For once without Plan-B

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Chapter 38: Surprise guest and a night of passion!!!

Authors Note : This chapter has mature content. Readers below 18 years of age are asked to skip the content marked with proper warning statements.

Helena POV:

“Ohh there you go love birds. So finally Drake you are back” Liam spoke breaking our moment

We both moved away and smiled. Drake hugged Liam.

“Thanks man for taking care of my girl. I owe it to you”

“I am happy you both are together now. Damn she is one stubborn girl and you one dumb idiot. Steve and I had to go through so much to make you both realize what you were about to give away”

“Goldy…I think you are talking too much” Ronald spoke and that’s when Drake looked at Ronald

Drake POV:

I thanked Liam and then saw another guy who I am presuming to be Ronald asking Liam to stop embarrassing us.

“Hi, I am Drake Johnson. Nice to meet you”

Hi, I am RONALD DANIEL SAMSON – Goldy’s I mean Liam’s best friend since childhood. ”

“This name seems familiar” I mumbled but I am sure everyone heard

Liam and Ronald both smiled

“I can understand, everybody has heard my name but only few people have seen me and known me”

“Ro . You can trust them” Liam said

“I know Goldy, otherwise I wouldn’t have introduced with my full name”

“Wait a second. You are Ronald Daniel Samson “ I looked at Hele whose eyes grew wide as if we both were thinking the same “as in son of Mr. Raymond Daniel Samson – The richest man alive on earth & her highness Queen of Ardens, Mrs. Tiara Daniel Samson – you are Prince of Ardens and the would be CEO of SCG and elder brother of the would be queen of Ardens - Riana Daniel Samson ?”

He nodded and Hele and I stood still trying to believe that the person who was standing in our house is in real. He was looking as simple as us. No attitude, no arrogance and no authority just as friendly as Bert and Liam. Surprisingly there were lot of rumors' stating Ronald Daniel Samson is one heck of an arrogant, intimidating, intelligent, handsome brat.

I looked at Liam and then at Hele as if asking what’s happening.

Hele explained me that Liam is Liam Goldman the CEO of Goldman Inc and how she got to know about this a few hours before. However she said she didn’t have any idea that Ronald was Ronald Daniel Samson until now.

“I hope you guys don’t mind our presence here. Let me know if there is any trouble, we would stay in our hotel. “ Liam said

“Shut it Liam. I have asked you both to stay in our home. You guys are not going anywhere. I know our house wouldn’t be as comfortable as your hotel is , but still I want you guys to stay. I am sure, Pearl, Bert, Ann and Steve would want to join us by tomorrow once they know we both are here and together. Hope you both wouldn’t mind a day extra with all our gang” Hele said

“Hahhh…can I ever deny a flock of people and some best times?” Liam replied

I looked at Ronald and spoke “Mr. Samson is it okay with you?”

“Mr. Drake Johnson, I guess it would be perfect if we are on first name basis, Mr. Samson makes me feel old which I am certainly not. I already like your home and I already feel like we all would soon be going to become great friends.”

“So its Ronald now” I asked

“Yes. Drake” he replied and gave a fist bump , then turned to Hele “Is it okay if I call you Hele as all others” he asked

“Yes, I would like that. Welcome home Ronald”

“thank you Hele”

“Hello I am here” Liam chimed in and before he could pull Hele into his arms I pulled Hele into my arms and looking at Liam said “Hey there ! now she is mine”

“Ohh shut it Drake, she is my friend” Liam said trying to pull Hele into his arms

“I guess, I would ask Hele to stand next to me while you both come to an agreement “ Ronald spoke pulling Hele next to him.. he turned towards me before saying “Drake, all the best dealing with this dumbass of my friend Goldy” again he turned towards Hele and said “Come lets set the table. Food is getting cold”

“Seems right Ro” she replied and then corrected quickly “ I mean Ronald”

He smiled and said “Ro sounds better when you call… than this dumbass Goldy”

Liam and I stood staring as to what was happening while Ronald held Hele’s hand and walked down the stairs towards kitchen

That night went by further with laughter’s and some great food. Hele and I learnt that Liam was never taking Hele to NY tonight. Bert, Pearl, Steve, Ronald, Liam planned all this. Steve coming to me and making me realize while Liam and Ronald would handle Hele. Also Ronald deliberately kept Liam’s mobile busy so that I would not be able to contact them, only to make me suffer. Well I kind of deserved it not for making the decision but for not meeting Hele before leaving Valentia. We also got to know that Ronald’s close friends who are practically his cousins and his sister Riana would also be joining us next morning and we all came to a decision to have a BBQ. Later it was decided that Liam would sleep in one guest bed room, the one usually taken by Bert and Pearl while Ronald would take my room. Wasn’t it obvious I would sleeping with Hele from now on”

“Hele and Drake ! Please keep the sounds low. You know we both don’t want to hear some ..”

“Shut up Liam. One of these days I am going to kill you” Hele slapped Liam’s arm while her cheeks turned like strawberries

Ronald chuckled while I winked staring Hele. She looks so cute when she blushes

“What.. I don’t have Ann with me and if you make all those sounds know…”

“Shut up Goldy” this time it was Ronald to put a break

“I guess you have no reason to worry, all the rooms are sound proof. I guess Hele’s grandparents had a super cool future vision regarding Hele” I winked while we all laughed.

Bidding good night we all left towards our respective rooms.

Helena POV:

The moment we stepped in Drake didn’t waste any time in locking the door and hugging me from behind he started planting kisses down the back of my neck, nape and shoulders. I closed my eyes relishing the warm kisses full of love from him while holding his hand that were around my waist.

“I missed you Hele. I missed sleeping and waking next to you. I don’t ever want to miss this feeling in my life from now on” he spoke amid kisses.

I loosened his grip and turned towards him, taking his face in my palms I gently kissed him pouring all my love. I can never get tired of kissing him. Drake is my everything.

“As much as I don’t want to stop all this, I am kind of stinking and need to freshen up before making love to you. You have already made me hard, so I wouldn’t take much time” he spoke making me blush and chuckle both at the same time.

I too need to freshen up. I want this night to be the most special night where he makes love to me gently and then may be being rough too.

“Keep those thoughts Hele, this night would be the most special night for both of us” he winked and left making my jaws drop.

As we both got freshened up, I laid next to him. We know we wanted to feel, touch and make love , but the feeling of staying next to him holding his eyes, talking nothing yet feeling all emotions is something soothing.

“I cant even imagine how would I have survived if you left. I was having these scary thoughts know … like if I come to NY will you even take me back or ask me to leave saying its too late. If you hadn’t taken me back, then may be I would have lived like a living corpse”

“Drake … please….” I placed my hand on his lips making him stop looking deep down in his eyes “I can never push you away from me. No matter how much you annoy me, I can never really let you go. The only reason I will let you go is if you become abusive or if you ever cheat me ..” as he turned to speak , I stopped him and continued “And I believe you would never do any such thing. I trust you more than myself and I have ... you know what they say …umm… yeah … blind trust on you”

He grinned and moved my hand from his lips not before kissing my palm. Slowly his hands caressed my face moving away the tendrils that fell on my face and tucked them behind my ear.

“I want to make love to you Hele. I want to show you how much I love you. I want to feel your love. Both physically and emotionally”

“then show it Drake. You know I am all yours now and forever”

“I know”




He said and with that he made me lie on my back while he hovered over me without putting his weight. He kissed me from tip to toe over my clothes. My hands roamed on his back and with every kiss he gave I was feeling sensual than ever before.

“May I?” he asked while holding the hem of my shirt. I nodded and sat while he lifted my dress over my body and set it on the floor next to the bed.

I wore no bra and was bare on my upper body.

“you … are …. Beautiful” he spoke amid kisses and with that he took my nipple which were perked up while his other hand played with my other breast. Nipping, licking and tugging with his lips and tongue I arched my head back, while he slowly pushed me back with my head resting on the pillow and my hands in his hair. Done with one breast he gave the same treatment to other and slowly moved towards my stomach.

Placing wet kisses down the line he licked my belly button pleasuring me so much that I had to suppress my moan.

“Hele … don’t be quiet … I want to hear you …” he said and travelled further down. Placing his hands on the band of my pajama he looked at me and I blushed while nodding.

He pulled down my pajamas leaving me in my panty and started kissing me from toe and slowly moving up. I was feeling all the sensations that was making my core wet.

Once he reached my inner thigs , I stopped him.

“It’s not fair …” I said and he smiled. He took of his t-shirt and trouser and kept his boxers on. I could see a huge tent formed between his thigs.

“All because of you. I cant do anything to it when I am with you.”

“Why cant you do anything?”

“Because it needs your honey pot to come to normal”

“Honey pot?” I raised my eyebrow

“this” he said cupping my mound over my panty making me gasp


“Yes Hele”

“I .. “


“make love to me Drake. I need you inside me”

“I will … but first I need to taste you … make you come ..and watch you while you come for me”

His words were making me erotic like never before and I didn’t even realize when he pulled my panties off . I let out a loud moan when his tongue made contact with my wetness . My hands tugged his hair for a moment and then grasped the sheets while he raised his eyes to look at me. At the same time I made an eye contact with him.

His fingers rubbed my nub and were creating sensations like never before. My stomach was twitching in pleasure and when his tongue and fingers were working their way in and out in a rhythm I let lout a loud cry and came after few minutes, which he lapped.

He didn’t stop and continued his sweet torture three more times and every time I came with a force I didn’t realize I had. I wanted to return favor and flipped making him lay on his stomach

“My turn Drake” I said and pulled his boxers down which made him manhood spring out like a rod. I held him and licked along his length and kissed its head .

“Hele” he breathed deep

Taking his entirety, I sucked licked and played with my mouth and could taste his precum. He was taking deep breaths and was groaning in pleasure and I knew I was doing it right. Suddenly he pulled me up and kissed my lips

“As much I want to come in your mouth, I need to be in you. I am at edge Hele” saying that he flipped me and entered me in one thrust. Gripping my ass , he pulled out and pushed again letting me feel him completely within me. A feeling I never experienced before with him. He stilled for few seconds because he knew I liked it. When I smiled , he started slowly thrusting me and then his thrusts became faster hitting me at my G-spot every time. My orgasm built and my breaths became uneven.

“I know Hele” he kissed me


“please what?”

“I need to come ”

“me too…but I want us to come together” and he thrusted relentlessly and I held myself without coming

“Now” he groaned

And we came together experiencing new intimacy. Once we both relaxed, he pulled out and kissed me deep making me taste myself.

“you are amazing”

“So are you”




Drake is insatiable he made love to me the whole night and each time he made love he gave me a totally new experience, tired we drifted off the sleep at early hours of the night.

This was the best night of my life because I was loved physically emotionally and unconditionally by my love, boyfriend, fiancé – Drake Johnson

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