The lighthouse

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Evelyn received the call at three in the morning. She groaned when she realized what time it was, but lifted the receiver and listened to the frantic voice on the other end. Her father was sick, she needed to come right away. She leapt out of bed, found some clothes to wear and then she ran to Bobby’s room and woke him up.

″What’s wrong?″

He was up and holding her, while she cried hot tears into his shoulder.

″He’ll be fine Evelyn, I promise. Let me do the worrying for you.″

She sat next to him on the bed, while he comforted her with his words and soft kisses.

″I need to go meet him. The only way is by boat from this island. I’ll be leaving in twenty minutes. I don’t want you to come Bobby. I want you to stay here and wait for me. But first, I want one thing.″

Bobby stood beside the beacon, waiting for the boat’s departure. He looked through his goggles, until he saw Evelyn waving to him frantically. He turned towards the beacon and fulfilled her last wish.

Evelyn was almost half way there, the waves were furious. Something she had never seen. As she had been embarking, she had known it was too much of a risk. She had to go be with her father, she had to comfort him as Bobby had comforted her. She had to tell him about Bobby, about the wonderful things that were happening in her life. She had so many things to tell him. But first, she looked towards the lighthouse and waited patiently. The beacon flickered to life and shone the way. Her eyes filled with tears when she saw a shadow move in front of it. Bobby. The boat rocked vengefully against the waves. She held on tightly to the railing. A strange feeling started to grow in the pit of her stomach. She feared that she would never see her father or Bobby ever again.

Bobby was standing outside, binoculars in hand. He looked through them as the boat violently rocked from side to side. The waves were ferocious and wild. He had never seen anything like it. The boat fought and fought until it could fight no more. A wave captured it and flipped it over. In a matter of seconds it had vanished and Bobby could no longer find it. He knew it couldn’t have just disappeared, it had to have been the enormous wave. His eyelids burned with fresh tears, he ran as fast as he could inside. He called the coast guard and then ran back outside, down the stairs and towards the water. His leg didn’t hurt, he thought of nothing but of Evelyn. How scared she must be, but still courageous his sweet Evelyn. All of his strength was gone. He ran into the ocean, but it got deep fast. He came back to shore, sat on the sand and cried every last tear from his shaking body.

The sun was rising. Bobby’s eyes opened. He was laying down on the sand, his clothes still drenched and his face dirty from the debris on the ocean side. He stood up and looked into the horizon. No boats for miles. He picked up the dirty binoculars and looked through them. Nothing. He decided to walk back up the stairs and towards the house. Calling the coast guard would be the best thing he could do. As he was about to start ascending up the stairs, he noticed something in the water. It wasn’t far away; he could maybe reach it if he swam. It looked like a large clump of seaweed. His vision wasn’t the best since he had cried himself to sleep the night before. He rubbed his eyes, still not seeing clearly. He walked towards the water, felt the coldness tingle his feet and legs as he advanced. He was out further than he anticipated, but he could now see what that clump was. It was not a clump at all, it was a body. A body with long flowing red locks attached to it. He swam as fast as he could, finally reaching her. He knew in his most terrible dreams that it was Evelyn, but he prayed it wasn’t true. He wanted it to be a hallucination. Something his exhausted mind had conjured up. It was not. Evelyn was floating face up, her lovely face frozen in time. She was a pale purple, she almost looked serene. He held her lifeless body in his arms and pulled her back to shore. Once he was on the sand, he knelt down beside her, held her and cried. He didn’t think he had any tears left. But he cried and his body shook violently, his nose ran and his hands became cold because of her body.

″I swear that we will be together again.″

It took Bobby a few hours to decide what to do. He thought she would have liked it best to be buried at sea. Even if his body and his mind were exhausted, he dug her a grave in the sand. When he was done, he lifted her and placed her carefully in the handmade resting place. He covered her with sand and placed a small flower on top of the mound. He knelt down, brought his hand to his mouth and then he touched the sand where she lay.

Bobby walked up the flight of stairs slowly. He looked out at the ocean. It didn’t hold the same appeal it once had. The stars in the sky didn’t matter to him anymore. His Evelyn was gone and he could do nothing to bring her back. With all the strength he didn’t possess, he ran towards the edge of the cliff and jumped as far as he could. For the mere seconds it took for him to hit the water, he had time to think of only one thing. He would be with his Evelyn again, and this time, it would be forever.

I am a lighthouse, ravaged by time. And though I am empty, thanks to Evelyn, I still warn sailors on their way.

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