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Round and Round

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Natalya had everything: Her family, a beautiful home and a great career. It wasn’t enough. Something was missing from her life, and it wasn’t until her affair ended, that she realised there was still a hole. Ges was perfect for her: divorced, financially stable and extremely hot! Just one problem-she was not willing to give her life up for anything, not even love.

Romance / Erotica
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For the thousandth time that morning, Natalya checked her phone. Her frustration was evident as she pushed aside her untouched work documents, heaved herself away from the desk and stomped towards her heavily influenced Oliver Bonas kitchen. She flicked the switch on the chrome coffee machine that Remy had bought her for Mother’s Day three years ago with his daddy’s money, and waited for the dark froth to heat up.

‘What was his problem?’, she asked herself as she postulated over the events of the week before. They had agreed that this was how it had to be. They had agreed it was for the best right now. Six glorious hours they had spent together last week, picnicking, chatting, staring into each other’s eyes.

Those eyes; she could see the future whenever she allowed herself to succumb to his deep brown orbs. They held all the answers when she was in his arms... and then he would ignore her again!

She glanced out of the bifold doors towards the heavy grey clouds above; they swelled with the imminent threat of a downpour that would consume and drown everything below it. The pathetic fallacy of the situation made her snort loudly, before a single tear meandered a path down the contours of her face. She should have known better than to expect more, after all, he had been playing the same games with her heart and mind for almost as long as she’d owned the coffee machine!

Four years ago she had been headhunted by Stockwells. It wasn’t a particularly exciting career, but she had worked her socks off in the predominantly male driven IT solutions market she had climbed her way up in, so she felt a huge sense of personal pride when one of the most prestigious and ruthless companies in the industry recognised her merits and actively persued her for their firm. Meticulous organisational skills and a nose for managing people were strengths that governed all areas of her life, so it was no surprise when she was offered a promotion to Head of IT Support only six months later.

It was this recognition of her worth to the business that led her into the testosterone filled meetings with the Head of Sales and the CEOs. It was here that she met Dick (Richard) properly. Of course they had known each for years from being involved in the same circuits, but it wasn’t until she arrived at Stockwells that she actually got to know him properly.

Dick was charming, in a used car salesman kind of way. He knew exactly how to mesmerise his clients with his piercing azure eyes, and this is exactly what he weaponised when attacking Natalya. His silver tongued ways won her over with ease, and it was only now that she could look back and see (A) what a sleazeball he really was, and (B), how desperate for some escapism from her picture perfect life she must have been.

They had had many, many trysts at numerous hotels across the country, in a plethora of city car parks when out for ‘meetings’ in the company business car and the occasional frolic in the fire-escape stairwell. Thinking about it now made Natalya feel dirty and irritated at the realisation that she had fallen for his cheap and nasty ways, but back then he was exactly what she needed...


‘Fuck, you’re so sexy,’ he groaned into her neck as he pushed her back up hard against the inside of the Premier Inn bedroom door. She responded by letting out her own breathy exhale, and bridled more intensely so that her breasts punched just as forcefully into his chest.

‘I can’t wait any longer,’ and with that he gruffly spun her, so her cheek pressed up against the wall instead, and cupped her tits in his large and chubby hands. She too was desperate for some satisfaction and raised her arms against the wall, pressing her palms against the egg-shell paintwork, allowing him some more room to grope at her ample bosom. He made light work of pulling her linen blouse up, allowing him to slide his rough fingers up her increasingly sweaty torso, and once again squeeze his dirty big hands over her fleshy swells. He simultaneously rammed his waist into her back and started to gyrate up and down against her buttocks.

‘Urghghhghh’, a low, animalistic gargle released from his airways as he felt himself becoming more and more turned on. Her rasping pants increased with each urgent, upward thrust that he ground against the valley of her buttocks, whilst simultaneously still squeezing and releasing her breasts with a viscous intensity.

He jerked away suddenly and she heard him faffing with his belt as the clasp jangled and released. She took these few seconds as respite to push the hair back from her sweat-ridden face, before feeling his hands yank her skirt up her thighs. She pushed her arse cheeks back towards him to let him know he needed to hurry up and stick it in her. He understood and tugged her cotton panties to the side. She heard him slurping his fingers, then felt him use them to fiddle with her aching lips, searching for her entrance. It took him little time to locate it and prise them open. He slid his middle and index straight in and pushed up hard: one, two, three times and out-he wasn’t in the mood for messing around.

His stiff cock was at attention as he grabbed her waist and powerfully rammed it into her hole. He moved his hands back up her shirt and around her heavy, full mounds then started milking her nipples as he began to slide himself in and out. His breathing was loud and with every pound that he forced himself into her, he released a whoosh of pure, guttural air. She responded by moaning loudly with every pump he bore her. It was hot, sticky, savage sex-it was perfect. He continued sliding in and out, ramping up the speed as he did so. The pace became quicker and quicker, he slid in and out, squeezed her nipples harder and harder, then boom-he felt himself explode like a firework.

‘Don’t stop,’ she yelped, ‘keep going’. Her voice was desperate, she wasn’t there yet! ‘Just a bit more,’ she pleaded, and he responded. Five more hard, deep pumps and she orgasmed. The pants continued, he pulled out, she fell against the wall for support.

It was done.


Dick felt like a lifetime ago. She had thought that was real, but then she met Grant.

Poor Mark never stood a chance.

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