Love Sick

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Enters Rose.

“So who’s this girl you said was bought by another rich family?”

“Well, I don’t know much about her but what I heard is that she is the daughter of very dangerous criminal who had abandoned her from birth and she had become a very mischievous child in her hometown and the citizens paid her new family to keep her.”

“Wow, really. That’s a bit extreme don’t you think?”

“Hahaha, you really are as honest as they say,” chuckled the Policeman, “Yes I too think it is. Well you’re gonna be meeting her today so you can tell me next we meet how she is and if what I said is true.”

“I’m meeting her today? When? Where? How? Why?”

“Yes you’re meeting her today. At 3pm at the Williams’s Mansion to discuss something very important to both Mr. Williams and Mr. Jones,” he answered stretches for his pocket watch to check the time, “Oh my look at the time! Drive please hurry we are in urgent move.”

“Sure thing Sir,” assured the driver as the car sped up.

When they had arrived there were a bunch of cars there already and the manson was quite busy but when I entered the building, Mr Williams saw me from having tea with someone and the exact little girl I bumped into.

On seeing me he got up and ran to fast so much that when he stopped I felt a slight gust of wind pass me.

“Where were you my boy? Are you ok? Have you been hurt?”

“NO! Si..., Dad. I’m ok.”

With the most gleeful face I’ve ever seen, my new father’s voice squeakily said, “You called me ‘Dad’. Dear Lord you called me ‘Dad’,” as he picked me up and span me around in the air.

“Shall carry on Mr. Williams?” asked the man my Dad was talking with.

“Uh huh,” clearing his throat as he continued,” most definitely. Jim my boy this is Rose. She’ll be saying with Mr.Jones, he’ll be your future father-in-law.”

“My what? How?”

“We’ve arranged a marriage between you and Rose.”

“You have why?”

“Well it’s been a while since Mr.Jones and I met and we did make a oth as children that we’d do this. I hope you’d understand.”

“Oh well if it’s what you really and truly want then so be it. Hello there Rose,” I greeted with my hand extended for a handshake.

“Ummmm........hi..,“she shyly replied refusing to shake my hand.

“ROSE! Shake his hand,“instructed Mr. Jones trying to hide his anger when he spoke.

Hearing and seeing his angry behavior I cleverly continue extending my hand to reach something behind her making look as I didn’t wanted a handshake.

“It ok, I’ll save you from him,” I whispered in her ear ask I pushed myself forward saying,“I thought I saw my favorite toy there but I guess it was something else. My bad.”

I looked at my Dad and oddly enough he gave me a look of satisfaction as though he knew exactly what I did and was proud of me for doing it.I then went back to my seat next him as he began listening to Mr.Jones and while writing something on a piece of paper to which he passed to me.

“I’m so proud of you my boy,“he wrote with stange smiling and excited doodles next to them with more that said,“go and ask your mother to bring us some tea.”

“Ok dad,” I said as I took my leave.“I never knew that he was this smart and sneaky and his behavior is kinda childish but very positive, I think I might actually like living here,” I thought to myself with small smile on my face growing as I found my Mom.

“Mom, Dad send me to ask you to send him and Mr.Jones some tea.”

Busy as my mother was she was startled and stopped what she was doing on hearing me say what I said.

" Say that again Jim I didn’t hear you well.”

“Ok. Mom, Dad send me to-"

"That's all I needed to hear Jim," she said stooping down to my height as she brushed my hair back and rubbed my cheeks.

Soon after she send out a few people that work in the huge kitchen with some cups of tea and she herself gave me a cup in my own little cup with my name engraved on it.

I then took it and joined everyone outside and drinking mine I felt terrible for about Mr.Jones was treating Rose so I made a preposition.

"Excuse me, but can I take Rose around the mansion?"

"My oh my of course you can young man, Rose please behave yourself."

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