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Dreaming Her, Softly (Book 2)

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Dreams give us a deeper meaning of your inner self, but what if there's more to it? Velia and Leon share one passionate, loving, and darkest dreams they ever had. What do their dreams keep trying to tell them? One thing for sure, if they don't wake up, death will be knocking at their dreams, or is it already?

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Chapter 1: Nephew?

Au: Just a small side book for Leon and Velia. Trapped in endless dreams they share. Even beyond, their love continues including nightmares.

Hope you guys like it. Warning: Grammar isn't my best.

Chronicles of Fidem



Even in dreams, I can't seem to get enough of Leon. It all began three months after I gave birth.

"Leon, our nightmares are pure of love as well."

"Mama Heather!" I called out as I stood in the middle of the hallway, watching a small spider walk towards the plain wall. I hugged my pillow against my chest felt cold and afraid.

I had another dream, a strange dream. I'm not sure how to comprehend it. There was this man I never met before, but he was getting hurt by some bad man.

"Velia, what are you doing outside this late?" My mama comes out from the master bedroom, wearing her white gown, and a long funny hat covering her graying hair as her brown eyes stares at me while she puffs out her chubby red cheeks. I stare at her as she reaches me after she turns on the lights from the hallway.

"Bad dream. Mama." I told her. She stares at me for a brief second and shook her head.

"Again? What am I going to do with you Velia? You're a grown woman, not a child. You even peed yourself." she sighs in frustration. I lowered my head in shame.

"I sorry Mama," I told her. She shook her head when suddenly a gust of wind blew outside so hard, that it slammed one of the tree branches against the hallway window. I jump as I dropped my pillow and wrap my arms around my mama.


"It's a storm, we do live in the mountains Velia, I thought you would be used to this by now." she looks very displeased by this.

Mama, you're so warm. Why do you treat me so cold?

My mother was about to speak again when we heard the door downstairs being banged rather harshly. My mother lets go of me and rushed turn to head downstairs and I follow behind.

"Who the bloody hell is it, its past midnight." I heard her cuss as she reaches the first floor. I hunched down and took a hold of the railing of the stairs.

"Mama, bad guy from the dream? No open mama." I whispered to her as I felt my heart beating hard against my chest. My mother stops for a brief second and turns to look at me.

"Such a silly thought." she shook her head. I felt my hands become clammy when she reaches the door and reach out towards the door and press her ear against it.

"Who is it?" she calls out.

"Open the door please, it's bloody cold out here." A strong male voice echoes outside. My mama's eyes widen in pure excitement as she unlocks the doors and opens.

"What are you doing out here at this late hour?" she said worriedly as she takes a step to the side so the tall figure man enters the manor.

Who is that? I wondered a bit curious as the tall figure looks like a man. He wears a dark leather jacket that covers up to his legs, and long brown shoes that go up to his knees and wear a big cowboy hat. I know what that is because Mama says her brother is a cowboy and she showed me pictures of it.

"Can't I visit my favorite aunt in the world?" he has a deep accent voice, that hums out of his throat. I pushed my face closer to the railings.

"Of course, but not past midnight."

"Got trapped in the storm, meaning to come earlier. Sorry," he said as he lowers his hat down, to see his dark hair spiked out, not as long, but long enough to run my fingers through.

"Hmm, What brings you here? I didn't get anything that you were coming." Mama said as she closes the door and helps him get his jacket off.

"I wanted to surprise you is all. Plus I have some business to attend."

"You do?" both of them began to head for the living room. I crouched down and began to follow them.

He's young. I never seen him before, did I? I don't remember.

I watch him sit on the couch as my mama headed for the kitchen. I get closer to the living room as the man looks at the portrait that is hung over the fireplace. I sneak closer to the couch and peaked up to stare at him.

He's handsome. He has a strong jaw and a thin sharp face. I was infatuated with him, not noticing that he glances a bit down to catch me. Yet, he remained quiet and clears his throat.

"What business you have dear?" Mama comes out of the kitchen with a cup of hot tea.

"Hmm, if I explain it to you, you won't get it. I'm sorry for coming so late, you should head back to sleep." He said as my mama hands him the cup of tea. He takes it and began to sip on it.

"Let me fix your old bedroom first, it's a bad storm out there and I highly doubt you can leave for a few days. God has been watching you." my mama pats his knee. He turns to look at her.

"I'll sleep down here for tonight. Don't worry about it. Sleep tight," he leans forward and kisses her cheek.

He is so sweet to Mama. What does Aunt mean?

"Such a suck up nephew I have. Alright then. I'll bring down that blankets and pillow. I'll set the fire as well, it's cold down here." she said, which is true, the floor is cold to the touch and I can even see my own breath.

"Alright," he smiled at her. My mama nods and stood up and goes around the couch, but makes contact with me. She frowns at me.

"Go upstairs Velia, I don't want him to see you." she mouthed at me. I nodded at her as sadness sipped into me.

Right, I can't let anyone know about me after all. I'm just a secret.

I couldn't go back to sleep at all, it's been an hour since that man came over and I can't stop thinking of him.
I stood up from my hard bed and sneaked out from my room, limping my way down the hallway trying to be as quiet as a mouse.
Upon reaching the first floor, I snaked into the living room, instead of seeing the man sleeping he is standing near the fireplace place, staring at the fire that my Mama helped put on earlier.
Why aren't you sleeping, Mister? I felt curious as a cat trying to understand it. He looks really deep in his thought while he drank something from the fancy glass that Mama has in her bar.
"You know, you don't have to just stare you can come and speak to me." the man said caught my attention. I gasped as he turns to look at me. He has gray deep eyes, that pierced right through me. My heart suddenly jump.
Oh no, Mama will get mad.
I shook my head and turned to run out, but the man clears his throat catching my attention.
"That little hard bed that my aunt has you sleeping in won't do," he said to me. I stopped and turned to look at him.
How do you know? I clench into my gown as he slowly walks up to me, he has some strange emotions bouncing in his eyes as he drew closer to me.
"Little Kitten, is your name Velia?" he asks me. I swallowed hard as he gets closer to me.
How did he know? He's very big. I never had any male this close to me.
I nodded at him. He tilts his head and smirks at me.
"Beautiful name you have there, rare it is. I'm your Mama's nephew, my name is Leon." My whole being lifted at his name as my heart began to pound hard, so hard.
Leon? What a cute name it suits him. Wait, how do you know? Mama doesn't want anyone to know about me.
I became worried and scared about this. He takes notice and frowns at me.
"Don't worry, I won't let Aunt Heather know that I know about you. I promise," he said to me.
I can feel his honesty. Should I believe him? Many has hurt me, but never my heart raced like this.
"Don't be afraid Kitten. I won't harm you, I have a game for you," he said to me.
Game? Oh, like playing cards? I like that. I became excited as I clapped. He actually chuckles at my reaction as he stretches his hand and using his fingers he brushes my hair gently as his eyes soften slightly. I stopped my movements as my breath caught.
Why is he doing that? Why am I letting him get to close to me? He shouldn't see me. Yet, how did he knew about me? Doesn't he find me disgusting? Why am I here with him?
"The game is called, Dreaming Her softly because it's my turn."

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