For once without Plan-B

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Chapter 39: End of Journey!!!

Helena POV:

Drake and I didn’t realize the time when we woke up. We could hear some noises of vessels clanking and fits of laughter which made us open our eyes after a passionate night.

“What’s all the noise?” Drake asked pulling me into him sounding still sleepy

“I guess its Ro and Liam and I feel they are looking for something to eat”


“Come on Drake, we need to get up”

“Cant we just go back to sleep?”


“Hele” he started placing kisses along my neck.

I knew what he is trying to do and I also knew very well that if I don’t stop him now , we are never going to go out of this room



“we need to stop. Our friends are here.”

“They will understand”

“Drake” I had to bring my stern voice

“God .. Hele … don’t scare me”

I chuckled and got away from his grip, picking my discarded clothes and wearing them I ran towards the washroom to get freshened up. After a hot shower, I wore a purple halter neck blouse with pleated black trousers , tying my hair in a ponytail and applying light make up, I went into the room.

“You looking amazing Love” Drake wrapped his arm around my waist.

Love” I mumbled

“Yes, Love. Any problem if I call you that?”

“No” I blushed

He placed a chaste kiss on my lips and went ahead to get freshened up. As Drake walked into the shower I turned to set the bed, but a smile adorned when Drake already did that.

How did I get so lucky? There were days when I was sick yet I had to do all the works all by myself despite being surrounded by lots of maids. Now , I am here, happy and healthy and Drake always makes sure to share the work. I smiled to myself and thanked whoever God’s or Angels are above for bringing Drake into my life. I informed Drake I was going down and left the room to face my friends.

“Good morning” I called as I stepped into kitchen

“Look who has finally decided to show up” Liam said

“Liam shut up”

“Do you even realise what time it is?”

“Nopes, I haven’t checked”

“Its 10:30 darling and you forgot you have guests and were sleeping or …” he smirked

“Goldy…shut up. Its their personal time and “ Ro spoke

“And you are not guests. You are friends and more than my family” I completed the sentence which Ro started

“You traitor .. I thought you were my friend and now you are siding with her “ Liam spoke with mock hurt looking at Ro

“Did I ever confirm I am your friend Goldy?” Ro replied and then came and stood next to me

“Wait let my supporters come, then I would show you who is who” Liam spoke placing his hands against his hips

“What’s happening?” Drake pitched in

“Nothing Liam as usual teasing your girl” Ro replied

“ok then he is fine, no signs of abnormality” Drake said and we all burst out into laughter

“Hey but seriously sorry, I didn’t realize the time and Liam you were right I should have set alarm. I will make something quick for breakfast”

“Ohh Hele. I was just kidding. You know you both deserved that time and hey we already had breakfast and if you just turn your heads towards the dining table you would find your breakfast too”

I hugged Liam and then Ro. Ro was shocked a bit first, but then wrapped his hands around me and I could see Liam mouth open as if shocked

“What?” Drake asked

“Pinch me Drake”

As Drake pinched Liam he screamed “ouch” again making us all laugh.

“But still why did you look so shocked” Drake asked

“Nothing. Ro doesn’t allow anyone to hug him other than his mother and very rarely Ri.

“Ri?” Drake and I asked in union

“Riana .. Ro’s sister … we call her as Ri” he shrugged

“Ohh” I said and looked at Ro who had complete blank expression

“Why so?” I asked him to which he shrugged. We decided not to push further. Everyone have their reasons isn’t it?

While Ro and Liam were talking about anything and everything Drake and I finished our breakfast. Drake cleaned the plates, while I started preparing for the BBQ. Liam is like a food monster, he just listed what all he wanted to eat in BBQ which had pretty much everything from veggies to meat. While the boys went to set up the chairs and start the grill in the garden backside, I started preparing for the marination.

An hour later , we all heard cars entering our home and I knew all the guys have arrived

“Pearl” I ran towards her and she didn’t even smile which disheartened me. Bert was also upset when I greeted him. I know I have lot to apologise and I also know eventually they will forgive me but still, I felt bad. Drake saw me and understood my feelings and squeezed my shoulder assuring me everything would be alright. I nodded and went ahead to meet Steve.

“Steve” I hugged him and he hugged me tight

“thank God you are here. I am so happy for you” he spoke placing a kiss on my forehead

“Yes I am here and thank you for doing whatever you did” I spoke wiping my tear

“Now I have not come here to see you crying. Its all good. You both are together and that’s the best part. I am so happy for you. Like really happy”

“I am also very happy bro. Real happy. I have someone with me who loves me unconditionally and would always be there for me.”

“I know” he smiled looking at me and then said “Remember I am and will also there for you whenever you need me. I am never going to repeat the same mistake which I did all those years back while you were growing up. You will always have your elder brother with you no matter what”

I smiled with happy tears, I have someone from my family to support me and I cant be thankful enough. Hadn’t Steve spoken to Drake we wouldn’t have been together so happy. I might be now in NY doing I donno what.

“Diana, Melody and Elina didn’t come?”

“Do you really want to meet them or are you asking out of courtesy?”

“I …”

“Eliana wanted to come but I asked her not to. I know she apologised to you, but still I am not sure how she would behave after seeing you both happy and together. I don’t want anyone to come between your happiness. Not even my wife.”

“Thanks Steve” Drake said hugging him

“Hey man. Its fine. I many not have been a good brother to her till now , but I was always looking her. So don’t even think of making her shed a tear else you know I can hunt you down”

Drake smiled and raised his hands in surrender “Man… I never intend to do so … not even in my dreams. I love her and you know that”

We all laughed and then went to the garden where Liam and Ro were making the bags of charcoal ready.

“Steve , Bert , Pearl you know Liam. I am sure you met Ro too?” Drake said to which Steve nodded

I looked at Ro and he nodded

“Okay. You guys know Ro as friend of Liam. I am assuming”

“Yes” Steve said

“Fine. Great. So please make yourself comfortable while I head into kitchen and get everything ready to start the BBQ”

“Bert, Pearl would you guys like to help me?” I asked in hope to get time to talk to them and apologize.

They both looked at Drake and sighing walked along with me, once in Kitchen we all were silent and it felt so awkward because come on we are all close friends and I… I just had to mess everything.

“I am sorry” I said after long silence

“No .. don’t ..” Bert said which was rare because he hardly gets angry and I don’t know what to do when he is angry

“Bert , Pearl .. I really mean it. I was heartbroken and didn’t even realize what I was doing to you both. That was never my intention to hurt you. But I was scared because if I meet you, you both will somehow convince me to stay back and I … “ I had to take a moment to clear my voice as it was getting choked up .

“I didn’t want that to happen. Also You both were happy and I never wanted to ruin your happiness with my sorrows. The time , situations were wrong but I am not going to say what I did was right. I am extremely sorry. I understand if you don’t want to forgive me, but please understand I can never even thinking of hurting you both deliberately”

They both stood silent and I felt like crying. I took a deep sigh and then looked at Pearl

“Pearl. You are my best friend ever since I started growing. You were the only one who knew everything about me. Do you think it would be easy for me to leave you and go without meeting you. Trust me I wanted to run to you and cry on your shoulders and let out my pain but that day I couldn’t. Want to know why? Because I realized I wouldn’t have you by my side from then on. We would be apart miles and miles away. I believed you would understand me as you do always. I am sorry Pearl, I am really sorry” this time I could stop myself and broke down into tears while Pearl left from there.

“Hele” Bert pulled me into his arms

“I am sorry. Really sorry” I hugged him

“Sshhh… its over and you are forgiven . Please stop crying. I hate to see you cry and you know this very well. Stop now” he spoke and started gently rubbing my hair

“you really forgave me” I asked looking at him

“Don’t be angry with me ever and if you are pissed off just yell at me but never stop talking to me. I would not be able to bear it”

“I was angry because you were hurting yourself and Drake too but you know what I cant be mad at you for long time and I hate to say that seeing you cry is one of my weakness. God … you don’t even know, Pearl would not let me near her if I am the reason you cry. She loves you so much Hele and so do I. She might seem to be angry with you, but I know her , She is feeling guilty because she wasn’t there when you needed her the most. She is not angry with you, she is angry with herself. When she read the letter she broke into tears, saying how you know something is wrong just by looking at her and how she was miserable to not even understand that something was bothering you. She felt she failed as a friend. I tried to make her understand that you would never even think about her like that, but she wasn’t ready to listen to me. She was not ready to come here and face you, but I knew she would never be herself if you both drift apart. You both are inseparable friends. So just talk to each other and I am sure you both would be back to tease hell out of Drake and me”

“thank you Bert, for everything. I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have you both in my life. I can never repay for what you both did for us, for me.”

“Hey there. Stop. Don’t make me more emotional. I love you as my sister and I would do anything for you. Go now talk to your friend and my girl. I miss our times and I don’t want to miss this fun times further. Go”

“I love you too Bro” I smiled and he hugged me.

I knew Pearl would be in my room because whenever she gets upset she goes and sits on my bed. I was right, she was on my bed with her head down.

“Pearl” I gently called her name sitting next to her when she didn’t respond, I lifted her chin up and looked at her.

“Pearl” I hugged her as soon as I saw her teary eyed and she hugged me and cried. I too couldn’t stop my tears and we both were crying.

“I am sorry” we both said simultaneously

“Pearl, Bert said everything. Please never think you failed as a friend because , I cannot get any other best friend as you. You are my friend, my family and my confidante and I will never trade you for anything. It was my fault to not let you know anything and I said I was scared you would stop me. You know I can hardly deny you when you make that stupid puppy face. “

“And I would have made that puppy face to stop you” she said wiping her tears “ But still I am sorry Hele, I should have been there for you to share your pain and should have given my shoulder as you always did”

“Frankly Pearl, nothing would have worked this time if Drake hadn’t come to me”

“But what made you stay back. I got to know you were already in the plane which was waiting to take off”

“You all”


“Yes, when I closed my eyes and wanted to think nothing , I couldn’t stop my thoughts. Thoughts with how you all were trying to make me realise that Drake loves me. You - Pearl, how you always asked me to give life chances. My life is Drake and you all and I followed what you always said - For Once Without Plan-B . I had no plan B this time if Drake didn’t come yesterday. “

“I know, I know I am always right”

“ya, ya, whatever sails your boat”

“Hey, you have just given me credit, don’t take it away”

“I will never. I love you Pearl. You were, are and will always be my best friend”

“you too”

We hugged and I cant be happy that my friend has forgiven me and now everything is alright.

“Now come on before Bert and Drake would storm into our rooms and pull us out or make us patch up.”

“As if, they can do that.” She rolled her eyes and we broke into laughter

“I missed you”

“I missed you too and I promise I am never leaving you without prior notice if I have to. I don’t think I need to now.”

“You also remember you are not going to get rid of me in this lifetime Hele.”

We went down the stairs and joined Steve, Liam , Bert, Ro and Drake. Drake and Bert had a relief on their faces when they saw us both coming down smiling. I am sure they understood that everything is alright.

We started the BBQ and Drake introduced Ro to everyone, also said who Liam was. Steve, Pearl and Bert had also the same expressions as we had yesterday when they got to know who Ro was and who Liam was. When we put the meat and veggies on the BBQ Grill, we heard another set of cars entering our home.

“We will get them” Liam and Ro said and walked towards the front door.

“Ro, Liam/Goldy …” we heard screams yells and looked at each other in confusion.

“Exactly how many guys are we expecting? Bert asked

“Donno” Drake replied

The next moment we heard Liam calling us and we could see 8 members, 4 gals, 4 guys behind Liam and Ro and looked at each other smiling.

“Hello” Drake and I stepped forward to greet them followed by Bert, Pearl and Steve

“Ro , your turn to introduce” Liam said and stood next to me

“Drake, Hele, Pearl, Bert, Steve meet my friends/ cousins/family whatever you take them as. We all are of different age groups but never treat each other differently. We include everyone in whatever we do.”

All of us smiled

“Lets start then” he smiled and looked at his big gang

“Meet Paul, Samantha (Sam), Tiara (Tj (junior) ), Riana (Ri), Jack, Isabella (Bella), Wim, Lucas. This totally is our gang along with Liam Goldman and his girlfriend Ann Arnouts” He completed introducing his friends/family. He turned towards them and started introducing us

“Guys let me introduce to our new members

She is Helena Viceroy. We call her Hele. He is Drake Johnson, Hele’s fiancé. This guy is Albert Collin , we call him Bert and she is Pearl Manor. Bert is Pearl’s fiancé. He is Steven Viceroy brother of Helena Viceroy.

We are yet to meet Krystle Johnson Arnouts, sister of Drake and Wife of Jeff Arnouts. Jeff Arnouts is brother of Ann Arnouts – girlfriend of our own dumbass Goldy.”

“What about Steven’s fiancée / wife. Why are they not here?” Ri asked

“Ohh. Steven Viceroy is married to Diana Evans and has a 5 year old daughter by name Melody. Elina Evans is sister of Diana Viceroy, all three are in Ghent now. I guess they wouldn’t be here this time to meet us”

“Neither do Ann, Krissy and Jeff” Drake said to which Liam giggled

“What?” I asked

“Ohh you two love birds ! Do you think they would miss any opportunity like this. Krystle was informed of your idiocrasy and she said the moment you guys patch up inform her and she would be coming to meet you both. So I guess they must be here any moment. Do you think Ann would be wanting to sit with her parents when we all are enjoying. No way. So she would also be joining us in sometime”

“Ohh No, Krystle and Jeff are in their honeymoon. It doesn’t seem fair for them “

“Ohh guess what, Mr & Mrs. Arnouts are going for world tour and Ann would be with me so everyday and every night as long as they (Jeff and Krystle) are off from their work, it is gonna be their honeymoon period and before you slap me on my arms - Krystle’s words not mine” he giggled

We all broke into laughter and got ourselves seated. After sometime Ann, Jeff and Krystle joined us. The BBQ went on and our home was filled with laughter and teasing. Ro’s friends got mixed up with us easily and so did we with them. They all were royals and were from some very powerful families but neither of them showed their status or attitude even once. They were raised really good. I felt bad for Diana and Elina. Steve definitely wanted my mother, father and Diana to change for good and accept me as their family, but I know he would never insist or force them . He wanted them to realise themselves.

As time went by I walked towards kitchen to get some juice/drinks and Drake followed me. While we were all alone in kitchen , he hugged me and kissed me with passion and I reciprocated.

“You seem happy Hele”

“I am Drake. I am very happy today” to which he smiled

I held his hand and took him to the end of kitchen from where we can see whole garden and intertwining my hands I looked at him and then towards all my friends and spoke

“Few months back, I took a bag and left my home knowing nothing about where to go and what to do. Then Pearl encouraged me. With Pearl came Bert as my brother. Then like a fresh breath of air you entered my life and see now, how big of a family I have. Everyone over there wants me to be happy. I know I met most of them just now and few a few days before , but as they say, it takes a moment to make a strong connection, that is what I feel towards them. I have a strong feeling we all are going to make a new story pretty soon.

Thank you Drake for never giving up on me. I can surely say now For Once Without Plan-B was the best decision I had taken ever in my life. I LOVE YOU DRAKE. I LOVE YOU SO SO MUCH”

“I LOVE YOU TOO Hele more than you can ever understand”

We both smiled looking at each other with love. I never once imagined in my whole life I would be this happy surrounded by such awesome people. I never thought my life would be filled by love and here I am today, happy in love and dreaming of a family.

“We will one day make a beautiful family Hele. You just need to decide when and we would make it come true”

“How did you …”

I am in love with you Hele. I can read your thoughts and expressions.” Drake replied making me snuggle into him.

Whatever future holds for us, we will be together and we will have all of them in the garden to be with us by our side. For once I don’t need a plan B because I am ready to accept anything that comes in my way when Drake is with me.

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