Love Sick

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When the world has been divided into rich and poor and the influence of the rich among the poor is displeasing, this is what would occur.A world of of levels and grading of people, the separation of love among their fellow citizens and hate in the heart of the rest but for him. Jim is a boy who is going to fix this world and doing so he'll find new thing he never knew about or even dreamt of experiencing. He's not alone in this journey. He'll be join by someone he loves and he'll always love. Their journey together is one of trial and testing but will succeed.

Romance / Adventure
Ganesh Bani
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The Love Story Begins

Jim Naoh is from a economically unstable country and is struggling to live a happy life similar to the boastful, proud and wealthy foreigners from the neighboring country to the East.These rick folk would visit his country and buy everything that seems in anyway "PERFECT". Jim lost his mother this way. After his birth she was sold away by his father for a healthy sum and because of that no one likes the visits for the foreigners or their company.

Jim however had a way different destiny than that of everyone else he knew.

When he was only a mere nine year old, he was sold off by his step mother after his father died and he never saw her ever again after that day. The family that bought him,The Williams, were very respectful and kind. They treated him as though he was actually their child. Jim was given gifts, food he never ate or knew existed, clothes he wasn't accustomed to and attention he never got or dreamt of having. This new and drastic change in his life made him uncomfortable, shy, concealed and thoughts of running away form this new way of living.

On the fourteenth day after he arrived at The Williams's Mansion, Jim ran away. He did this when the maids were on break and Mr and Mrs Williams were asleep in the huge bedroom.Jim sneaked past their bedroom, creeped passed the maids, dashed threw the gardens and bolt over the huge Estate fence until he was free and away from their sight and land.

On escaping their grasps he tried to take the fancy clothes they had given him but they wouldn't come off. They were still comfortable so he kept them on and they would camouflage Jim among the rich. It did so even better than he had expected because when he came across the orphanages and hospitals everyone there would yell out,

"Thank you Williams,"

and would then bow. This made Jim feel unease he would then began to run. Run where? Not even he knows he just began running and running and he then accidentally bumped into and fell over a girl that was not like the rest of the citizens he saw around him. This girl looked poor and was wearing rags. She was a bit shorter than him and was holding a dirty, almost destroyed Teddy Bear.

"WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING BOY!! GET OFF OF HER," said a man hold a hope that was attached to a collar around the girl's neck, "Oh Dear, I'm terrible sorry Sir I didn't mean to sound so harsh Please forgive me for my insolence," continued the same man as he tried to pull him off from the girl.

When Jim and this stranger had collided, she had dropped the Teddy Bear and in a odd showing she ran on all fours and acted savagely to retrieve it. This made the man who was incharge of her very embarrassed and angry. He grabbed the toy from her hands and in fear of damaging it even more she let go.He then took it and threw it as far as he could.

While all of this was happening Jim was there watching quietly and still surprised at what he is seeing. After the toy was thrown away he came back to his senses and when he saw the girl started to silently cry he couldn't help but try to help so he ran threw the raging crowds to get the toy back from where the man had threw it and oddly enough anyone who saw him running towards them would stop and make a pathway for him. It wasn't until a police officer, who was on patrol, had stopped him to,

"What might you be doing here Sir. Where are you going in such a hast? Can I be of any assistance in your little quest Sir?"

To which a shock, anxious, eager and restless Jim replied,

"I-I am going to find a Teddy Bear that was thrown into the crowds. It is old and almost completely destroyed."

"Oh. Do you mean this Toy?" said the Policeman revealing the same toy from behind his back.

"Where and how did you find it so fast?" asked a surprised and suddenly calmer Jim.

"Not afraid to go straight to the point," chuckled the Policeman as he lets go of Jim's hand, "that is so common among you 'Williams'. Well you see Sir, I am a Police Officer by law but by heart I am helpful man. When I saw this toy was thrown in this direction I went to collect it and was about to go and give it to it's rightful owner."

"That's rather kind of you."

"Why thank you. Coming from you Sir that means a lot."

"It does?"

"Yes! The Williams are the richest most kindest and helpful people in this country. They are so loved and trusted by the other citizens of this country that they could be considered the Kings and Queens of this land. Sad though their respectful reputation has began to plummet ever since they were involved in a hist led by Mr Williams first born who is current banned from ever re-entering the Williams estate and the country overall."

"He was banned from the country? Is that even possible?"

"Yes, it is. The Williams are the most powerful and driven families of this entire country. They are basically the King and Queen's right hand man in any choice. They are even more trusted in decisions than the Prime Minister himself. Could you be so kindly to answer me two questions Sir?"

"Sure what are they?"

"Where did you get those clothes from and how old are you presently?"

"Ohh, I was bought by the Williams from my native country and they dressed me in these clothes. They are great people and what you said about is making me regret running away from them and I am nine years old right now."

"Dear God you are? Your the new member of the Williams family? Such a please Sir," with tremendous Joy and surprise, the police man grasp Jim's hands and rapidly began shaking it,"such a honour."

"There are two new children joining this country's most richest families this year. That would be you and a little girl the same age as you that would be joining the 'Jones' family."

"I wonder if that new girl was the same girl I had bumped into." mutter Jim to himself.

"Excuse me Sir do you mind going back to the Williams's Estate? There is one more thing I need to tell you about them. If you agree i'll tell you it while we head back to your new home."

"Ok. I was beginning to think I should've never ran away and I guess going back isn't such a bad idea anymore."

"Fantastic! Well then let's get a move on."

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