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Carla Stone is your everyday average girl. Beautiful and likeable. But what happens when you put an average girl in a difficult situation? Never in her life did she expect to be stuck in a love triangle between two best friends. She needs to find her mother's killer. In a normal hit and run situation, her mother was killed in a car accident. Carla is convinced it wasn't an accident. The killer is right in front of her, but little does she know, he loves her and he did it for her....

Romance / Other
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1: Prologue

I stared through the window of the coffee shop feeling so neutral.

“You’ve got to get going,” I looked up and saw Taylor, the sweet oldish lady who owns the shop.

Dark grey hair, faded grey eyes. Her body was slightly curvy, but not too much. She had a kind face and dark red lipstick.

I nodded in gratitude as she put my caramel macchiato in a takeaway cup while I packed my books.

Every day, exactly like the last. Never ending, constantly repeating. It felt like I was stuck on a dull Ferris wheel.

I felt nothing as I rode my bike back to the college feeling bored out of my mind.

The moment I got off my bike, I was tackled to the ground by some huge furry beast. Also known as Layla in a fur coat.

I laughed as she rubbed her fur coated cheek on my face like she was a cat.

“Carla!” She exclaimed like I haven’t seen her in years.

“Okay, okay,” I tried to push her face away but she wouldn’t move. “what did you find out?”

“Black people have blue foreheads and white people have red foreheads,” she sighed feeling relieved.

“Interesting,” I said sarcastically. “Now get off me, people are staring.”

She climbed off stepping on my stomach and strangling me for a moment.

While we were in heated debate on the stupid red/blue forehead thing, I ended up calling her out in Japanese.

“----” she just stared at me in shock since I’ve never told her I learnt the language of the anime. My accent was even perfected and everything.

“I think it’s safe to say I won this conversation,” I smirked at her stunned expression and went to the vending machine getting chocolate and a juice box.

I felt a presence behind me and realized I’m not the only one who uses the vending machine.

So I walked away from the machine without looking at who it was because I had a feeling it would make me break my promise.

I had made a promise to make sure I would avoid clichés. They piss me and my friends off seriously.

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