For once without Plan-B

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Chapter -37 : Union of hearts !

Helena POV:

Liam came after some time and sat opposite to me. I looked at him and turned away.

“So shall we leave Hele. I guess if we start now we should be reaching on time”

I had totally no idea what to do, should I wait or should I leave. Is there even a small hope that Drake would come and stop me from going. I don’t know. If I stay back and he doesn’t come I will have to travel all alone and at this point I need someone to keep me sane. I am too insecure to go through a heartbreak again. Taking a deep sigh I nodded and went to get freshened up. Few minutes later I pulled up my luggage and met Liam at the porch. Closing the door behind , I took a final glance at my home where I had many many beautiful memories that will live with me till my last breath.

“Lets go Hele” Liam said after placing my luggage in the trunk . I settled myself in the passenger seat as we drove away, leaving the house behind.

“We need to complete the security check even though its my private jet as a part of aviation norms. Only bonus is there wouldn’t be a long queue” Liam said and I nodded .

I am not in a mood for any conversation but I didn’t want to come rude asking him to not talk. On our way Liam said his best friend would also be joining us . Its his jet and he is free to invite whoever he wants. Again I nodded.

“Hele…you seem lost…we still have time. If you don’t want to leave, just tell me before the flight takes off even if its on runway, I will make sure to drop you home. I and my best friend can reach NY by Monday. We are travelling because you want to leave”

I was so thankful to him and also felt bad for making him leave early and causing trouble to his friend too.

“I am sorry for the trouble. I mean I can always take a normal flight to NY, if you want to stay one more day here”

“Please. That’s not what I meant and you know that. As your friend all I want is your happiness , so all you need is to let me know”

“Thank you Liam. I am glad I met you and you are my friend” I smiled

“Feelings mutual Hele”

The rest of the drive we both were silent. Once we reached airport the formalities took their time and it was time I entered into his jet and we were waiting for the clearance to take off.

This is it. I am finally leaving.

Drake POV:

I am driving as fast as I can and it would take me 20 more minutes to reach the airport’s VIP departure. I kept on calling Liam but was unable to reach him.

Hele please….please don’t go…please… wait for me… for us…I cant lose you”

I kept on praying that the flight doesn’t take off till I meet Hele. Steve could have come early. Damn Steve. No why I can even blame him, he did call but my stupidity I didn’t care to check my mobile. Effing me.

The moment I reached , I parked the car and ran towards departure gate and tried to speak to the security that I need to contact Hele. They denied. I even explained who I am but they didn’t budge. I requested them to atleast inform pilot to give a message to Liam. Nothing went fruitful and I knew I have lost her. Even if I go to NY, I am not sure she would be willing to take me back. Had she wanted me she would have atleast waited for me.

Since there were no other VIP guests travelling for the day I was asked to go out of the departure hall. I came out and sat on the chair. Placing my face in my palms , I let my tears roll freely. My love has left me because I asked her to leave.

When I had let my tears dry, I wanted to feel her presence so I started to our home. Our? – Her home.

As I neared home, and unlocked it I could hear some sound coming from upstairs. As I neared Hele's room the sounds were clearly audible and I knew she is here in her room crying, because the sound were of her sobs. I tried to open the door but it was locked from inside so I had to knock.

“Liam. I want to be alone. Please go away”

I wanted to say that I am Drake but my voice gave up as I had tears of happiness and I was unable to speak. I continued to Knock.

“I swear Liam , I would kill you and take help of Ronald to hide your body. Just go. Leave me alone”

I smiled listening her threats yet couldn’t bring up to call her name and tell her its me, so continued knocking the door further.

“Ohh God. Why am I friends with such an stubborn ass like you Liam. Ronald how have you been bearing him since your childhood? Why the hell are you not replying. Forget it why don’t you just leave me alone”

While she was cursing and yelling I kept on knocking the door and could hear her footsteps along with my heartbeat.

She opened the door and I didn’t even give her a chance to see me and crashed my lips on to her while pulling her into my arms. This is home. This is what I want – What we both want. The home became heaven when she reciprocated my kiss with all her might.

Helena POV:

While we were waiting for the clearance, Liam introduced his friend Ronald. I didn’t concentrate much but I got the gist that they both had been friends since childhood. I noticed that Ronald is also of our age and he is very handsome, but I need only Drake and he is the handsomest guy in the world. Not that I would say loud.

I smiled out of courtesy and introduced myself and went back silent.

“What’s taking so much time Liam?”

“Uhh busy hours Hele”

That’s when I realized that I had to talk to Mrs. Johnson and Bert and let them know of my departure.

I excused myself and called Mrs. Johnson and when I informed that I am leaving and what all happened, she asked me think twice. I wanted to give into her request but I couldn’t bring it to myself. I with a heavy heart bid bye to her and dialed Bert. He was angry and said that if it was my final decision to leave then he would never stop me, but he would always be salty about my leaving because, I was not only breaking Drake’s heart but also Pearl’s heart who had nothing to do with my sudden exit without even meeting her. Pearl right away denied to talk to me saying, a letter is not equal to meeting in person and saying all that. I tried to reason but she said she knew I was leaving but she never expected that I wouldn’t value our friendship and just end it with a letter. I know I was wrong but I was sure she would have done everything to make Drake ask me to stay. I had to talk about donating the things with Steve so I ringed him up and he said he would do whatever is needed and once again said that Drake would break if I left. He tried to explain Drake’s perspective and asked me not to make haste decisions and lose what could be my happy future. I didn’t say anything and ended the call.

When I closed my eyes and remembered every moment I spent with Drake, I started realizing that he always kept me as his priority. He always did what I wished and wanted even if it was not what he wanted. He wanted to give me happiness and tried to know , understand where my happiness lies. On the other hand I did nothing. As tears flew down my cheeks, I understood what everyone were trying to show and explain me.

Drake has acted selfless by asking me to leave and had I said I don’t want to leave and want a future with him, he would have proposed for marriage right away. He always wanted to say that he loves me, once he almost said and I had to stop him – such person will never think of me as a burden. May be he didn’t ask me to stay but for the first time after we started seeing each other, he expected something from me – for me to stay back and tell him my feelings.

As I became clearer with my thoughts and situations , I ran to Liam and asked him to take me back to home. Liam and Ronald looked at each other and grinned and Liam was quick enough to pull me into his arms.

“Lets go Hele”


“Ohh no more if’s and but’s . we both were actually waiting when would you break your resolve. Thank God it happened before we got clearance. Ronald would inform the pilot and crew and meet us at arrival gates” he looked at Ronald and he nodded.

“Time to meet your love – Helena” he kissed my forehead and led me towards the arrival gates. While walking he dialed someone and once our luggage was taken and put in the trunk, Liam , Ronald and I started back to our home.

Now the question is will he come back or should I call him?

I tried to call him and his mobile kept on coming busy. Doubts started to arise but I wanted to remain positive. As we reached home, Liam and Ronald excused themselves to be back after couple of hours and while return they promised to bring some food. I gave them the keys of our house and asked them to lock it while they leave. Liam took the keys and left from there.

I changed and laid on my bed and started waiting for Drake, an hour passed by and there was no call or message from Drake. How much ever I tried to stop myself from feeling sad, I couldn’t and my cries turned into sobs. I didn’t know how much time went by but I heard knock on my bedroom door and I thought it was Liam. I yelled but the knock didn’t stop. I cursed but knocks were continuous, giving up I opened the door and before I could even realize what was happening , His lips crashed onto mine and I was pulled into his arms. My home it is.

I could feel his tears and am sure he could feel mine. When we pulled away for air, our eyes locked and tears rolled but we both were smiling.

Don’t go” “I want to stay” we both said at the same time

Let me say first” again we said together

I am sorry Hele. I acted as an idiot and asked you to leave instead of asking you to stay back. I..I didn’t want to …” He couldn’t complete the sentence and pulled me into his arms hugging me tight and broke into tears

I am sorry too, I should have made it clear that I didn’t want to go. I should have asked you to stop me from going…but…” my voice choked and no words formed further

“Shhh… I know…I understand why you couldn’t…” he slowly rubbed my back and I knew it would calm him and me both

“Why didn’t you meet me while leaving? That hurt the most. I couldn’t bring to myself to ask you to stop me” I asked pulling away myself from hug and looked at him

“Why didn’t you come to me and kick me for being stupid, why did you bear my stupidity?”

“I Just…”

“I know” he smiled and tried to wipe my tears and I guess we both knew it was finally the time to say it

“I LOVE YOU” we both said together and amid smiles , tears and happiness Drake kissed me ever so slowly pouring all his love and wiping all my insecurities, while I reciprocated the kiss promising to be his forever and love him till my last breath. Once we pulled apart , I rested my head on his chest while listening to his heartbeat which was calming me.

He pulled me away from him and knelt on one leg , making me gasp in shock

Helena you were always my dream girl. The moment I first saw you in university, I knew I wanted you to be mine. You made it difficult but I never liked easy. I don’t exactly know or remember when I fell in love with you, but did definitely realize that there is no “I” without “you”.

You made me so happy and also turned me into a better man. I cannot ever think of my life without you being in it. WILL YOU MARRY ME HELENA and make me the luckiest man in this world?”

“Are you serious?”

“As much as a patient in ICU” he chuckled

“Shut up Drake”

“Answer me Hele. Will you marry me?”

A LIFETIME OF YES “ his smile at that moment was the most sexiest and beautiful one I have ever seen.

Picking a box out of his jacket he opened it and there it was the most beautiful ring in it. The one I remember looking at once we were walking through the shopping streets.

“You bought it?”

“I Would try my best to get anything you wish for Hele. This is just a ring” he spoke placing it on my ring finger

“I too have something for you” as I said he frowned “Wait here” I rushed into room and opened my handbag and pulled out a box which had the engagement band of my grandpa. As he stood I knelt before him and he was as much surprised as I was when he knelt before me

“Hele..what are you doing?”

I smiled before I spoke

I LOVE YOU Drake. I never want a moment to be away from you. I too don’t know when I fell in love with you but I would always want you to believe me that I will love you no matter what. I can never imagine any other man in my life. Even when I decided to leave, I knew you are it for me in this lifetime of mine. I could have never moved on. You have taken my heart. These two miserable days made me understand that you filled in the gaps that I always wanted to be filled while growing up. So as you, even I want to ask you WILL YOU MARRY ME DRAKE and make me your wife?” I brought the box front and opened it which had a diamond studded band

“I don’t see anyone else as my better-half other than you Hele. Yes lets get married whenever you are ready and whenever and wherever you wish” I stood up and placed ring on his finger.

Thank you for keeping me as your priority. Thank you for letting me free even if it had hurt you. Thank you for never wanting me to change and allowing me to be myself. Thank you for coming into my life. Thanking you for making me understand what happiness is. Thanking you for making me experience what love is. Thank you for everything Drake”

“I did nothing Hele. You are perfect and you deserve all the happiness and I promise I would always keep you and make you happy. I love you Hele. I just love you”

We kissed again forgetting that we were still at our bedroom doorstep.

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