The lighthouse

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Bobby woke up with a new passion he never knew existed. He felt alive, ready to take on the day. He got up, showered, dressed appropriately for the job at hand and was out the door. He walked to the town market, got something to eat and headed off to the village inn. When he walked in, Peggy greeted him as if he was a stranger.

″Hey Peggy.″

″Bobby? Holy mother of you know who, how are you? I never thought I’d see the day!″

He hugged her and sat down on a nearby bar stool.

″How are the kids?″

She went on to describe only her entire life at the moment. Dear old Peggy, after George had passed on, her children had begged her to sell, but she had been adamant on keeping the Inn open. It had been their dream. They had started it and they were sure as hell going to finish it. At least, Peggy would.

″You are looking good Bobby. Might you tell me if it has something to do with that beauty I have staying in room number two?″

Bobby chuckled and nodded. He knew Evelyn was staying at the Inn, where else could she stay? Unless she had family he didn’t know about, but that was unlikely, since she had answered that way about family. He kept talking with Peggy until they heard someone close a door.

Evelyn walked down the steps. She felt like hell today. She hadn’t slept; her dreams were plagued by handsome Bobby. When she had finally gotten to sleep, everyone in town was awake and making lots of noise. All she wanted was a good strong cup of coffee and she could start the house hunting. Another thing that gave her a headache. She did want to own a home, have a family, the whole enchilada. She just didn’t like the fact that she had to do it alone. No one to help her look for listings, no one to have babies with her. That was why her father had made her come back to solid ground. That’s why she had given in to him, because deep down, she did want the whole thing. She wanted love, and not the kind a sailor had with the ocean. Real love with a man that loved her back. Where on earth could she find that? Littlecreek had a population of two thousand, who would she marry? Bill the farmer? If he was anything like Peggy made him out to be, she wouldn’t be the only wife he would ever have. She needed someone stable, someone good for her. Not some reckless boy like Jensen, a fellow sailor who had crewed on her father’s boat with her. It had been a love affair for a short time, until her father noticed the boy’s glances and shipped him off to God knows where. She had felt so angry at her father, but he had done it for her own good. He always thought of her before himself. He was just that way. Maybe that’s what she needed. A man to think of her before himself.

Bobby laughed when Evelyn gasped. She saw him, turned beet red and walked back up the stairs. He followed her, walking up the steps as best he could.

″What are you doing here?″

She faced him and waited for a reply.

″I came to see what you were doing today. Maybe I could be of some assistance.″

She searched him slowly with her green eyes. She couldn’t find fault in him.

″I am going to house hunt. Boring stuff.″

″Stuff is never boring with you Evelyn.″

She loved how he said her name, loved how his eyes glistened in the sunlight, loved how his lips reminded her of the kiss they had shared. She loved too many things about him. She had to stay away. He was trouble.

″I gotta go.″

She was about to walk back down the stairs, when he caught her by the arm.

″Don’t you run away from me honey. We’ve got to talk.″

She felt his hand against her arm. She felt like kissing him again. What on earth was wrong with her? Any woman that got caught up with Bobby Newsong got hurt in the end. She knew that, the whole world knew that. Just look at that poor Barbara Times, she had been his fiancee. Until the day he got injured and moved away, leaving her behind. Evelyn looked up into his gold flecked eyes.

″Let me go Bobby, or I’ll scream.″

″Go ahead.″

She pretended to scream, as he lowered his head and brought his lips to hers. His lips expertly kissed hers, while he brought his hand up and caressed her flowing locks. She resisted at first, but the feeling was too intense and she let herself be captured by her senses. Stupid woman, she should have pulled away, done something. They kissed for a few more minutes, until Bobby pulled away. Slowly and seductively, he brought his hand down the length of her body. She shivered and thought of what he would do next.

″You drive me crazy!″

It came out from her mouth as a raspy, half choked cry. It didn’t sound like her own voice.

″Wanna go house hunting?″, was his response.

After a moment of consideration, Evelyn had agreed to involve Bobby in the house hunting game. She needed someone to help her, that much was true. She just didn’t know if she wanted that someone to be Bobby. She couldn’t control herself when she was around him. All she wanted to do was have his arms around her. Enough, she thought, as they visited the third and final house of the day. Evelyn had planned to visit three, hoping she would find one she would love. It had not been the case with the two first ones and Bobby had found them mediocre as well. They had the same tastes when it came to houses at least. They had the same taste in kissing styles also. Enough already, she thought for the final time, as they entered the third house. When they had seen the house, Evelyn looked at Bobby and sighed.

″Sorry for wasting your day. You must have had other more important things to do.″

Bobby turned to her, touched her cheek lightly and brought his hand back down.

″All I wanted to do was spend time with you. You did not waste a minute of my time.″

Evelyn couldn’t understand this man, had she finally found someone she could love? Someone who could love her back? She was so unsure of everything, she was no expert, but she knew Bobby seemed to like her.

″Do you like me Bobby?″

He laughed and then got serious.

″I like you Evelyn.″

He took her by the hand and they walked towards the Inn.

″How long are you staying at the Inn?″

″Until I find a home.″

‴How about you come and stay at the lighthouse until you find your something.″

He had said it matter-of-factly, no pretenses were behind his offer. Or were there? She stopped, turned to him and smiled.

″Is this a ploy to get me into your bed Bobby Newsong?″

He felt a little hurt that she had come to those deductions. Of course he liked her but his motivation was more about being around her.

″I would love having you around to motivate me, keep me healthy with your good mood. It wouldn’t cost you anything to stay with me either. More money for the house.″

They resumed walking.

″I’ll think about it.″

″I thought you never thought and only acted. This is a new side of you.″

He was right, she was being scared. How could she live in the same house as this virile man? She would never survive it. He would probably become bored with her, tell her to leave. She knew she got under people’s skin and not in the good way.

″Deal. You go home and I’ll meet you back there later with my stuff.″

″I’ll come and help you with your stuff.″

Why was he always thinking of her first? It irritated her, because she didn’t want it to be him. Her settle down and have kids with guy. Her father would not be happy.

″No need Bobby. I can manage.″

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