For once without Plan-B

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Chapter – 9: I believe you

Helena POV:

“Look at me Hele. Please’’ Drakes voice never sounded like that but I was angry on him for keeping my family’s arrival hidden from me

“I swear I donno about your family being invited. My mom kept on saying that there was a surprise and I could never guess this was her surprise” he again spoke with desperation

“Don’t try to convince me on this Drake. You knew it. You very well knew it. That’s exactly why you didn’t send even a message or give me a call. You were afraid you would spill the matter. I should have thought about you better than being a fool to think that you are not as bad as you portrayed yourself all the while. But No, what you were in university is and will always be real you” I released myself from his grip

“Hele. You are completely misunderstanding me’’

“No Drake, I understood you perfectly and properly now” I wiped my tears and turned to leave from there.

He held my wrist and pulled me towards him and held me by my shoulders

“Drake what the hell are you trying to do?’’

“Nothing. I am trying to do nothing but asking you to believe me. I didn’t know that your parents were invited. I didn’t know you were expecting my calls or messages. I know I didn’t send any texts or make any calls, because I was busy helping my sister and mom to arrange the event. They wanted me to be a part of it and I can never deny them. I was waiting for you today so that I can introduce you to my family and tell them how much imp…’’ he stopped and looked at me

I stood still trying to complete the sentence he left in the middle. Was he going to say “I am important to him?”


“Hele” he took a deep breath and touched his forehead with mine and closed his eyes

“You have no idea how much I tried and waited for your attention right when I met you for the first time. “ he took an another deep breath and continued “You need to believe me Hele, I can and will never hurt you. Had I known about today, I would be the one to inform you not to attend. Hell, I would have not attended the event too. I would have rather celebrated my sisters and mom success with you. Believe me Hele. This is the truth, I cannot prove you except to say again and again till you believe”

His grip released from my shoulders as we both stood staring at each other. As I met his eyes, I could see he was being honest. His desperation and his words that he waited for me for 2 years just to get my attention has hit soft corner of my heart. I wanted to believe him, just for once I wanted to trust him.


“Hele..Please” his voice soft and pleading

I put my finger on his lips to stop him from speaking further

“I will believe you Drake”

“You will believe me?” he asked surprised holding my finger

I nodded my head and continued “. I.. I am sorry, I shouldn’t have vented out my anger on you, when you were not the reason for anything that happened. I lost my rational thinking being hurt. Had they not been invited today and met me somewhere else, the same thing would have got repeated. Today I believe it was just a coincidence”

He nodded and wiped my ruined mascara with his handkerchief. I stood still letting him do. His touch was soothing me in ways I never experienced. It was as if his eyes were giving me assurance of him being there for me just like Pearl would be with me.

“Hele? Who has said those words to you?’’

“Drake can we not talk about it. I just want to forget it, them and move on. I should have understood that this would be coming. I should have never let the words affect me, but I couldn’t control myself. I am sorry that you had to see me like this.”

“No, don’t” he held my hand and pressed it firmly

“You are one strong girl I have ever met in my life, Hele. I knew about your family, but I never knew that they would just call you…’’ his other hand balled into a fist

“Thank you” as I said he shook his head

“Thank you for believing me. Lets go now” this time he entwined our hands


“To the event. I still need to introduce you to my family. They will love you as they love Pearl and Bert”

“No. I can’t. I..I ‘’

“Hele, you just said you will believe me. Let me prove you that I am not what you have seen during university days. I did all those…well…ummm…Just to gain your attention.”

My eyes widened with his revelation

“You did for what?’’

“You heard it Hele. I will not lie that I have not slept with some of them. But trust me I have not slept with all the girls of University barring you and Pearl, as you think. I am not a man whore Hele. I am a man with needs and its just it.” He shrugged

“TMI Drake” I shook my head

He laughed throwing his head back and after a long time I could feel myself smiling at him.

“Now lets go before the event ends. I have lot of things planned for the event.”

“I donno. I just cant be able to be myself with my family being there. Also, I don’t want the office people to talk about me differently. These 5 plus months in Belgium, I just want to make good memories and leave. “

“Then do it Hele. Start making good memories from where you had bad ones. Trust me once more, if you feel uncomfortable, I will drop you to your home”

I couldn’t say no. I had decided to make a move without plan B this time and I decided to stick to it. Diana or My family shouldn’t stop me from anything. I know who I am and I truly shouldn’t care what they think about who I am.

I nodded.

“Perfect. Let me ask Bert and Pearl to come back to event. They wanted to dance and they should do it”

“Right” I said and we both walked towards his car.

He was smiling through out the ride and I could see how happy he was. Seeing him smile was making me happy too. Did I ever imagine The most handsome guy of the university was waiting for my attention. Can I ever believe he wants me to introduce to his family. Would I ever come to the terms that he can be as much supportive and caring as he can be pain in the ass.

I nodded looking outside the window and smiling to myself.

“You look beautiful when you smile” he spoke soft

“Cheesy much”

“Honest opinion” he crossed his heart

I was about to reply when I got call from Pearl.

“Hele. Where were you? Do you even understand what I went through when I didn’t find you in your apartment?’’

“I am sorry pearl. I should have not acted stupid”

“You should be sorry damn Girl”

“Yes, I am very much”

“Fine. I just called to check if you are okay and I can understand you are much better than when you left”

“yes” I glanced at Drake and replied

“Fine. I am meeting you in couple of minutes at the event”

“Sure. See ya soon. Bye”

I ended the call as Drake pulled his car at the parking. As I was to get down, he stopped me and got down to run and open the door for me extending his hand.

I placed my hand gently in his when he gripped it firmly and allowed me to get down , closing the door behind, we walked into the venue once again. It was just couple of hours and the party was still on. Most of them were dancing while some were chatting and some were having drinks or eating the delicacies. As I went in my eyes started searching for my family.

“We will be meeting them soon and this time, I will be with you” Drake spoke

I looked at him and smiled while nodding my head.

“Let me introduce you to my mom and sister. They would love to meet you”

“I hope so”

He smiled and started walking towards his family.

“Mom, Krystle” he called

“Draky” a beautiful curvy girl with blue eyes, blonde hair in a navy blue halter neck gown greeted Drake

“Krystle. Meet my friend Helena. Helena meet my sister Krystle” Drake introduced

“Nice to meet you Ms. Johnson”

“Ahh call me Krystle. Nice meeting you too Helena.”

“Draky. New friend?’’ she wiggled her eyebrows

“Umm..yes and No” Drake rubbed his neck

“What does that mean Draky?’’

“She and I were in same majors in university, but she was never interested in speaking to me. So you know” he shrugged

“that’s first someone for you isn’t it? I already love this girl” saying Krystle hugged me

“Stop being annoying Krissy”

“Stop calling me that Draky’’

“Then stop calling me Draky”

“I will not”

“you should”



“Okay enough being the kids! Whats going on here?” Mrs. Johnson almost yelled

I laughed at their banter being amused

“Drake, who is this beautiful girl?’’

“ohh mom..she is Helena, the only girl who wasn’t interested to talk to Drake during his university days. Amazing she is . isn’t it?” Krystle answered before Drake could

Mrs.Johnson looked at Drake and Drake gestured her something with his eyes which I couldn’t probably understand.

“Its nice meeting you Helena. You must be someone special for Drake to introduce me like this after a really long time”

“Thank you and nice meeting you too Mrs.Johnson”

“Just call me Lente” I nodded

“Mom. Helena works in our Accountancy department. I didn’t know she applied for the job.”

“Is it? That’s really nice. I hope you feel good working in our office”

“I absolutely do” I replied and felt awkward too

“What’s wrong Helena?”

“Nothing. I really…I really didn’t know that De Riveria is owned by you. I needed a job and when I saw the opportunity I applied and got the job. I…I just don’t want you or anyone else to think that I used Drake as a connection to get the job”

“Trust me, none of us will think anything nearer to that. I believe my HR team and they would have informed me if any such thing would have happened. We recruit staff based on their talent and merit and if you have got a job it’s because my company knows you would fit”

Her answer made me relieved of any guilt that was left. I really don’t want anyone to think wrong of me. I went through the whole process of interviews and test before getting the job.

“Mom. She is a gold medalist in all majors in the university. Also she is a contract employee. Her contract ends in 5 months approx. and then she would be moving to NY.”

“Really. Now that should ensure you Helena that you deserve the job and we are privileged to have you as an employee in our company” she patted my back and smiled at me.

“Really She is going to NY after 5 months and you all believed that?” The voice I didn’t want to listen to anytime soon was heard making all 4 of us turn our heads

“Mrs. Diana Viceroy” Lente said

“Mrs. Johnson, I am just giving you a heads up, don’t ever believe her. She is a backstabber. “

I could see almost everyone nearer to us had their attention towards me while Krystle and Lente were frowning. As much as I didn’t want to let her words affect me, my resolve was depleting in a faster mode.

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