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I want to erase these memories, but at the same time, these are the memories I badly want to keep.

Romance / Drama
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The sound of the ticking clock resonated across the quiet room. I took a moment and returned my aggresive tapping of my pen on the wooden desk.

My desk faced the entire window and revealed a sight that would be considered inspirational, however, no such inspiration gave me.

Annoyed, I let out a groan and stood up. My phone was off service or at least just a few bars but deemed it useless at all and for the record I dont use my phone in normal circumstances anyway except when I needed to.

My 6-month old male Golden retriever; Army greeted me as I entered the living room. He wagged his tail and barked with glee. I kneeled down and scratched near his ear where I know is his favorite spot and might I say that this dog is very ticklish if that was ever possible.

"Are you hungry?" I asked and proceeded to stand up to head out to the kitchen.

Army followed me gleefully. I opened the cabinet where I usually keep his food and took out a can. I opened it and placed it in his feeding bowl.

I watched Army eat his food. I smiled to myself and fixed myself a simple meal.

It was 4:57 in the afternoon, pretty late for some but a little early for me. I was caught up in the next book I was currently working on so time was irrelevant. It was very hard

Everyday was like this; write, sleep, eat, feed Army, write and the cycle goes on and on. It wasnt boring either, just lonely but not boring.

After my first book hit the best sellers in the writing world at such a young age, I opened the new page of my life by earning while writing and going to college. My mother wanted me to finish a four-year degree. Ideally, its a must considering the fact that inorder to survive you need a college-degree to find a stable job.

I never liked agriculture but I was forced to choose between a teacher or an engineer. Writing was not an option so was agriculture but it was good enough for liscensure and its the only nearest accessable college available. Im average at science and worse in math subjects. One thing I am certain, I had strength in my literature. But I was too scared to try and show them or anyone at all. I didnt like to brag about it either, I prefer on my own. I was no prodigy but I loved writing.

I pulled open the door of my apartment and walked out the small balcony outside. My apartment was small and located near the local university I was currently studying from. A good 10-minute walk wouldnt hurt and it was near a small flea market so it was good.

This small town's products are mostly agriculture so one should expect vast lands of farms of different crops and animals around. The local university caters most farmers here so the location is suitable for the degree.

The apartment complex was located at the resedential block at Green Valley St. just a few blocks from the university. It was a common studio apartment with a small bathroom, a tiny kitchen, little living room and a single bedroom. It was small but it was cheap and there was water. I also considered the allowance of pets because of Army.

I was on room 18 on the third floor of the three story building. Army was not much of a barker, so noise was not a problem. The building was owned by the former vice-chancelor of the university so there were basically strict rules about parties, drinking and any other college student perks. The curfew was 9:00 pm sharp. Most college srudents find this overrated but it was okay for me.

I find the rules okay. Im not sociable either so it doesnt really apply to me. The only one hanging around my apartment was my bestfriend who lives just beside my room.

I decided to grab Army's leash and called him. Seconds later, Army was running towards me showing how excited he was to see me letting him outside. I dont walk him that often so he loves every opportunity he gets.

I got down the marble stairs and heads outside the gates. It was starting to get dim and a few stores and houses started flicking their lights on. I walked towards the park while Army was sniffing every nooks amd cranies he sees on the cement pavement.

Taking him off his leash and letting him play with the other dogs and find myself a bench to sit on was a good start. I took my phone from my pale pink oversized sweater and opened my messages and emails. I scrolled down the emails form the publisher and from other useless information I have.

There were a handfull of texts and chats from my classmates and friends.

A few more days and my journey towards the third year will begin. As of now, I try to enjoy the time I have to slack around and write my manuscript due by the end of the year.

I shrugged it and plugged my earphones on while listening to some korean boyband BTS songs. I watched the sun sets from the trees while giving the sky an orange-yellow glow. It was gorgeous. Almost magical-like scenario you see in a fantasy movie or read in a fantasy novel.

The park was filled with children, dogs, parents and lovers.

I realized how boring my lovelife was. I was entering my third year in college but still searching. Its not like bothers me, I was just being lazy or patient. Or maybe the right word was waiting. I was still waiting. I was waiting for basically nothing at all.

My eyes flickered up the slowly darkening sky.

I remembered memories, memories I wanted to be lost in my train of thoughts. They were bitter-sweet memories that I hold unto.

My friends wanted me to forget. I had past flings but I couldnt find another him. Duplication was impossible. I didnt need anyone else. I only wanted him.

4 years after our painful break-up, and here Iam, waiting patiently. Patiently waiting at nothing.

I wanted to badly erase these memories. But deep inside, these are the same memories I desperately want to keep.

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