Duke's Dilemma [The Scots Rendezvous #1]

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Book 1 of The Scots Rendezvous series What if your invention can change the past and you stuck in it? How do you need to get out of there? Conall Reid was one of the scientists that will be the first to break the time travel machine. But, he made a deal with a devil, Vaughn Kuznetsov. Can he avoid the deal that he made or should he just let him took over the world? Katrina Kuznetsov has always trying to get out of her father's claw for she always been the pawn in his little game. With an opportunity to get close to Conall Reid, she accidentally traveled back in time with him. Can she resBook 1 of The Scots Rendezvous series What if your invention can change the past and you stuck in it? How do you need to get out of there? Conall Reid was one of the scientists that will be the first to break the time travel machine. But, he made a deal with a devil, Vaughn Kuznetsov. Can he avoid the deal that he made or should he just let him took over the world? Katrina Kuznetsov has always trying to get out of her father's claw for she always been the pawn in his little game. With an opportunity to get close to Conall Reid, she accidentally traveled back in time with him. Can she resist that boyish Scottish lad or will she succumb to her own desire? Can Conall and Katrina found common ground and save the future of the world? Completed novel can be found on Dreame!

Romance / Adventure
Nikki Larousse
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Chapter 1: The Vacation

Conall Reid’s POV

After so many years and long hours of working non-stop for my family business, I think it would be a perfect time to go on a vacation. Since I was the only heir of Reid International, I decided to get out of my beloved country, Scotland on the day of my parents’ death anniversary. It was frustrating that the police and Interpol cannot solve the mysterious case of Duke and Duchess of Glasgow. The only explanation that they can give to me when I was 15 years old was it was a car accident.

Me, being a teenager that has a post-traumatic event when I saw my parents’ remains, I was in shocked and denial that I was alone in this world. I cannot do anything. My attorney said that I can only access my inheritance when I was 18 years old. So I waited, 3 fucking years of waiting to get my inheritance. During those 3 years, I have thrown myself into my school works and trying different hobbies.

Swimming, boxing, and running were the sports that I loved to do, but learning to code and hacking was probably the side business that I did not tell anyone, except for people that I trusted the most, Edmond, Lucas, and Scott. They were my best buds, as we have something in common, orphans. People pitied at us, but we don’t give a shit about them because they only cared about our wealth, not really about our life.

“Sire, we are close to descending in Moscow. Please put on the seatbelt,” my captain said into the microphone as I stared out the window. I just did what was told. Moscow, the place of the Russian revolution started and the red scare to the Americans. I laughed at that thought.

“We have descended, your grace,” Tommy, my trusted PA told me. I looked at him after I finished looking outside the window of a busy hangar with lots of private jets coming in.

“Of course. What is on my schedule?” I said as I loosen the seatbelt.

“You have an appointment with our investors at 3 PM at 4 Seasons Hotel. They would be expecting you for new ideas of how to increase the profit of the company,” Tommy said as he jotted down some notes.

“anything else after that?” I said as I descended the stairs to get hit by the cold winter of Moscow air. It reminded me a lot of Scotland.

“no, sir. You will be free after that and tomorrow you will have lunch with the president of the Kuznetsov industry. Something to talk about the private deal,” he said as he was following from behind. I was walking toward the hanger to the awaited limousine. The chauffeur opened the door for me.

“your grace,” he said as he tilted his hat. I got in as Tommy got in as well.

“What you do for fun in Moscow?” I asked Tommy as the chauffeur went out of the airport and headed toward the 4 Seasons hotel fo my 2 weeks stay in Russia. It was a beautiful country with a long history much like the United Kingdom.

“there’s a lot of things that you can do, sire. What do you like?” Tommy asked as he was ready to book something to entertain me for the evening.

“is there any ballet concert that I can go to?” I asked as I looked at the traffic on the highway. It was busy during lunchtime, speaking of which I wanted to eat something.

“What to eat in Russia? I wanted something authentic,” I said as I looked at Tommy who was busy getting my ticket for the ballet.

“Yes. Right away, your grace,” he said as he was busy looking for a good restaurant. Not to brag, but people would found that working for me was difficult as they have some standard to live up to. I just wish that sometimes people don’t know who I am and just treated me like a normal person, not some royalty.

“Okay, so I’ve got 1 ticket to the ballet show in Bolshoi Theatre at 8 PM if that’s okay with you?” Tommy asked I nodded for approval.

“And the best way to eat in Russia for an authentic restaurant was Mari Vanna. They have a Russian style dining room so you can feel like you’re in their home, sire,” Tommy said cheerfully. He always finds it awesome for decorations of restaurants which I don’t get it.

“Sounds good to me,” I said as the chauffeur stopped in front of the foyer of the hotel. He got off and opened the door for me. I got out as well as Tommy. I looked around the hotel and saw many people of high standards and wealthy. It might as well be like me and it made me think that I just want to explore the city in a low profile.

“Sire,” Tommy said as he pointed toward the lobby. I went into the hotel and sat on the sofa while Tommy deals with the receptionist. I waited for almost 30 minutes as Tommy cannot speak Russian and most that receptionist can understand was that he booked a room but cannot find the name. I sighed before waving Tommy to take a seat as I went to deal it with myself.

“Hello, ma’am,” I said in Russian. The receptionist just smiled cheerfully at me and asked if I need any help. Women.

“yes, I booked a room under the name, Reid, Conall,” I said. She just checked it and she said that it was ready and just needed to confirm it with an ID. I gave her the ID and she was shocked to see who I was. I smiled at her before she bowed at me. I guess Russian still values monarchs even though they abolished that ruling hundreds of years ago.

she called the bell boy to get to my luggage and escorted me to the suite. It was a sweet gesture but I knew that she just being sweet because I’m rich and foreigner that speaks Russian.

“So, if you don’t have any plans tonight, call me,” she said before slipping her number into my pocket. I smiled at her before she walked away seductively, swaying her hips for me to look at. I arched my brow before closing the door and went to the bathroom to get off the dirty clothes and sweat. I told Tommy to pick me up at 3 PM for the meeting as I went to take the shower that I much needed after all.

Katrina Kuznetsov’s POV

“Dammit, why is it so hard to shoot at people when I was about 1500 ft above them?” I asked myself as I looked at my target to get a clear shot for the head. It was great that I can see the body but not the head.

“move, you motherfucker,” I said as I looked through the optical view as my target’s head was in the clear shot.

“gotcha,” I said before pulling the trigger. It went through his head before his body slumped to the ground. I smirked after that. I took of the Dragunov that I used to shot the head of arms dealer. I dismembered the rifle and put it in the case that was given to me by the government. Sometimes, I wonder why I did this on the side job. I mean, I have a normal life in the daytime but when night falls, I was running around, killing people that was a threat to the government. I guess I just enjoy killing people even though I still have nightmares about them. My phone rang as I was finishing my package.

“Red, talk to me,” I said as I finished zipping my case. I was resting on the side of the building.

“well done on the shooting. Now report back to the HQ,” the familiar voice came through the end of the line.

“You got it, Brown,” I said before hanging up as I went through a couple of stairs before reaching the ground to the awaited red Mini Copper. I put the rifle in the trunk and went to the driver’s seat and turned on the ignition. I was driving so fast as nothing matters to me. It came into my view of the HQ of my side job. It was a cozy building on the outside but on the inside, it was a different story. Agents were running around and weapons were passing through there every day that civilians did not know about. Only the chosen ones like myself get to work here and knew inside out.

I drove into the garage and parked the car at the lobby where I saw Red in her glory outfit.

“you’re late,” she said as I went out of the car and took out the rifle for burning the evidence. You see, this whole operation was a non-profit organization but the KGB supported us, give us training, and the equipment we needed.

“what’s the big rush?” I said as I went with her into the computer lab.

“We have a new threat, just landed today in Moscow. The suspect was Conall Reid, he was one of the billionaires that took profit from weapons dealing in rebels and crimes in the middle east and revolution that was happening in Chechnya,” Brown said before she gave the files about Conall Reid.

“status?” I asked as I looked at his files. A white-hat hacker and a CEO of a multi-national company that he owned.

“he was coming to Russia at the business meeting but I think they have a different motive after that. He just bought a ticket to see a ballet show in Moscow and went to a restaurant, Mari Vanna. Our informant said that he wanted something Russian authentic,” Red said as she pulled up his picture. He was handsome, I can say that.

“Maybe he is not what we think he is. maybe he just like Russia that much,” I said as I read his file. He was clean, with no criminal records, nothing. He’s untouchable.

“I want you to get close to him and see what you can find about him. I want every detail about him, is that understood?” Brown looked at me dead in the eyes. I gulped. Why do I sign up for this?

“Crystal,” was all I said before she shoved me a ticket to the baller show.

“You will engage him tonight,” she said before she left the room.

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