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It's no secret I've always been different than the average teen. I like what I like & I'm not afraid to show it. One thing that's not different, I long to be touched, craved, desired... I want it, & what I want is dangerous & I got it... Complete Pocketbook Version. Extended-release soon to come.

Romance / Erotica
The Dark Mind
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I run into his arms. His hugs are the best feeling. Not only that, I feel more than just butterflies now. I can’t help but pull him down to me kissing him ever so passionately. To my surprise, he kisses me back reciprocating my impulse. I smile in our kiss pulling him closer to me. His hands cup my face & he pulls back. “Ari...“He begins & I let go. “I’m...” I can’t find the words. As I start to turn around he grabs my waist twisting me back around. “Ari we-” He continues “I don’t care.” I interrupt him. “I want you.” I tell him dominantly. I think he heard the seriousness in my voice because he gives a blush & smile. He cups his hand to my cheek. “Is that what you really want, Babygirl?” Affirmatively, I answer. “Yes, Daddy.”

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