For once without Plan-B

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Chapter – 4 Friends?

Helena POV:

I stepped into Pearls room and jumped on the bed. Drake’s snapping still lingered in my ears. I had heard lots of abuses and snapping’s in my whole life, I got so used to them that I hardly felt any emotion, but this time I felt sad.

“Why am I feeling sad? This is nothing new to me, then why am I feeling so different? May be this time I am wrong. I didn’t even apologize, he didn’t let me apologize, I should have while we were still in car.’’ I spoke to myself. I rambled through my purse and took out the mobile.

To Playboy_Asshole: I am sorry, I shouldn’t have snapped at you.

I sent the message and was not sure if I would get any reply soon, to get distracted I closed my eyes trying to think about searching a new place to stay. Few minutes later my phone beeped and I was quick enough to check

From Playboy_Asshole: It’s fine

Reading that message my heart clenched. Someone apart from Pearl has shown concern for the first time to me, this someone is the one I had crush on and with this message I felt like I have been blocked by him completely. A tear escaped and I soon wiped away giving myself a sympathetic smile while looking at mirror.

I realized I had to come out of this feeling soon and hopped on to the bed once again and opened Laptop and started searching for some more houses to shift as well as some temporary jobs during morning hours because I had absolutely nothing to do now. Back at home I used to do gardening and cleaning also, helping the chef in preparing meals, when I had holidays. During other times, I kept myself busy with studies.

After few hours I finally applied for a job as temporary accountant in a Chain of hotels which runs a Restaurant and bar in every location it has a branch, and an hour later received a reply to meet them in couple of hours, if its possible as they have an urgent requirement. I checked the time and got readied to meet them and then go around the city I have grown up but never really explored.

That evening I returned to the room to see Drake, Bert and Pearl sitting in the living room. Once I stepped in Pearl came and hugged me.

“what’s the matter Pearl?’’

“Hele you have done it’’ she screamed in happiness

“What have I done, what are you talking about?’’ I am totally confused

“I am not going to tell you, but I am gonna let you see it all by yourself’’ she spoke and handed me an envelope which had words printed

To Ms. Helena Viceroy

Letter of Appointment

Goldman Investors, New York, USA

Tears ran down my cheek as my legs felt weak. I looked at Pearl and then Bert and finally my eyes landed on Drake. Pearl and Bert were beaming with pride and happiness, while Drake had put up an almost unreadable expression.

“Just open it Hele, I can’t wait to know when you are going to join and what offer did they have for you’’

I nodded and opened the letter and my tears were unstoppable. I am finally going to achieve my dreams. Goldman Investors is one of the leading firm in the west. They are leaders in dealing with most influential and high profile clients. In short they are almost world leaders in Investment banking sector. During the first year of University, I wrote a thesis on Investment banking which got eyes of the Goldman Investors, they wrote to me that they were impressed with my thesis and would in future like to hire me. I was no doubt happy then but soon forgot, thanks to my personal life chaos. Now all of a sudden I got this offer and knew I am going to take it up without second thoughts. However my date of joining is 6 months later. So I need to still stay back in Ghent for about 5 and a half months before I leave for NY.

“I have called up our night tuitions admin and informed we both are not coming today” Pearl said as if it is not a big deal

“And why are we not going today?’’

“That’s because we are going to have a party to celebrate your success”

“You are crazy Pearl. I have never had been to any Party. You know that. Alcohol is something I despise, you know that too. So you might now understand that I am not coming to any party”

“Come on Ms. E-brain. I promise we will not get drunk but just shake a leg and have some orange juice. Don’t be a party pooper” Bert aka Albert spoke making an extra puppy dog face

Before I could speak, Drake cut off saying “Pearl, you should have asked your friend before calling us. I may not be as busy as her but I am certainly not a fool to waste my time anymore. I am leaving. See you both soon” he gave a hug to Pearl and Bert and left from there before anyone could speak.

“What just happened?’’ Bert asked

Pearl shrugged and I got confused. There was silence for some time and then I spoke

“Where did you plan the party Pearl?’’

“De Riveria Restaurant and Bar”

“Whaaat?’’ I almost yelled

“What, what?’’

“I just came from there’’

“What? I mean why? I mean care to explain?’’

“I applied for a temporary accountant job because I have nothing to do during mornings, they asked to meet me and I went there and I am hired.”

“Are you serious?’’

“Off course yes”

“When are you starting?’’


“Fine so what’s the big deal, you can still go as a customer or guest whatever you call’’

“Would it be not weird?’’

“Naah. Just tell me are you coming or not’’

After a long pause I took a deep breath and said Yes, making Bert and Pearl super happy.

“Okay so now go get changed, I have set the party dress on the bed, no questions, you are gonna wear that Hele” saying she pushed me into the room closing the door.

20 minutes later the door opened and I could see Pearl and Bert had their jaws dropped. The shiny dark blue dress hugged my body showing my curves perfectly ending just above my knees. I applied a bit of make-up and wore the blue heels to pair up. I curled my hair and left open. Pearl had placed the silver clutch which I held.

“You are gorgeous, are we ready to go?’’

Bert and I nodded and left the house while Pearl followed locking.

“Bert, where does Drake live?’’

Bert gave the address.

“Pearl can I take your car and reach De Riveria while you drive with Bert?’’

“Off course Hele. Are you going to meet Drake’’

“How do you know?’’

“No big science involved, I heard you asking Drakes address” she shrugged

“You don’t mind right?’’

“Why would I, rather I would be happy if you are atleast friends with him” she winked and left with Bert giving the car keys to me.

I rode towards Drakes house following the GPS and parked in front of the main gate. The view before me took my breath away for a minute. Drake’s house is a beautiful white villa, greenery surrounded the whole villa from all four sides, with different trees and flower plants. The grass was neatly trimmed and maintained. At one side there were benches and lights along with a swing all in white, the other side that I could see was beautiful art pieces placed. Right infront of the villa was a fountain.

The security stopped me before I could get in and I gave my details. Few minutes later they let me in and I took small steps and reached the main door. Before I could knock, the door opened and there stood the handsome Drake Johnson with his hands rolled to his chest.

We stared at each other for a few seconds and when I felt a bit uncomfortable, I tried to speak something but was literally failing. Seeing my inconvenience Drake finally spoke

“Why are you here Miss E-Brain?’’

“I am sorry Drake’’ is what I could say.

“Get inside’’ he was about to turn

“Will you join me to the party that Pearl has planned in De Riveria?’’ I asked crossing my fingers behind my back.

“You serious?’’ he asked surprised

“Doesn’t my look scream that?’’

That’s when he looked at my dress and then took a look at my total appearance and I could see him shifting uncomfortably.

“No. I don’t have time. I am sorry’’ he turned stepping into the house leaving the doors open

“Are you still angry with me that you are denying or is there any other reason?’’ I spoke getting in

“Why should I come when we are not even friends?’’ I am sure he was smirking

Is this his way of asking me to be his friend?’’ I spoke to herself. I quickly remembered what Pearl said sometime before “rather I would be happy if you are atleast friends with himbut the question is can I really be friends with him or the little feelings I have for him wants me to be more than friends with him forgetting the fact as to who he really was or is.

I thought I have shut down the feelings for him, when I saw him with a new girl almost every day. But what I didn’t realise was, whenever he is with me, I felt the same tingles in my body as if he is someone to me. May be the one who would give me the happiness that I am craving for ever since.

Coming to the present situation I analysed my feelings and his question mentally and I felt I had no chance to be something more to him and he has clearly used the term FRIENDS and even Pearl wanted her to be nothing but a FRIEND to him.

Taking a deep sigh I spoke

“Drake Johnson! Would you give me privilege by letting me be your friend?

A wide grin appeared on Drake’s face as he turned and nodded. A second later he extended his hand for a handshake saying “FRIENDS’’ and I put my hand in his completing the handshake.

“Let’s raise a toast for becoming friends’’ he winked

“No alcohol only orange juice’’ my voice was stern and he nodded like a lost puppy.

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