the good the bad and the basic

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Chapter Twenty

Myself and Keria both finished the day’s emotional recording in tears.

“God, it must be so hard on you. Knowing what oun dad did and moving to a new city all by yourself. Sixteen and finding a job and a place to live with no help or support. I am so proud of you,” she gave me a hug.

“I treated it as a big adventure at the time, I think I’m ready for a new adventure now.”

“I think you are, we both are. I’m excited for you.”

We hugged bye and I curled up on the sofa when Matt came through the door. I instantly got up to put my head on his chest. I looked up at him and he picked me up, wrapping my legs around his waist. I held onto him tightly, he smelt amazing.

He put me down after a while.

“What’s the plan for us?”

“Whatever you want, I spoke to work and we have some options.”

“Edinburgh, Rome, Paris, Oslo.”

“Wow. What do you think?”

“It’s up to you, I’ve put you through enough.”

“I’ve always wanted to go to Norway. Paris is the city of love, which would be nice.”

“Want to toss a coin?”

“Yeah why not.”

He flipped a coin from his wallet.


I kissed him hard, excited for our new adventure together.

“Will your work be okay?” He asked.

“I’ve already got some of my guests onboard to do remote recording, I can write anywhere.”

“You are incredible.”

“I would like something to mark our time here.”

“Like what? They hardly sell postcards at the corner shop.”

“I was thinking of a tattoo.”

“I can’t get a tattoo!” He looked surprised.

“Well I am, come with me, now.”

He laughed at me as I put my shoes on.

We walked hand and hand down into town, he bought me an iced coffee and we walked through the park on the way down.

“You know what?”


“I don’t think I’m fucking it up this time. I’m not going for the easy option and a quiet life. I’m all in.”

I smiled at him. “I am too.”

“I’ll get a tattoo.”


We got to the tattoo shop.

“You want what?” The artist asked.

“A street light, in the rain.”

“Me too.” Matt nodded at me.

I could tell the tattoo artist thought it was a bit weird, but he agreed and drew something out.

I thought that I would have to explain why I wanted a street light in the rain to Matt, but he understood instantly.

I googled street lights, and found one the same as the one me and Matt had our first kiss underneath. The one that gave his face the warm glow that made me make my fantasies into a reality.

We sat in the pub comparing the tattoos on our legs, they came out great.

We clinked out wine glasses and I decided not to feel guilty about loving him again, it is what it is.

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