The lighthouse

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It had been six months since Evelyn had moved into her new house. Six months of pure bliss. She had always wanted to live in a lighthouse, but she had never spoken the wish out loud. She now had her dream and she had her man. Bobby had surprised her by taking her out to eat at a beautiful Oceanside restaurant. They had been in love for six months now and they wanted the whole world to know it. It wasn’t very hard to see that those two were in love. They walked in the room hand in hand, they whispered to each other lovingly and Bobby was always kind and gentle towards her. He had been such a recluse; people in town had started to worry about him. Now they saw him, he waved and started conversations. He really was a new man. Bobby Newsong had found his woman and he would hold onto her for the rest of his life.

They were sitting at the table, Evelyn looking out onto the ocean and Bobby looking lovingly at her profile.

″Let’s go take a walk.″

Evelyn gladly took his arm when he offered it. A slow walk on the beach in the moonlight, what could be better? They walked along the beach, both relaxed and happy. They talked about the future, about their lives, about Evelyn’s father. They never seemed to run out of conversation. When they got too close to a new beach house complex, they turned around and walked back. Bobby stopped all of a sudden and grabbed his leg. He bent down and groaned.

″Bobby! What’s wrong, are you hurt? Tell me where it hurts.″

He looked up at her and held his hand over his heart.

″It hurts in here.″

Evelyn didn’t understand.

″Your heart hurts? What is going on Bobby?″

He reached into his pocket and pulled out a ring.

″Will you marry me Evelyn and make me the happiest man on earth?″

Evelyn looked out at the ocean. She was sitting on a large rock formation, listening to the waves. She missed being out on those waves, but not as much as she would miss land were she to leave. She couldn’t think of leaving Bobby. Her fiancee. She still had doubts about the marriage. His last fiancee had been thrown overboard when the smallest thing had happened. She didn’t want to stand the same fate. Maybe she should call it off, or maybe she should talk to him.

Bobby was in the garden, pulling out weeds. Evelyn came up behind him.

″You shouldn’t be leaning on your leg. I know it hurts you.″

Bobby wiped the sweat off his forehead and stood up. He caught her by the waist, pulled her into his arms and delighted in a quick kiss. He let her go and watched the color drain from her cheeks.

″I love having that effect on you. Even now.″

″You will always have that effect on me Bobby.″ She held his hand and looked at him seriously.

″We need to talk.″

Those four words had been the scariest Bobby had ever heard. When the doctor told him his football career was over, he had felt hurt, but it was a career. He could choose another. He could not and would not choose another Evelyn. He had been so scared of what she was about to tell him, he had starting shaking. He had hidden it pretty good; Evelyn hadn’t seemed to have noticed.

″I want to know what happened with your fiancee, Barbara.″

He told her the whole naked truth about his relationship with Barbara. How she had left him after he had lost his deal and his future. She had wanted to be in the spotlight, always the center of attention. He had given her what she had wanted, but after the accident she had realized he wasn’t worth her time anymore. Near the end of his story, his voice became lower and more ragged. He had never told a single soul what he was about to tell Evelyn.

″When she left me that night, she left with my child also.″

″You have a child somewhere?″

He shook his head and a tear slid down his face.

″She said she wanted nothing to do with me or my child. She had already had an abortion before I could talk her out of it.″

Evelyn’s heart ached for the man she loved. How could someone be so cruel and spiteful? She loathe the woman, hated her!

″That Barbara is nothing but a bit-″

Bobby cut her off with his next words.

″I never did love the woman, but to do that to an innocent child was just hurtful. I realized I was just the same. I was a hurtful and spiteful person and I didn’t want to be like that anymore. I decided to become a recluse instead, living off my earnings and far away from the city. I realized when I got here that I had always missed it. Missed the fresh salty air, the night sky filled with stars, I love everything about this place. Even more so now that you’re here.″

Evelyn had fallen in love with a very passionate man. How could luck have fallen so grandly on her?

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