Moments In Every Emotion

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1: Irritation

The teacher, Mr. Anderson, stood in the front of the class droning out his words so much, I honestly couldn’t understand a word he was saying.

Instead of listening to this boring teacher I decided to get a good look of him. 5′9 and constantly hunched giving him the nickname, the humpback lecturer.

In his 30s or 40s, he already had grey hairs forming and the rest of his hair sandy brown with a tinge of black. Pitch black eyes that were dull and always have asleep whenever he droned on about the architectural benefits of some apps.

Wearing grey slacks and a white stained shirt with a cardigan thrown over giving him the look of an old aged woman with life issues.

After carefully inspecting his disgusting image, I realized that all eyes were on me. I lifted my head from resting on my arm and then looked at everyone in here. I chuckled uneasily which earned me a glare from Mr. Anderson.

“Care to answer? Or are you to busy inspecting me?” his statement made everyone in class burst out in laughter and whisper. I blushed momentarily before feeling irritation.

“Anata no iyana, yogosa reta jiko o mitakatta yōdesu. Moshi anata ga watashi ni jissai ni anata no zettai-tekina nansensu ni mimiwokatamukeru-yō ni sa seru tame ni ikutsu ka no kusuri o fukuyō surunara,” I said in Japanese while rolling my eyes.

Everyone was looking at me strangely except another girl who was laughing loudly in the back. “Drugs,” people looked at her then the teacher frowned when he realized she was quoting what I said.

“Both of you, out!” he barely had any energy to point, so he just fell onto his swivel chair.

“You see what I was talking about?” I said to the girl who was now walking beside me on our way out of this miserable class.

“I SAID OUT!” Mr. Humpback yelled, causing us to jump back and raise our hands in surrender before walking out.

“I’m Kate, by the way,” Kate introduced herself.

“Carla,” We awkwardly looked at each other. This is the dreaded moment when you meet a new person and don’t know what else to say or do, thus creating the perfect awkward situation.

“So...what now?” I was about to answer her when some butt decided to bump my shoulder...really hard.

I groaned in pain because of the uncomfortable feeling that was slowly growing pain in my body. I turned around and scowled the idiot who didn’t reply.

My eyes were then captured with cold blue eyes. I stared this guy down. Lightly muscly, side-blonde Mohawk, tight black t-shirt and blue jeans. I looked back up to look this guy in the eyes to find him looking at me infuriated.

“Watch where you’re going dog!” but he didn’t use the word dog persay.

“What are you talking about?” I said getting pissed off easily. He was about to say something, but I pointed a finger in his face shutting him up. “I was standing still, right by the freaking door. So you being the naturally drunk person you were, you walked right into me.”

“I don’t think you know who you’re talking, sweets,” he scoffed about to walk away.

“I wasn’t moving. You basically have the mental stability of a drunk man. It was basically like you ran into a wall, so excuse me for standing on the side,” I was now yelling and he looked like reality just smacked him in the face.

Not staying there any longer I started marching in the opposite direction with Kate scurrying after me with a pleased look on her face. I was above and beyond irritated.

“There you go girl,” she started whooping as I smiled lightly. I heard heavy footsteps running behind us and I turned to see one of the guys that stood aside and watched everything from the side lines.

“What do you want?” I honestly don’t want anyone who has anything to do with someone who is associated with that disgusting man.

“I just wanted to apologize about him. He’s kind of a...moody, judgemental piece of-“I knew this was the right moment to stop him.

“Never swear in my presence. I don’t want to ruin my mind,” I interrupted him with a sigh, “And don’t worry about it. He’s the one that should be apologizing. Busy ruining my ruined day.”

“If your day is ruined, how can he ruin it?” this know-it all said. I gave him a disapproving look causing his smirk to drop.

“If you’re done now, you can leave,” I said coldly. He just looked at his feet giving me a moment to scan his appearance. I admit, it’s an addiction.

Naturally tanned skin, dark brown hair to match his chocolate coloured eyes. Light muscles in a white collared t-shirt and black ripped jeans. He had an innocent enough looking face.

“I guess not,” I said suddenly. I sighed and then turned to walk off. Kate was now used to following me, which was not that surprising. I do that a lot.

Somehow, I feel a lot less irritated or pissed. Kind of.

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