. Finally you are here.”

“What are you doing here? Don’t tell me we are not leaving today.”

“Would you relax”

“I cant when you are here , while you were supposed to meet me in the airport in next couple of hours”

“Lets get in and then I will let you know”

I nodded and we both went in.

“Need something to drink?”

“Yes, please and I am starving too” I chuckled

“Want me to order something or cook?”

“You can cook !?”

“Was it a question or statement?”


“Fine” I rolled my eyes and replied “ I can cook”

“Then I would love to eat some homemade food”

“How about Mac and Cheese and some fries?”

“Perfect exactly what I want now”

“Ok , let me get changed and meanwhile , there’s the kitchen and in the kitchen is fridge. Open it and you can find many options to have to something to drink”

“Alcohol too?” he wiggled his brows and was grinning

“Very funny. You know I don’t touch alcohol , so Drake made sure he doesn’t bring any in the home. There are variety of juices and cola tins. Pick anything you like or better I can make coffee if that’s you prefer”

“No juice or cola is fine. Now go and come back to feed me something”

“Fine” I shook my head and went to change. “I can cook for him, cant I. He is taking me to NY in his freaking private jet. This way I would feel less guilty of using him for my personal reasons”

Once I came back I started preparing the food and while doing it “ So, why are you here? Not that I am not liking your presence, but I am kind of shocked”

“Fair enough to feel like that. But I had to meet one of my friend and since I am here already and have dealt with him, I thought why not visit you and we both can leave together”

“Ohh. Okay. Is that all?” I asked because I saw him scratching the back of his neck in nervousness.


“Nothing you seem to be nervous”

He went silent and was trying to speak but was stopping himself

“I am your friend Liam so if there is something to say, do it without hesitation. We will be travelling together and I am sure in NY there are chances we bump into each other. Lets not make the situation awkward and don’t hesitate”

“I do have few things to say, but I am not sure you would like what I want to say”

“Depends on what you say. But if you think I wouldn’t like to hear what you would be saying then tell me after we have food. I don’t want you to not enjoy the food prepared by me”

“You are something else Hele”

I smiled. Drake used to often say the same words. His thought made me sad. How is he now? What is he doing now? Did he remember me atleast once since he left?

Drake is fine Hele. All the gang has returned today to Ghent, including Steve and Elaina. Your family will be flying as per their schedule” he spoke as if he read my mind

“What do you mean by everyone returned”

“You left, Drake left and no one was interested to enjoy without you both. So we all flew by my jet. I had to make a quick stop at Brussels and then came here”

“I am sorry I ruined everyones vacation”

“Don’t be. Everyone understands.”

“Do they?”

“Yes, except you and Drake off course”

I raised my brows as if asking for explanation.

“First lets have food and then we will talk”

I donno why but I was feeling stressed thinking about what he really wants to say. We completed the lunch without much of talks and once I cleaned the dishes I went back to the living room where Liam was waiting. He offered to clean the dishes but I wanted to have a moment alone to destress myself and hence denied.

“okay…what is it Liam?” I sat opposite to him

“Promise me you wont get mad?”

I was silent

“I will try”

“That’s enough for me now. Are you sure you want to come to NY and work for Goldman INC?” he looked at me “I mean will you be happy leaving Drake here and come there and work. Would be you okay doing this to yourself?”

“Why are we discussing this again Liam. I already said , I want to do this. My happiness is always short lived and I am sure with time I will be able to gather myself”


“Liam. I need to leave. I have packed everything and has with much difficulty prepared myself for this. Please can we not speak about this?”

He shook his head “You are trying to run away from your happiness Hele”

“What makes you think so?”

“You never for once showed excitement for the job. This job was your dream but now you are only forcing yourself to do the job because you want to escape. “

“Forced or excited, I can assure your friend – The CEO of Goldman Inc that I will give my 100 % at work. I may have my personal life drowning into gutter but I know I will never be unprofessional”

“Who are you trying to convince Hele – Me or yourself?”

“Why this topic now Liam. You know why I am doing this?”

“This is important because as your friend its my ethical duty to tell you, you are wrong and make your understand and as CEO OF GOLDMAN INC its my duty to let you know that personal life has its own impacts on professional life”

“CEO OF GOLDMAN INC…” I was beyond shocked and got up from my seat “You…you are…”

“Hele…please…relax…” he tried to make me sit, but I was angry and shocked at him at this moment

“Hele…listen…I don’t want people to treat me differently and look at me as CEO rather than their friend or normal person so I hid it. I have already said. But trust me I didn’t know that you were going to be part of our team until you said me”

“then why did you not say who you were then?”

“Would you have been the way you are now if I have said?”

“Doesn’t matter Liam.. I mean Mr. Liam Goldman. I trusted you and spoke to you everything and you kept on hiding your identity. Why do everyone around me always hurt me. Am I that bad?”

“Hele. You need to understand the intentions rather than getting to conclusions. You know you are one of the nicest girl I have ever met apart from Ann. I value our friendship Hele. So please let me explain”

“What’s there to explain Liam. You made a fool out of me. God… I just spoke to you about the calls with Stephanie and even ..”

“Does that really matter?”

“Off course it matters. I cannot take up this job anymore. I have to find another job. God what a mess I have fallen into”

“Hele. This job was offered to you before I became the CEO. At that point we never knew eachother. So what makes you think that you cannot take up this job?”

“Because I would always feel like you would be favoring me. You will not be treating me as an employee but as a friend and that is wrong professionally. I don’t like to take favors or being treated special.”

“Hele. I promise nothing of that sort would happen. If it makes you feel any better, I will not be working from NY. My head office is in Washington and I plan to visit NY office once or twice in a month and that too if its required. Ann is also moving to Washington”

Everything went silent and we both sat speaking nothing. There are many things running right now in my mind and from corner of eye when I saw Liam he was still struggling to say something else. Now since everything is open, why not face the other words too.

“You came here to tell me you are CEO of Goldman Inc ?”

He looked at me and taking a deep breath he spoke “I wanted to tell you I am Liam Goldman while we were in my private jet. I came here to speak about something else?”

“Spill it out Liam. I am ready to face another storm.” I gave a sad smile

“I am sorry Hele. I didn’t do anything intentionally. Please forgive me”

“Its okay Liam. I cant really hold anything against you. Isnt it?”

“You can kick me out if you want and I know I deserve it for not letting you know. But Hele, I would have missed out a real friendship if I did so. You never cared and became a dear friend, so I acted selfish, I knew this would hit it soon but I cant feel guilty and had to let you know.”

Isnt it true , had he informed me he is going to be my boss, I would have never been this close to him. After Pearl I can say he is my next best friend. Well Bert is more of a brother to me than a friend.

what are you thinking Hele?”

“you were right. I would have never been a friend to you if I knew you were my boss”

“So you forgive me then?”

I nodded and I could see how relieved he looked.

“Thank you. Thank you so much. You don’t know how happy I am now”

“Liam. Don’t ever hide anything from me. Please. I don’t have a family who I can rely upon. All I have are friends. Pearl and now you. So”

“Don’t worry. Next time I do any stupidity feel free to kick my ass and shut the door on my face. I would rather prefer to get punished than bearing a silent treatment.”

I laughed and he joined

“Thank you” I said

“For what?”

“Being honest even though late”

“So we are good now?”


“Perfect…now as I said I have much important thing to say...”

I narrowed my eyes

“I was serious when I asked would you be happy to come to NY and work for us?”

“I already answered you Liam. Drake doesn’t want me here. He made his choice and I would never disrespect him. If you truly feel I wouldn’t be a asset to your firm, then I would understand and look for another job. But I cant stay back here so I would be to NY and then find a job there. I can always start being a waitress in some diner while looking for suitable jobs”

“Hele…Hele…stop…. I can and will never doubt your capabilities. I am more worried about your happiness. You are happy when you are with Drake. Have you looked at yourself? You have lost all the glow and shine that I have seen while we enjoyed in Valentia. You are internally trying to kill yourself and trying to feel numb and devoid of any emotions. That’s not good Hele. Goldman INC will always wait for Helena to join. At her will and wish. I promise . Not because you are my friend but because of your qualification. But Hele…”

“I know what you are going to say…my happiness….but you donno what all I had gone through and this shall also pass someday. Atleast I hope so”

“I know everything about you Hele. I spoke to Steve”

“You what?”

“You heard. I spoke to Steve and that’s what made me come here to talk to you”

“You cant be serious and how can Steve say ?’’

“You have done nothing wrong so why do you feel embarrassed? I am so happy that you did all that alone. You are brave girl Hele but what you are doing now is pure cowardice

“That’s enough Liam” I was angry for saying that I am coward

Truth always hurt Hele and this is the truth”

“I am not coward Liam. I am anything but coward”

“Is it. Then why are you running away from your happiness?”

“He asked me to leave Liam. Cant you understand this simple fact? I wanted him to stop me. But he asked me to leave. When I promised him that I would respect his decision , I decided to do what he wanted. How does this make me coward”

He asked you to leave, you are leaving – perfect , but why couldn’t you say that you wanted to stay with him. Why did you not speak what you wanted?

I went silent. Its true I never voiced my opinion.

Because …”

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