For once without Plan-B

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Chapter - 8: Am Not Interested!

The De Riveria’ bar & restaurant’s inauguration of Amsterdam branch went well. My mom introduced me to the Viceroys and even though I had not even an ounce of interest in meeting or knowing them, I kept my calm for my mom and Krystle. They were happy and excited and I couldn’t ruin their moods being a brat.

Steve , Hele’s brother spoke to me about some business but all I wanted to do was hold his collar and knock some sense about treating his sister right. I kept on looking at my watch and gave a glance at Pearl and Bert, silently asking about any info about Hele. They kept nodding No and my heart was sinking.

I tried to excuse myself when Diana Viceroy, I guess Steve’s wife asked if I was waiting for someone. I nodded and before she could pry about whom I excused myself saying that I have an important work to attend and bid my adieu to the Viceroy family, my mom and sister and walked towards Pearl and Bert.

“any news whether she reached home safe?’’

“No. Not yet” Pearl replied looking at her mobile

“Its been lot of time. I guess we need to check on her’’

“I guess you are right. Lets Go” Bert stood up

While we three were walking towards exit, my mom called me. I looked at her and then at my friends.

“Relax Drake. We will be going to her apartment now to check on her. Pearl has a spare key. Once we find her I will inform you. It’s a big day for you and your family and as much as you want to join us , you are required here.’’ Bert spoke

I nodded understanding he is right and asked him to inform me right away once they meet Hele and walked towards my mom.

“Drake I am sorry to call you back. Its important.” Mom said

“what’s it mom”

“Well did you meet Diana Viceroy ?’’

I nodded positive

“I want you to meet her sister Elina”


“Drake, you are young and have not been in any relationship yet. It would be nice if you take life seriously and settle. I mean you have every right to find a girl of your own liking, but since you haven’t yet, I thought it would be good if you meet Elina and see how it goes. I mean there is nothing wrong in it” she chose her words carefully

“Mom, for God sake I am grown up and can make my decisions. You need not set me up with anyone. I know what I want and who I want. So, please stop being a match maker’’

‘’I am not Drake. I am just asking you to take her out once. She is beautiful, educated and from a good family, so whats wrong’’

“No mom. I love you, I love you a lot but I cannot accept what you are trying now. I am sorry mom’’

She took a deep breath and closed her eyes for a while

“I gave them my word that you will take her out as I thought you wouldn’t deny me’’ she blurted the truth finally

“You never thought of asking me before giving your word mom. How could you do this to me?’’

“I know. I know I am wrong. I am sorry for this. But it’s now related to Viceroys and their daughter-in-law and I ..I cannot just step back. Just do this once and if you don’t like her, I promise I will not force you to do anything against your wish’’

“No mom. I am not going to take her out even once. I can say even before taking her out that I will not like her’’

“Tell me truth Drake. Are you seeing someone?’’

“What if I say Yes?’’

“What? When? I mean you never said a word till date’’

“I am taking it slow mom. The girl I like doesn’t know I like her. So please do anything but let them know I am not interested.’’

“Drake I can understand your situation, but its too late to say No.’’

‘’What does that mean?’’

“Elina is here and she has her hopes high. I know you are seeing someone, but just take her as a friend and then we will say NO to them. I know its difficult but please do this favour to me’’ mom almost begged

God this is getting messier every passing minute. I rubbed by forehead and taking a deep breath

“Fine mom. I will go with her, but please this will end nowhere. I am not going to have any relation with her, not now not ever. I am doing to keep your word nothing else and please next time don’t give anyone any word on behalf of me. I have a bloody life I can handle and I need no interference from anyone not even you”

I walked away in anger and went to the bar and ordered beer. I thought of drinking alcohol but I need to drive to Hele’s apartment and explain before she misunderstands me further. To do so I need to be sober.

While I was sipping my beer calming my anger, a beautiful blonde girl in hour glass figure came and sat next me.

“Hey” she said


“Drake Johnson?”


“Elina. Elina Evans” she forwarded her hand

“Sorry my hands are busy” I held beer with both my hands as if crushing the tin out of anger

She gave a fake smile .

“Umm…Mrs. Johnson said you would be..”

“Listen Elina. Please don’t get me wrong but I will be honest with you. I am seeing someone. My mom doesn’t know it so she gave her word. I would warn you not to get any hopes raised. Since my mom gave her word to Viceroy family , I will be taking you out. I will send out a message through Krystle about date and time and we can meet. But that’s all you would be getting from me. I am sorry, but there can be nothing more than just a dinner out of courtesy. I am not being rude, but if I had any chance I would have downright denied going out with you saving your and my time too” I said not taking a look at her

“Thank you for being honest Drake. Whoever the girl is, she is lucky to have someone like you in her life. And don’t worry, I will inform my family that I am not interested. I hope you wouldn’t mind it’’ she spoke and that’s when I took a look of her properly

“I don’t mind. Sorry for being so rude. I appreciate your help” I shook hands with her while she left.

I rubbed my face with my palm and kept looking at the mobile for any call or text from Pearl or Bert. Its long since Bert and Pearl left and I was growing impatient as I haven’t yet received their call. Giving up I decided to make a call and picked up my mobile and right then I received a call from Bert

“How is she?’’ I said without listening to him

“Drake, get your ass out of there and search for Helena’’

“what do you mean?’’

“She isn’t in her apartment. We searched her apartment and surroundings and now we are looking for her in the city.’’ He replied and I could hear my heartbeat pacing fast

‘’I am leaving right away and if either of us finds her, we would inform each other right away. Got it’’ I said running out of the venue and racing towards my car. I quickly sat in and left the venue but drove as slowly as possible trying to look for her.

Where are you Hele? Please get back to your place and let me explain.

I drove as slow as possible and kept my eyes searching for her and while I was passing by the small park nearby I could find a silhouette on a bench. Somehow my heart was saying it was her and I parked my car at a lot and walked back to the bench.

As I was nearing it was getting clear that it was indeed her. Before approaching her I sent a text to Bert informing that I found her and I would be bringing her to her apartment.

I decided to talk to her then and there and clear out everything. I cannot lose her even before she becomes something to me. She had no idea how much I wanted and waited for her.

As I neared her I could hear the hiccups, it was clear she was crying. It broke my heart. Did something happen? Did someone say something? Hele I knew never cried, she faced everything with a smile. So what happened that she is crying so much? Is it something to do with Viceroys or is it because of me. That thought itself made me shudder in fear of losing her.

“Hele’’ I called her and got no response

“Hele” I again called , no response yet. Closing my eyes and taking a deep breath, I placed my hand on her shoulder and called her name.

She shuddered in fear and looked at me. The sight of her state before me broke me into million pieces. Her eyes puffy, nose red, face pale and make up ruined. She was broken.

“Hele..let me ..’’ before I could speak, she raised her hand to stop me.

“Save it Drake. I am not interested to listen to anything you want to say. You knew they were coming. You could have informed me. But you didn’t . Had you informed me, today I wouldn’t have been insulted.’’ She stood up wiping her tears

“Insulted? Who did it Hele?’’

“How does it matter? What would you do? Can you take back the words that I heard? Can you explain them that I am not a whore and I am not selling my body to make my livelihood but working my ass off to be independent? Can you do anything to make my situation better?’’ she screamed and fell down on the ground breaking into sobs.

I gulped and stood there trying to get her words sink in. Who can be so ruthless in saying those words. Who else her family? But who in her family, I mean her parents cannot fall so low to say that.

I knelt and held her by her shoulders, she tried to move from my grip but I held them tight.

“Hele, please let me explain’’

“No, just leave Drake. Please, I am done, I am exhausted’’

‘’No, not until you listen’’

‘’It doesn’t change anything’’

‘’I didn’t know your family were being invited Hele. I swear I didn’t know’’

“Don’t..Dont try to fool me Drake. It is not possible that you wouldn’t have known’’ she didn’t look at me

“Look at me Hele. Please’’

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