the good the bad and the basic

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Chapter Fifteen

I had some clothes laid out on the bed that I had ordered online. I bought a pale blue dress that was casual enough for the day, but nice enough to wear in the evening. I didn’t usually wear dresses, but everything felt so different now.

I bought some nice silky tops to wear with my black jeans. Thankfully I had the smart jacket I left at work, and my shoes were spared. I packed some high boots, trainers for walks and flip flops for the spa. I had ordered some bikinis and a cover up, I packed some t-shirts and the lacy underwear I ordered and a long skirt.

I had done my hair and makeup carefully for our weekend away and wore a denim shirt dress. Underneath I had on a corset bodysuit in balck silk, with black hold up stockings, I felt sexy.

Matt got home from work early.

“You ready?”

“Ready.” He changed into jeans and a shirt, and we packed up his shiny mercedes.

As we drove through the lush green countryside, the weather turned to rain. I felt cosy in the car with him, I had my hand on his knee while we drove in a comfortable silence. I kept catching him looking over at me.

“You look beautiful.” I squeezed his hand.

We drove over the cliffs, I looked down to the sea, it was stormy and rough. The hotel was high up over the beach, it was a stunning modern glass building.

When we pulled up to the doors, someone in a uniform took the bags. Matt got out of the car and gestured for me to do the same, with just his coat, took my hand and led me in.

“Don’t you need to park the car?” I said quietly, confused that he left the car right by the entrance.

He smiled at me and handed the keys to a man standing by the door. Oh.

“I’m used to premier inns.” I laughed.

“I actually haven’t stayed here before,” he said. I was relieved, on the drive over it was niggling my brain that maybe he was taking me somewhere he’s taken Nina multiple times. I looked up at him.

“Thank you.”

“I’ve been waiting for something special.”

We were shown through the elegant lobby to our sea view glass fronted room. It was huge, with a king size bed facing out onto the sea and a huge modern freestanding bath on the marble in the middle of the room.

“This is amazing.” Outside was stormy, the waves crashing onto the cost. Two seats and a table with a bottle of champagne and glasses in front behind the huge floor to ceiling doors. Matt popped the bottle and handed me a glass.

“You hungry?” He asked, running his hand from my neck, over my shoulder and down my arm. His touch was comforting against the backdrop of the storm.

“Starving, I’ve only had cheese on toast.”

“Let me treat you then,” he took a sip of champagne, he kissed me and I could taste him and the champagne mixed together. It tasted incredible. God. I loved him, after a few weeks, I did.

I took a sip, my breath heavy. I put my glass down and undue the buttons on my shirt dress. Matt took a sip, watching me, his eyes widened as I let the dress drop.

The corset bodysuit was strapless and push up, that’s where his eyes went straight away. I turned around to pick up my champagne, bending over slightly so that he could see how it made my look from behind with the stockings. I felt warm hands on my thighs.

“Your arse looks incredible,” he breathed into my ear. He gave it a spank and I let out a breath. I turned around and he picked me up, my legs wrapped around him. He laid me onto the bed gently and carefully. He was on his knees looking down at me. I cocked my head and smiled.

“Think you can hold off for a few minutes for dinner.”

“Hmm, I am hungry, make it a quickie.”

He flipped me around, and pulled me up onto my knees, unzipping the back of my underwear, his breath hot on my neck. He pulled my underwear down and pulled me in close, massaging my boobs and kissing my neck.

“Please,” I begged. “I want you inside of me.”

He pulled back and undid his jeans. I waited on all fours.

“Turn around, I want to see your face.” He said, running a hand over my hair. He kissed me deeply, pushing me back onto the bed. I was wet and ready, he pushed inside of me and let out a moan.

“Fucking hell,” he was pushing hard into me, the stormy sea behind him. He released after an orgasm had built up inside of me, and I grabbed onto his hair with one hand and the mattress with the other, pushing my hips up into him. He kissed me, hot and out of breath.

“I fucking love you.”

“I love you.”

He came inside of me.

I drained my champagne and poured us another glass each. I brushed my hair and dressed, sipping as I slipped my feet into the shoes. Matt was watching me, watching the sea. I looked back at him.

“I’m so happy right now, but really hungry.”

We went up for dinner, the restaurant, like the room, was glass fronted onto the sea. I could feel my cheeks were still flushed from sex, I sprayed on chanel before I left, but I felt like I radiated sex. The waiter went off to get a bottle of wine and I shifted in my seat, feeling my wetness from our quickie. I looked out onto the storm to distract myself.

We ate seafood and drank wine, I felt full and warm. The restaurant was busy, chatter and music filled the room, it was a nice atmosphere, we could talk openly and comfortably. The backdrop of the bad weather made me feel extra comfortable and sheltered.

Matt held my hand on the table.

“It’s been a bit of a mad few weeks, right?” he smiled.

“It’s been up and down to say the least. I think it’s been the best time of my life. Is the best time of my life, not just been.”

“Mine as well. I thought for so many years, this is it, this is as good as it gets. I didn’t even realise how unhappy I was.”

“Neither did I. I thought I had to be fully independent to be happy. I think I can be independent without being lonely.”

“You deserve much more than being lonely.”

“I’m not independent for the next two days, though, this place is too expensive.” I joked. He laughed, his big genuine laugh that showed his dimples, the real smile that made him lean forward and his eyes sparkle and narrow slightly.

“Don’t worry, I got this.”

“You know I’ve noticed something,” I said while he took a sip of his wine.

“What’s that?”

“The first few times I met you, before everything that happened happened, when you spoke to other people, at the work do and the dinner party. You did a lot of fake laughing. It’s not a judgement, it’s just that, recently, you do a lot more real laughing.” I hope I hadn’t insulted him, he lent back and looked out to the waves for a moment.

“Oh God, yeah. You really pay attention don’t you.”

“Only when I fancy someone, I don’t think I’d notice if your mate Pat had three heads.”

He gave me a big real smile.

I sipped, the wine here was lovely. I was so hungry I ordered the steak and so did Matt. It was perfect.

“I noticed you straight away.”

“Works do?”

“Nah, I saw you one night before then.”


“I saw you running round the office shouting ‘why are there no fucking pens in a place where you get paid to write shite’ one night when I was picking Nina up,” a stab of jealousy hit me when he said her name. “Sorry.”

“It’s okay, you’re here with me, I can hear her name. It’s all just a bit, raw. Anyway, was it love at first sight then?”

“I think it was, you came to my house in lycra for coffee as well. That hardly helped the situation.”

“You came to work in a suit that had tight fitting trousers.” I countered.

We ordered desert and a bottle of wine to be sent to the room.

We went back to the room arm in arm, it reminded me of the way we walked home in the streetlights. The storm was setting in and the sea was a dark, blustery blue.

Matt turned the taps on and poured some bubble bath in.

We sat facing each other in the bath, after we ate the creme brule, we sipped wine and caressed each other under the bubbles. I thought to myself that I had never seen a man so handsome in my whole entire life.

“God I was so nervous when I first met you, I could hardly speak.” I admitted.

“I was like that too, and I was trying so hard not to show every emotion on my face.”

“I was sure there was something there, something unsaid between us, but I told myself it was all in my head.”

“I was the same, I found it hard to make eye contact with you. If I did I would just do dumb and forget myself. So I tried not to look at you, and tried to save my fantasies for later.”

“What fantasies?” I maneuvered in the huge bath so that I was on his lap, facing him, with my hand around the back of his neck.

“Ironically, the works do. I kept thinking about leaving with you, walking somewhere, getting you behind a building, in an alley, fucking anywhere. I needed to get under that black dress. I would wank to that after that night. And God, I was so dumbstruck on the night of the dinner party, I didn’t realise until we were walking to yours, that that was my fantasy. I was trying so hard to stop it happening, I wanted you so bad. But I didn’t know how you would react, I thought you would tell me to fuck off. Something clicked through, and I realised that it wasn’t just me.”

“I fantasised about you too, I always thought of you coming to the office to get something for Nina, and I would be still working late, just me. Wow, I went over this so many times,” I looked down. “A lot of the times I thought about this in the bath actually. I wanted you to strip me down in the middle of the office, and lay me out on one of the desks.”

“We should make a bucket list to fulfill all of our specific fantasies,” he smiled, stroking my face.

“So, you and me, we’re going to be together.”

“If that’s okay with you, I consider us together now. I just have to do a bit of paperwork,” he said kissing my neck. “I will show you my commitment.”

“A bit of paperwork, you make it sound so easy.”

“It will be a pain, but a minor inconvenience compared to the reward.” He said into my neck.

“I would never have thought of myself as a reward. You don’t have to show me commitment, I don’t need tokens or gestures.” I said, stroking the back of his head.

“Actually,” I said, looking out onto the sea. “There’s something to be said for this kind of gesture. You could bring me here again.”

“I want to go around the world with you. Show you places.”

“I would love that.”

When we got out of the bath we wrapped in fluffy towels. Dried off we lay nestled into each other, watching the thunderstorm until we fell asleep.

I woke up disoriented because of how deeply I slept. I stretched out and watched Matt asleep beside me.

He woke up smiling at me and we lounged in bed and had sleepy morning sex until I could do no more. I was very sore now.

“You okay?” He asked as I walked very, very slowly over to my bag.

“Erm, sore. You win, I can do no more, I can hardly walk,” I said dramatically.

We went down to the spa and had eggs benedict and coffee on the balcony in our jackets. It was nice to be outdoors and to smell the sea. We went walking down to the beach and ventured into the coves and caves.

The spa afternoon was perfect, we swam in the indoor heated pool that had the incredible views. We had a massage, I had never had one before. I felt like jelly afterwards.

We got out of our fluffy robes and into the hottub, I expected Matt to bring over champagne but he came back with two pints of lager.

“How did you know?” I said, taking a grateful gulp.

“You said last week you love larger after an afternoon walk, I remembered.”

“You pay a lot of attention as well.”

“Yeah, but I am like you though, I only pay attention to people I’m in love with.”

“So you really are in love with me?”

“I am.”

“Thank God it’s not all in my haid.”

“I said it yesterday!”

“We did, but it was during sex, you could have had you’re judgement clouded.”

“Trust me, my judgement has been clouded for a long time, I’ve made some bad decisions. Now, you, what we did, that’s the first time that my clear judgments ever saw the light of day.”

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