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on your knees princess

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I stand outside her house in extreme pain. First time ever I wanted to barge in and fuck her so hard that she would be screaming my name. I was feeling a rush I couldn't explain. I didn't like this side of me. I liked when my princess made me feel less of a monster who loves to kill with his bare hands. Romero wanted his princess to be his. Simple as that. He didn't want her to talk to anyone except him. So he kept them away from her. He didn't want anyone to come close to her. So killed anyone who came close to her. He wanted to touch her, feel her and make her fall in love with him. So he lied and his true identity from her. He made her believe he is a good guy and didn't let her know he is the next mafia leader and his parents are in an mfm relationship. And of course, he couldn't tell her that he is a murderer with remorse. Was he wrong? According to Romero, he did all this for love. What else will this love make him do and will lead him where?

Romance / Erotica
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“I was just not only hungry for sex. I want blood too” I say and hold her leg and pull her to the edge of the bed. I stab her thigh and she screams.

Now that is what I wanted to hear.
I smile listening to her scream.
I remove the knife and holds her hand to cut of her writ. And then hold her other wrist and cut that one too.
She screams more and more and ultimately stops screaming and falls on the floor.
She is loosing blood quickly but she is not yet there.
I pull her hair and slit her throat.
Now that will fasten the process.

I sit on the floor looking into her eyes.
The light which fades away from the eyes when a person dies is so beautiful to watch.
She ultimately stops struggling and dies.
I look around and see the pool of blood.

I run my hand on the floor and feel the thick liquid. There is nothing as thick as blood and it feels so good when it runs between your fingers.

Who is this playing with blood and feeling satisfied? Who did he kill?

Find out in this entertaining book which will have...
Mfm relationship...
Forced sex....
Mental health issues....
And much more to entertain you in every chapter of this book.

I am fucked up and so are my books.
Read my books to be entertained and if you like them follow me and vote on the chapters.

If you are under 18. Please don’t read this book and lose your virgin minds.

And if you are a hypocrite who reads the book and gives negative feedback just cause you can and reports the book for no reason.
Please stay away.


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Take care and love❤

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