Moving On

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Chapter 4

“This is his place? He owns this place?” I was so surprised, this was the nicest place I’d ever seen.

“I guess so.” even Kiera was surprised and a little in awe.

“Who knew my dad was so rich.” When we were outside I thought he rented the basement or something but I guess I was wrong. The first thing I noticed was the dark hard wooden staircase leading up to the top floor. The bottom floor was interesting half the walls were a light shade of emerald green, something I hadn’t seen before in someone’s home. I turn to my right and see a smaller room connected to the dining room, both rooms were a deep shape of reddish orange, interesting.

“Hm. colourful.” Kiera said.

“I like it mommy can I have a pink room?!” Sammy said excited. I was too if I’m being honest, none of us had ever been in a house like this before.

“Alright, um.. Let’s just unpack and settle in. June, how about you go to the store and get some stuff, I know you took the money.” I was about to start apologizing when she said.

“It’s fine June.” she said with a small chuckle.

“Or we can stay in and order food, or you can walk around get t know the place, it’s up to you.”

“I think I will go to the store, maybe get a frozen pizza or takeout if I see any. Maybe even look for a job or something.” I handed $150, half the money.

“No, June you don’t gotta do that, go buy yourself something pretty.”

“No it’s fine Kiki, take half, I don’t wanna be seen with this much money anyway, this may look like nice neighbourhood but you never know right?” I really didn’t feel like getting robbed today.

“Truuuuue okay I guess we both gonna buy ourselves something pretty.” This made me laugh a little bit.

“Okay, I’ll see you later, not too late hour tops.”

“Bye boo.” I blew her a kiss as she left, she pretended to catch it then tapped it to her butt. ‘She’s too funny.’


For some strange reason I felt naked in this area with my light blue shorts and black T-shirt ‘maybe I’m just crazy’ I thought to myself. I wasn’t sure where I was going but I also wasn’t lost --just following a dirt path and found myself at a park-- there were a few kids playing around, their parents watching them closely ‘interesting’ at our old home parents usually didn’t watch their kids when they went to the park, or out with friends. I also noticed a few guys playing basketball at the court by the park. I didn’t pay much mind to them, I might have taken a quick glance, but I knew better than to draw attention to myself, especially around guys, I just kept walking down the path, I noticed it was leading to a road, I still knew how to get back to Mike’s house so I walked towards it. I got to the side walk by the road, I looked to my left and saw a plaza with an LCBO, a walmart and a few other stores, and to my right was a plaza with a tim’s and a shoppers. Wally world it is.

It took about 10 minutes for me to walk here from Mike’s place, or our place, I guess. I walked into the walmart, I thought maybe I could get some frozen pizza or something, it would be a lot cheaper, I couldn’t get a lot though, I still had to walk back home, and I didn’t want the bag, or bags to be too heavy. I started to roam through the isles, going to the makeup sections, looking at the electronics and then I naturally ended up in the candy/sweets section, I couldn’t help it, I love sweets. I was looking at all the different brands of chocolate in front of me then realized most of them didn’t have a price on them. I started looking around, looking for the prices but didn’t find any, I was getting a little frustrated ‘how am I supposed to buy these without knowing the price?’ I was squatting on the floor looking for the price when I decided I would just bring two to the cashier and see which one was cheaper.

“Are you looking for the prices?” I heard a man say right as I was getting up. I turned around to look at him. I have to admit, he looked pretty good. He had on a black snapback, which matched the colour of his pitch black hair peeking through.

“Yeah, I looked all over, I just wanna know how much these are.”

“This one should be like two bucks, they cheap. That one’s usually a bit more expensive, hope that helps” he said with a small smile. Cute.

“Yeah thanks a lot, I would have been so upset if I had to walk all the way back without any chocolate.” he chuckled a little bit.

“Yeah I would hate that too, well I should get going, my friend is waiting for me.” he said

“Oh, I’m sorry. Well thanks for the help.” I said, I hope I didn’t make him late for anything

“No need to apologize, and it was my pleasure, see you around.”


“So that’ll be $30.10” the cashier said. I handed her the 50 I had and 10 cents. She handed me the change, I grabbed the two bags and headed out the store. I was half way into the parking lot --walking towards the road-- when my arms started to hurt. ‘Maybe I shouldn’t have gotten so much groceries. I’ll just have to power through it.’

“Hey, do you need a ride?”

‘That voice sounds familiar’ I turned around and it was the same guy from the store, the guy who helped me with the chocolate.

“Um.. I’m ok, but thank you.” even though seemed like a nice guy, I didn’t know if I could trust him, I definitely couldn’t just get into his car, he could be a serial killer for all I know or be someone like Alec.

“I’m not dangerous or anything, you don’t have to worry.” he said trying to unease me. I had already started to feel anxious, I could feel my heart beating a bit faster.

“U-um, I’m ok, really. B-but um thank you.” I smiled slightly and then started to walk off. I heard the car door open and then close.

“Hey! Where you goin man?” was someone in the car with him? Now I was slightly freaking out. He wanted me to get into his car with another guy in there? What was he planning on doing? I could hear his footsteps approaching, quickly.

“P-please, I said I-I’m fine.” I said as I struggled with my bags.

Derek’s POV

“P-please, I said I-I’m fine.” shit, I didn’t mean to scare her, I just wanted to help, those bags are clearly too heavy, plus she’s cute. She was walking away from me faster now.

“Hey! I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you.” her walking slowed a bit so I continued.

“Those bags seem heavy, how about this, let me carry them for you. We don’t have to carry them right to your house you can tell me to leave when you want. I just want to help, plus I feel like I owe you now for scaring you like that.” she stopped walking, then turned around slowly, she still seemed scared.


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