The lighthouse

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Bobby heard a sound coming from the attic. Must be a mouse, he thought. He got back to drinking his beer. He had gone to buy another six pack after imagining that girl committing suicide. He still thought of it, it gave him chills. He took another long gulp of beer and heard another creaking sound from the attic. Damn rats! He got up, walked towards the stairs and climbed them two by two. His leg hurt, but he endured it. He wanted those damn rats scared, so they would never come back. He opened the door and walked in.

Evelyn was holding a lovely lace wedding dress in front of her. She looked in the oval floor to ceiling mirror and twirled. The attic was filled with antique furniture, family portraits, memorabilia and dust. Evelyn had always been fascinated by old things that told a story. She placed the dress back on its hanger and walked to a nearby dresser. She stopped dead in her tracks. She was being watched. She slowly turned towards the door and shrieked. So much for nothing scaring her!

Bobby looked at her. He was imagining her, right? This was the suicide girl, the beautiful red haired water nymph. Her hair was still damp from the water, but she had tied it back loosely behind her. He felt like touching it. The jump was still fresh in his mind. He stared at her for a moment, until she realized he was there and watching. She screamed, which made her cheeks turn as red as her hair.

″You shouldn’t sneak up on people.″

She walked past him and out of the attic. He followed her, but she moved quickly and was already half way down the stairs by the time he reached them. He ran down, not realizing his leg was twisting as he was descending. He let out a groan of pain and fell to the floor. Evelyn had time to hear a loud thud before walking out the door. She ran back to Bobby, gave him her arm to hold. He let her help him. Just her touch made him feel alive. She helped him to the living room and he lay down on the couch. She turned to leave.


She stopped and waited.

″Who are you? Are you real?″

She laughed, turned around and sat on the couch next to him.

″Is your leg okay?″

He smiled, she hadn’t answered his question.

″Yes, misses?″

″I’m Evelyn. Nice to meet you.″

She held out her hand, he took it gently in his. As soon as he touched her, he regretted it. He felt electricity pulsate through him as soon as his hand touched her’s. He pulled it away quickly.

″I’m Bobby.″

She looked at him strangely for a moment, but the moment passed and she stood up.

″I should go.″

He tried to stand, holding onto the sofa for support.

″Why do you stand when I know your leg is hurting you?″

He smiled. She could have melted then and there, his smile was a killer. But the rest of him was to be desired. He was suddenly aware of the way he must look to an outsider. God, he must look like an ape! Evelyn walked closer to him and touched his beard.

″You should shave Bobby; I might see that beautiful smile better.″

She turned around and walked away.

Evelyn walked along the beach. The breeze was light for a night sky surrounded by clouds. She found a rock to sit on and watched the waves crashing along the sand. It might not be blowing very hard, but it was chilly. She had forgotten how much she loved this time of the day. The sun was about to set, a purple-pink tone took effect between the clouds. She sighed, remembering that she had left her sweater at the inn. She had decided to bypass staying at her aunts and opted for staying at the village inn. It was still owned by Peggy Lewis, but her husband was now deceased. Evelyn daydreamed for a while, until she felt someone watching her. Creepy. She turned around towards the lighthouse and saw a dark figure standing near the top of the narrow stairs. Bobby couldn’t possibly be thinking of coming down those stairs, could he? She stood up, walked towards the stairs and decided it would be best for her to go up. It was getting cold anyways and she had to take the stairs to go back to the inn. Maybe he had seen her when she had sneaked past the gate. When she reached the top, she froze. This wasn’t Bobby.

''I’m sorry sir. I didn’t mean to trespass, it’s just that I came here as a child and I -″

She stopped mid-sentence when she saw his smile forming. It was Bobby! He was clean shaven, with a casual feel to his demeanor. On top of that, he smelled delicious. Evelyn wanted to groan, he was beautiful!


His smile took form and he leaned on the railing.

″Can you see my beautiful smile better?″

She nervously giggled and walked past him. He tried to catch up to her.

″Why are you walking so fast? Wait up.″

She stopped and waited for him to stand next to her. He had a hard time catching his breath.

″Are you an Olympic swimmer or something?″

She laughed and shook her head.

″Then how did you survive that jump this morning?″

Evelyn thought about it, something she didn’t do very often when it came to extreme stuff. She usually did it, no questions asked.

″I have been doing it since I was six.″

″You’ve lived here that long? How come we’ve never met?″

Evelyn took a few seconds to answer. She didn’t know if he was happy they had never met or angry. She couldn’t tell which she wanted him to be.

″I left when I was eighteen, old enough to crew on my father’s boat.″

″I love it when the water hits the rocks, it’s so peaceful.″

Evelyn looked down at the water from the second story window. She was in the lighthouse. Bobby had invited her up to see the rest of the attic.

″You like breaking into people’s homes, don’t you?″

She turned and looked at him. He was sitting on an antique rocking chair. He looked very casual and laid back.

″I never would have guessed someone lived here!″

He looked a little hurt.

″I mean, there isn’t much furniture or pictures on the walls.″

″That’s what a home is to you, furniture and pictures?″

She looked thoughtful for a moment.

″I have no idea what a home is.″

Bobby decided to leave the subject alone, he had hit a nerve. She picked up and old photo album and leafed through it rapidly.

″Look at all these antiques! I wish I was born in the eighteen hundreds, I was born in the wrong era.″

″You were born on the wrong universe!″

Now it was her turn to be a little hurt. She put the photo album down and walked towards the attic door. He got up, caught up with her and held her by the arm.

″I didn’t mean anything bad by it. On the contrary, I have never seen anyone with your beauty or your adventure seeking personality. I love you.″

She looked up at him, stunned.

″I mean, I love you as a person, the way you are. Not I love you, I love you. You know.″

He stopped talking and looked down at her.

″You okay?″

She suddenly had the urge to touch him. His hand was still on her arm and it burned against her skin. She lifted a hand to his chin and touched the newly shaven softness.

″You are beautiful Bobby. I always wondered if the boy of six had kept his charm and beauty.″

Bobby smiled. He shouldn’t have. She brought her lips to his and kissed him quickly, fiercely. She pulled away and ran off. He didn’t even have time to realize that she was gone.

Kissing Bobby had been a mistake. A knee weakening mistake she thought about for the whole night. She tossed and turned in her bed, dreaming about one person alone. Bobby.

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