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"A fucking girl are you serious?" Baden flipped his desk in a complete rage. Papers flying everywhere, "they wasted a year of man power on a little girl". Baden a Pack Master, the Alpha of Alpha's. Gemma an abused Beta’s child made to run from her Alpha and the life of a breeder wolf Once he has her, will he be able to protect her

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1 - Run

Gemma had been running for 3 years. A rogue, dirty, disgusting, that’s what packs called her. She had nearly become a breeder at the hands of her previous Alpha, her parents wouldn’t support her against him. So she ran, almost fully white apart from a black moon crest marking on her forehead her last Alpha wanted to partner with her for breeding. She was born to be an Alpha, she was a small wolf, but agile, fast and well trained. It was how she had lived for so long, escaping every pack and patrol she had come across. Now she didn’t want to run away anymore, she wanted to settle down, so she got a job, rented a flat and was living as a human. The Alpha who’s territory she currently resided in was violent and cruel, it was said that he even rejected his soul bonded mate. Choosing to stay alone as to not share his power. He ruled all the packs in the region, he was the Alpha of Alpha’s, Pack Master.

Once home Gemma went to the bathroom to have a shower, today was a close call. One of the wolves had got a paw on her back ripping her skin half the length of her open. Washing the blood from her back stung, luckily she healed quite quick but this wound would take a few days. It was deeper then she had thought. Now without the adrenaline pushing her forward and numbing her, the pain set in, she gritted her teeth laying on her stomach and texted her boss saying she couldn’t come to work tomorrow before falling asleep.

Baden sat behind his desk in the den his voice cold and harsh. “You’re telling me you lost the rogue again? He has been roaming our territory for a whole year. If any of my wolves get hurt it will be on your head.” Baden’s hand slammed against the desk, golden flecks appearing in his eyes as some splinters when flying.

Ian, Baden’s beta had a half smile on his face watching the exchange between Baden and Zac, head of the patrols. Zac lifted his head from the floor while in his kneeling position, “we injured him today Baden, we will have him by the end of tomorrow. I have trackers following his blood scent as we speak.”

“Good you will bring him back alive, I would like to have a little chat with this rogue. He has been a thorn in my side for too long and I will destroy him with my own hands.” Nodding in understanding Zac left the room.

“Maybe you should recruit him?” Ian suggested. “He seems quite capable.”

“The day I let a rogue join the pack is the day I find my mate”, laughed Baden darkly. “It will never happen”. Baden was 24 years old now, most wolves found their partners around 20 at the latest, but he had never encountered his and it drove him mad. Misty knocked on the door walking into the office. Her long black hair was pulled into a messy bun, she had a tight blue dress on just asking for attention. “I am going downstairs to play with our guests.” Baden stated bluntly, immediately leaving before Misty could say a word.

Ian shuddered at the thought, Baden could stay in the dungeon torturing rogues for hours. He kept some of the ones which had gone crazy from loneliness that could never retake human form. They were nothing but animals now. Baden used it in place of having a mate, it calmed his wolf. He had started this routine since he near killed a female wolf who had tried to make herself his partner. Ian remembered trying to pull back Baden who had all but gutted the poor girl covered in blood. Ian was pulled from his thoughts to the sounds of roars and whining wolves. Misty huffed leaning on the desk, “how do the elders expect me to pair with him, when he won’t even speak to me?”

“Give up Misty, he won’t accept anyone bar his mate. Even then I wonder how that would go down, I can’t imagine him being gentle.” Ian left the room getting excited at the thought of seeing his Sarah, it had been the whole day and he only got to link with her once to check in on her.

Gemma woke in her flat, to the scent of wolves. They found her! Ripping herself off the bed she felt the pain of her shoulder wound reopening, she pushed forward to the balcony flinging the sliding door open. As her front door crashed to the floor she shifted jumping from the balcony, 3 floors down. Crack, there goes her arm, it was definitely broken she thought. Looking back up the pursuers didn’t jump but returned into the flat to run down the stairs. With the small head start she sprinted into the woods that were just a couple hundred meters away. It was broad day light, so she needed to avoid any humans seeing her wolf form regardless if it meant her capture.

With a broken left arm and ripped open shoulder her wolf whined as she kept moving. Cave she thought, she needed to hide, she couldn’t out run them today. She pushed herself picking up the pace to the creek, she splashed in the water before rolling in the mud to cover her scent as much as possible before running up the rocky hill face. Without hesitating she continued to the cave she had found a few months ago, which she mapped out and stayed away from in case she needed it for emergency. In her head she thought this was definitely a fucking emergency. She went to the deepest part of the cave around 10 meters in before shifting back to human form and blacking out.

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