For once without Plan-B

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Chapter - 7: Words and tears

Helena POV:

“Hele you okay?” Pearl asked me

I didn’t understand how to reply. Its been almost 3 weeks I left them and that house. I tried not to think of them and move on as much as possible keeping my pathetic past to rest and build my new future. Everything was going good and now I knew everything would be ruined.

Once I come into their sight, they will not let go the chance to mock me infront of the whole crowd. If that happens and everyone gets to know who I am, I am sure to lose this job. Afterall Viceroys can do anything.

I for sure don’t want to lose this job, I don’t want to go back to them. I just cannot bear anything anymore.

“Hele. Please. Are you okay. If you want we can leave” Pearls words brought me back to present.

“I don’t want to stay here. I need to leave” I mumbled

“Lets go then” Pearl held my hand and got up.

“No. You will stay back. Its an important day for Drake. You both are his close friends. I don’t want you to miss cheering him and his family. I will leave. “


“Bert , Pearl please. It wouldn’t be fair if you leave Drake for me. I …I will manage, I can manage” I got up and started to walk towards exit.

“Where are you going?” I heard the words and stood frozen

“Where and why are you leaving? Sister-In-Law ! “ Diana repeated in a mocking tone

“I..I am just leaving for my house” I replied tried to control my anxiety

“Your house. Ohh so you have a house now? How? Are you whoring around? ”

“Diana…” I couldn’t believe she really was saying this to me.

“what? Am I wrong? How in the hell are you surviving after leaving that house? You have nothing except this body to sell to have a living. So its easy to guess isn’t it?”

Tears threatened to come out, but I didn’t want to give a satisfaction to her who was putting me down.

“I must leave now” I tried to move but she blocked my way.

“why are you leaving anyway? Does your client for tonight not feel bad if you leave in the middle?” she again mocked making me speechless

“It’s …”

“Its what? Do you really think your presence or absence would make any difference to my family.” She taunted

Her every word was piercing my heart in a painful way, I was going totally numb not understanding whether to burst out on her and making a move or stand there listening, so that a scene is not created and then leave from here. As much as I thought of doing the former, somewhere I didn’t want to disrupt the event that was running smoothly. That’s when I decided to bear it. Because if I make a move she will not even think before raising her voice and draw attention.

“What are you trying to say Diana?”

“You left the house for God sake and Steve your brother -my husband lost a golden opportunity to deal with Dortmund’s incurring losses. Thanks to the ungratefulness of you. Father Matthew and Mom Rose are so true about you, you are pathetic and doesn’t deserve anything. Such a selfish bitch you are. You can never make anyone happy and above all you can never see anyone happy. Don’t know how you are able to live with this guilt. I so wish you were never part of the family. Such a disgrace you are to the Viceroy family.” She spoke spitting venom

I closed my eyes and took in every word she spoke and stood without uttering a word. I was waiting for her to continue when my Niece came running towards me hugging me by my thighs.

“Aunt Hel” she screamed drawing attention

“Mel” I knelt down and kissed her cheeks. She is adorable and I loved her so much. Since everyone in my family back in house were busy, I used to be with Mel and spent most of my free time, whenever possible , taking care of her.

“I missed you a lot. Mamma, Papa, Granna, Granny said you left and will never come back. Please come back for me Aunt Hel” she put up a sad face which broke my heart further.

“I missed you too Mel. I missed you a lot.”

“Then come back, we can play and enjoy as we always do”

“Mel.. listen. I know you miss me , but what you heard is correct. I cannot come back”

She was into tears and I hugged her

“I am sorry Mel. How about we meet once in a week somewhere, if your mamma, papa, Granna, Granny allows you? I would pick you up and drop back. Else you can always visit me during weekends at my home. ’’ I said to her and looked at Diana who gave an angry look

“Melody its time we meet papa, granna, granny. Come .”

“Mumma. Can I please spend sometime with aunt Hel?’’ she begged

“Melody ! listen once for all. You are never going to meet your aunt Hel, understand… and listen you are never going to talk about her in our home. Else you know I am gonna send you to nana’s home and you will stay there forever”

Saying that Diana dragged Melody away from me. Melody hated going to Diana’s parents home. She preferred to stay back and play with me than going there. She used to share all her days activities with me, she talked to me and I loved listening to her. I felt bad for Melody, my niece and I couldn’t do anything to make her feel better.

Ensuring Diana has left I walked towards the exit and walked through the street as tears rolled out of my eyes with every step I took. It would be an understatement if I say that I am sad right now. It is beyond feeling sad or broken. It is an unexplainable feeling which was breaking my heart in a painful yet slow way.

I couldn’t walk further, I sat on a bench in a small park and brought my knees to my chest and placed my head over them bursting into tears. How could Diana think that I am whoring around. She knew better that I hardly socialised and was always into studies. Yet she chose to say such filthy words. She knew very well what sort of person Ken Dortmund was, how could she just think that I would marry him to bring a huge profit to Steve. Was my life not worth something, didn’t I have a choice to live my life my own way, just the way she chose to marry Steve because of love.

Wiping my tears I stared at nothing particular. I knew I had to endure such situations for few more months. I prayed these months pass by as fast as they can and I leave for my own better.

Drake POV:

I was shell shocked the moment I listened my mom inviting Mr& Mrs Viceroy on to the dais. My thoughts immediately went to Helena. I had no idea that they were coming. My mom since last two days kept on saying that there is a surprise and she is excited, had I known that this is the surprise I would have personally asked Helena not to attend the event. I don’t know how she might be feeling now.

We were just getting comfortable together and I guess I messed it big. I stood there watching Viceroys inaugurating the new Branch In Amsterdam but my thoughts went back to my university days.

Ever since I met Helena for the first day in the University I felt something different about her. She was beautiful, angelic, calm and extremely talented and intelligent.

I still remember Bert and I met Pearl and Helena on the first day. Pearl easily mingled with us but Hele was different. She didn’t speak much and answered only when necessary. She was dedicated to studies and gave nothing else, not even a glance at me.

I tried to gain her attention by initiating a conversation but she kept quiet. 3 months later Bert and Pearl started dating and one day I asked Pearl to tell me about Hele. Pearl warned me saying not to pursue her as she had enough going in her life. I nodded but I knew I was never going to stop pursuing her. She challenged me in many ways unknowingly. She never spared a glance at me while every girl in the campus waited for me to have a look at them or be in my arms even if its for a second. So just to gain her attention I used to walk with a new girl everyday in the campus, but never crossed any limits with any of them. However I was and am a man of needs and I slept around with few of them but it was just one night stand nothing else.

Pearl and Bert understood what I was trying to do and they never said a word. But I failed miserably as Hele was a tough nut to crack. It was almost end of our first year, when I thought of giving up on her, Pearl explained me what Hele was going through in her personal life and why she behaved so. I couldn’t imagine that her family were so cruel to her. I didn’t feel pity but I felt proud of her for fighting back every obstacle that came her way and trying to build a place for herself with her hard work.

I wanted to help her and knowing she was not the one to take my or as a matter of fact anyone’s help, I started thinking of ways to help her achieve her dreams.

One day , I had to meet the dean of my college for some assistance and was waiting for him in his chamber. My eyes fell on the thesis Hele wrote on Investment Banking and her name on the thesis caught my attention. I started reading the thesis and damn she was so good at it. Later when I went home I couldn’t stop thinking of the talent this woman possessed. That’s when I got the idea of helping her. I went to meet the dean once again and requested him to send the thesis to Goldman Investors. Dean said he would think about it. I made it a mission to make dean send the thesis and followed him up until he gave in and sent it across. I was sure that she would get a response and I was right she indeed got a response from them that they were interested to hire her.

Only Bert knew what I did and I made a pact with Bert that he would not confide this to anyone not even to Pearl and Bert had kept his word till date.

Now when everything was going right in her way, my family unknowingly has brought back the storm in her life. I knew she would misunderstand me. On top of that I didn’t contact her since yesterday and she may correlate all these things and resent me.

Keeping all thoughts at bay, I knew I had to face her and so I took steps walking towards where I saw Pearl and Bert were seated.

The moment pearl saw me approaching their table, she gave me a glare which said it is more than being messed up. I looked around for Hele but she was nowhere to be seen.

“Pearl, where is Hele?” I asked knowing I will have to listen to her outburst

“Dare you take her name Drake. You knew didn’t you?’’ Pearl whisper screamed , her face red with anger.

“Babe relax. We can talk about all this later” Bert tried to calm her. I thanked Bert silently by nodding at him and he returned the gesture back.

“If it makes you happy, she has left the moment she listened to the announcement by Mrs. Johnson. How could you do this to her Drake” Pearl’s voice choked making my situation worse from bad.

“I didn’t know. I really didn’t know. Mom said there was a surprise , I didn’t know the surprise was this” I answered as honestly I could

“Dude , it is messed in a big way. Helena has left for her home. Lets give her some time, then we all can go and meet her.” Bert suggested and I could do nothing but to nod.

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