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" what did you just say?" " You're mine kitten." " I'm not yours, I'm not a kitten, and get out of my way." I pushed past him, even if he's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. I've never had the chance to meet such a fine specimen. he has dark blond hair, the most beautiful blue eyes I've ever laid eyes on, a straight nose, sharp jaw, and don't get me started with his body,... His name is Ace, and he's gorgeous, yet he's not the only one my body's craving for. I've never had feelings for anyone, and when I did, I fell for two!

New perspective

Azalea POV

โ€œGood afternoon passengers. This is the pre-boarding announcement for flight 89I to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta. We are now inviting those passengers with small children, and any passengers requiring special assistance, to begin boarding at this time. Please have your boarding pass and identification ready. Regular boarding will begin in approximately ten minutes time. Thank you.โ€ I heard the pre-boarding announcement and my heart fell... there was no turning back, Iโ€™m leaving San Francisco to go live with my aunt in Fort Payne.

No! Iโ€™m not an orphan, I just tried to sneak out for the first time in my life to have fun with my friends and I got caught.

My parents never grounded me, actually they never cared about me, the nannies and my 2 grannies did a great job raising me. Iโ€™m the damn goody two shoes, but Iโ€™m just tired of doing things their way, Itโ€™s not like I was going to do drugs or sleep around, Iโ€™ve never had sex, actually Iโ€™ve never been touched, I didnโ€™t even had my first kiss yet and Iโ€™m fucking almost 18.

My parents took their decision the same night, They called the aunt Iโ€™ve never met and they easily shipped me across the country to live with her. When they dropped me off at the airport, I swear I saw relief in their faces, there were no hugs, no kisses, no Iโ€™ll miss you....nothing. I was used to their cold behavior but I never thought that I was actually a burden. Iโ€™ve never disobeyed, I never did what I wanted, never, even my classes, they chose them for me, my clothes, my friends everything is their choice. Iโ€™ve never said no, all I wanted is to please them, I mean theyโ€™re my parents and I love them, but I just felt suffocated and I wanted to live a little, breathe even for one night. It seems they were waiting for the first misstep to get rid of me.

I wonโ€™t let that stop me, if anything, I will live the way I want, I will choose my destiny, I will never let anyone control my life ever again.

I took a deep breath, and wiped my teary eyes โ€ Itโ€™s gonna be alright, just remember what granny Rosalie (maternal grandma) always told you, smile, seek strength within you to smile when youโ€™re at your weakest, smile and everything will be just fine.โ€ and thatโ€™s what I just do as I walk towards the boarding gate.

By the time we landed, I was so dead tired, I followed the passengers like a zombie, I had just my backpack, because all my stuff were already shipped 3 days ago.

I got to the arrival lounge and looked for someone who looked like my mother, and there she was, my motherโ€™s twin sister, yes she was her doppelganger and yet she looked very different. With a sigh, I moved my tired legs her way.

โ€œ Aunt Olivia?โ€ I said timidly. She looked at me with the same eyes as my mother but not the same gaze, she has so much tenderness in her eyes, a tenderness I never experienced from the woman who gave me birth, I couldnโ€™t help the tears that started to flow freely on my face.

โ€œ Oh honey...โ€ and she took me in her arms in a way only mothers do, I loved how I felt in her arms, I knew she wasnโ€™t my mother, but I felt so good being in her arms, I just cried to let go of the frustration I kept inside the past week. When she felt that I calmed down, she stepped back a little, her hands still on my shoulders.

โ€œ Let me see, how gorgeous you are, you sure took after your father as I see.โ€

โ€œ Haha... Yeah thankfully, just the looks... Hum... Thank you Aunt Olivia for accepting to have me, I... I...Iโ€™m sorry if...โ€ She interrupted me with her hand on my cheek.

โ€œ Honey, weโ€™re family, I know we never met before, I think you already know that my sister and I are not really on the best terms, but you my sweet Azalea... you have nothing to do with those issues, Iโ€™ve always wanted you to come visit but your mother never agreed, when she called last week and told me that you were coming to live with me I couldnโ€™t be happier, you know how mom loved you so much, I could even say more than her own daughters, she always showed me your pictures when she came back from her visits to San Francisco..... Huuuh She wouldโ€™ve been happy to have you with us, you know, it was just the two of us...when she.... when she died, I felt like my whole world shattered, but here you are 3 months later coming to live with me, I mean, itโ€™s actually your place too. Mom left the property for both of us, you and I.โ€


โ€œ Y... your mother didnโ€™t tell you?โ€

I shook my head. She sighed and said

โ€œ Come honey, letโ€™s get to the car, and weโ€™ll talk on our way home.โ€

We got to a black range and aunt Olivia unlocked the doors, I got to the passenger seat, and we started driving to Fort Payne.

After 5 minutes, my aunt started talking.

โ€œ Honey, Iโ€™m sorry your mother didnโ€™t tell you, she has her reasons, donโ€™t hold it against her, please.โ€

โ€œ Aunt Olivia, I...โ€ I sigh โ€œ I really donโ€™t know what to say, but donโ€™t worry, it doesnโ€™t change a thing, I mean we barely talk anyway, so...โ€

โ€œ Call me auntie sweetheart, so... tell me about yourself?โ€

โ€œ Well.... thereโ€™s not much to tell auntie, my parents took all the decisions when it came to my life. Letโ€™s say that this move, is like a reborn for me, I want to get to know myself, I want to see life through my own eyes, not my parents.โ€

She smiled, her eyes still on the road, she reached for the radio and said :

โ€œ Any special requests?โ€

I laughed โ€œ Hahahaha.... Sweet home alabama.โ€

And this ladies and gentlemen, was the first decision I took.

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