For once without Plan-B

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Chapter – 5: He is not good for me

Helena POV:

Loud music, people making out, alcohol, Wild dancing this is what I saw as soon as I entered De Riveria.

“Drake why didn’t anyone stop you while entering, you just brought me in skipping the long line’’ I asked inquisitively to which he smirked and later shrugged.

Getting no reply I thought maybe he is not interested to answer me or maybe he is regular customer and the bouncers identify/know him pretty well. We walked in silence while searching for Bert and Pearl.

“They might be upstairs in VIP section’’ Drake spoke loudly as loud music was being played

I nodded and while looking around slowly climbed up the stairs. Pearl and Bert saw us and waved their hands. Drake and I waved back and walked to them and sat there.

“So, finally Hele is living her life’’ Pearl spoke excited

“I have been living life Pearl. It’s not that I don’t know this sort of world existed, it’s just I have never ever been to this part of the world”

“Ohh come on. I know how pathetic of life you have lived.’’ Pearl spoke sipping her orange juice

“Can we just leave this topic and enjoy the music’’ I sighed

Drake kept looking at me not knowing what to say.

“Drake! guess what, Helena is going to work for De Riveria starting tomorrow. Isn’t it awesome’’ Bert smirked while looking at Drake.

“Is it?’’ he asked surprised looking at me

I nodded and looked towards the dance floor, while my feet tapped the floor beneath with the music being played.

“Do you want to dance new friend?’’ Drake smirked looking at me and making Bert and Pearl turn their heads towards me.

“What! I mean no… I am fine sitting here’’ I stuttered

“Ohh come on Hele, let’s go and shake our legs’’ Pearl held my hands and took me down the stairs leading to the dance floor ignoring my protests. Once on dance floor I let myself loose and started shaking my legs and hips to the music. Pearl and Bert were in their own world, while Drake came near me and held my waist, making me gasp and my hands involuntarily held onto his shoulders

“Drake, what are you doing?’’

“I am dancing with you. Nothing else. Relax.’’


“Ssshhh…it’s just a dance Hele’’

‘’You can’t call me Hele, it’s reserved only for Pearl .’’

“Your name is too long , so...’’ he started thinking while his hands still held my waist

“Now …. What are you thinking?’’


I rolled my eyes

“I guess I can give a nickname isn’t it’’


’’How about calling you babe?’’

“Ewww… please …that’s so cheesy and moreover I am not your girlfriend”

“Technically you are my girlfriend... Isn’t it?’’ he winked at me

My mouth opened and closed and formed an O shape and surprisingly not even a word came out

“Relax you are a girl and you are my friend, I am just doing a simple string concatenation’’ he smiled

“Ohh please, we are not in 5th grade to talk so. Come with a better logic Asshole’’ I rolled my eyes making him smirk

“Fine I will go with babe then’’

“Hele is better’’

‘’Good. Hele…H..e..l..e’’ he leaned towards me and whispered in my ear, sending butterflies inside my stomach and Goosebumps all over my body. We stared at each other, neither making a move. He looked at my lips and then at my eyes and I couldn’t help but lean in. Is he going to be my first kiss? Is it the moment. Before I was going to give in, I realized we are friends. For God Sake, Friends don’t kiss. I pushed him a little, freeing myself from his grip and walked towards the exit. Picking up my mobile I messaged Pearl stating I am tired and want to have some rest and asked her to enjoy. I called a cab, reaching Pearls apartment , went to Pearl’s room.

“God! How can I feel so? He being so close made me nervous. I have never felt so ever in my life. It was so exciting and scary too. For God sake this is wrong, he sees me as his friend and here I am feeling something else. I can’t raise my hopes. Even if something happens it wouldn’t last long because 6 months later I will be leaving this city, this country, this continent and will never come back. I have to control myself and if possible keep myself away from him. I didn’t know when my little crush turned into something more. I need to pull my shit together , concentrate and not deviate myself. I cannot fall in love because in the end I will get hurt if it doesn’t work. Forget about love, I was never even liked by anyone and if I start expecting that Drake will feel something for me, I will be broken if it doesn’t turn true. In no way this will work out and for a change if by miracle this works out me leaving for NY will hurt us both’’ I thought while taking the shower.

After a good 15 minutes of self-motivational – pathetic-thoughts I came out and changed into my comfy PJ’s and climbed onto bed. I had to set alarm, because I had to be on time for my first day of work. Picking up the phone I saw 4 missed calls, all from Pearl and 2 messages, one from pearl and one from Drake.

I opened the message of Pearl to know that she would be staying with Bert tonight and not to wait for her. I thought not to read the message of Drake and contemplated for good 10 minutes and finally giving up opened the message

From Playboy_Asshole: You okay? Why did you leave all of a sudden? Is it something with what happened earlier?’ I read the message twice

“All good. I was tired. I am sorry for my sudden exit. Good night Drake’’ I sent the reply and within a minute received a message from him

From Playboy_Asshole :“Good night Hele

I held the phone close to my heart and few minutes later drifted to sleep thinking “Drake cares for me?’’

‘’Can I just wake up 5 minutes later’’ I mumbled as if someone would reply me. I knew I can’t dare to turn off the alarm because it is the only thing that would annoy me till I wake up. Giving up I finally got off the bed and turning off the alarm stepped into washroom to complete morning rituals.

An hour later I was ready to start my new job. Taking a deep breathe I stepped into the De Rivera’s office building which was very near to the bar and restaurant that I visited yesterday evening. Moving towards the desk I waited for the desk assistant to end the call she was busy with. The lady was in her mid-40 with a blonde short hair and was dressed in a white top and black pencil skirt.

“Hello Good morning, how can I help you?’’ the lady spoke after ending the call

“Hi I am Helena. Umm, I need to meet Mr. Dirk Goeverts. I have an appointment with him at 9:00 AM’’

‘’Ohh. So you are our new temporary joinee right? Dirk has already informed. Please walk straight and turn right and second room left is where you can meet him’’

‘’thank you Ms …’’ I paused

“Alexia Boers’’ she smiled

‘’Thank you Ms. Boers’’ Helena smiled and started to meet her new boss

The rest of the day went good for me as I met Dirk and he explained everything related to my job and went ahead to show my desk where I would work. I received my ID and other stuff. I am excited that finally I am able to do something that I have studied and excelled and am becoming independent in all ways. I even spoke to my colleagues a little as I knew I need to work with them till I leave to NY after 5 and a half months. However I couldn’t stop thinking about Drake whenever I took break. He was constantly playing in my mind and thinking of his proximity yesterday still brought goosebumps all over my body.

He is not good for me’’ I thought.

It was almost the time to leave and I packed my things and bid bye to the colleagues, I quickly walked towards the exit and stopped in my tracks to find Drake leaning against his car and checking his phone looking as handsome as ever in his 3-piece black suit with a blue tie. I decided to avoid meeting him owing to my increasing feelings towards him and thought of how to escape. Did my luck ever side with me? This time it was no different as Drake snapped his fingers bringing me out of his thoughts.

“Hey” he said


“How was your first day?’’

“It was good. I am already liking my job’’ I replied with a smile trying to control my happiness

“Good. So, shall we leave then?’’

“Wait! Where are we leaving? I mean why are you here at the first place?’’

He laughed and his smile was so sexy that I felt my heart racing at more than the normal speed

“You really don’t know who I am right?’’

“Off course I know who you are’’

‘’ok, so tell me what do you know about me’’ he spoke as if challenging me

“Well you are Drake Johnson the playboy of our university, who attended classes once in a while yet managed to score good grades and scholarship both the years, I don’t know how. Going by the car you are driving, I can say you are born with silver spoon and raised Filthy rich’’

He nodded his head and smiled in amusement not feeling like stopping me.

“Don’t give that stupid smile and tell me why are you here? You know I still have to go to the night college and give lessons to the students and I can’t be late and my bus would be any time here’’ I spoke at a stretch

“Relax babe’’ I looked at him in shock, while he realized what he said and quickly corrected

“I mean Hele, Pearl has asked me to drop you at your night college when she learnt I was here’’ he spoke and showed her the message

‘’I think I must talk to Pearl and ask her to stop bothering you about me’’

“It’s not a problem Hele. Now get in else you sure would be late for your lectures’’

I nodded and got into the car while he too got in and started the engine and put the wheels on the road leading towards night college.

“You wanna listen to some music, please feel free to turn it on’’ he said as he observed me being awfully silent.

“No, it’s fine. I am just relaxing and enjoying the silence’’

‘’I can sleep while driving if there is so much of silence you know’’

‘’please I want to live my life, even though it’s been pathetic. So don’t sleep’’

‘’well then talk something. I am in no mood to listen to any music either’’

‘’What do you want me to speak?’’

‘’Fine, tell me do you by any chance think about me?’’

These days I am just thinking about you. I wish I can say this to you directly and know if you think about me as much as I think of you’’ I thought to myself

“Hele’’ I heard him calling and came back to present

“No. I don’t think about you’’

‘’That hurts you know. Atleast you could have lied and said to keep my heart’’ he fake pouted bringing smile which I tried to hide

‘’You are not good for me’’ I mumbled

“Why?’’ he asked making me surprised

“What? Why?’’

“Why am I not good for you?’’

I went silent mentally slapping myself for being idiot and saying those words enough audible to get caught.

“Nothing. I just simply said.’’

He slowly applied brake, bringing the car to halt ‘’if you say so’’ he said and waited for me. I looked outside the window and realized we reached.

“Thank you for the ride and I apologize for the trouble’’ I spoke as formally as possible

“Are we really gonna talk this formally Hele. We are friends if you have forgotten and I have no issues to become your official chauffeur’’ he winked making my insides melt.

“Thank you’’

“We will meet everyday Hele and I will make sure that one day you would say “I am good for you”

I didn’t reply and walked towards the college entrance while he reversed his car and left.

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