Blowing His Mind

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Chapter:8 Catching the Red Eye

Gabby's P.O.V

After the fast pace of packing and checking out from the hotel. I took a cab that did a mad dash to the airport. just in time to be admitted boarding I trudge to my assigned seat. I called Vivian to pick me up at the airport. She asked many questions ;that I couldn't answer within this crowded airplane. I finally closed my eyes for once in past few hours.

The stuardess tapped me upon the shoulder "Mrs. Dunnivan I'm sorry to inform you but your in the wrong seat ."

Seat 124

Yes seat 124 in first class she said sweetly

Oh my bad I'm so sorry for this confusion.I rose to the evacuate the seat for a cute married couple that thawed into each other's eyes . Guilt filled me once more on my abrupt departure. I didn't say goodbye to Phoenix I wonder if he found out yet. As I pulled out my phone to twenty calls and ten text . All asking my were abouts.

Fire cracker I couldn't find you

Fire cracker baby are you ok ?

Gabby please call me !

Gabriella baby what did I do wrong?

Gabby call me!

Gabriella your worrying me


We need to talk you were here when I woke up

Call me please

Ok ,I get the hint this is how you want it . I was just worried.

I am Shocked at the concern he has for me in lol such a short period of time. Milo was my fience and he didn't call or text at all . Phoenix called and texted within a the short time frame we have known each other. It warmed my heart that he is concerned about me not only as his wife but as a person. If we had met another life time, Phoenix Dunnivan, would have stolen my heart.

As the plane touched down upon my phone errupted with texts from Vivian and to my astonishment Milo called.

I existed the plane and called Milo as I waited for baggage claims to find my lougage

What's up milo?

Oh my gosh ...I got a hold of you! Thank the lord your ok my brother has been calling and driving me crazy . He couldn't find you and started freaking out. What happened ?

None of your business I snapped a little to harshly for even my own tastes. I heard the hurt within his voice" your right it's none of my business I was just concerned . Where are you?

He asked at that moment in time I didn't care to diverge my where abouts just yet! I was too pissed off that he only called me for phoenix's well being not to talk to me personally.

Bye Milo I snapped

Bye Gabriella he said that before I hung up his gal. I swore as I seen Vivian's sleek blue Kia pull into the airport drive way. I rejected phoenix's call once more before I climbed into her spacious vehicle. "So chick why back so early not enjoying your well deserved vacation with your hot new hubby? Also, Where is he ?"

Vivian asked.

I told her the whole story ending the story in ugly tears. The kind of tears that make your eyes puffy, mascara running, and big tears. Poor Vivian just sat there and listened to my sob story. Only nodding as she merged into traffic heading towards Vivian's apartment. I had been staying with her before I got married. Milo and I were in the process of buying a house together. That dream now gone it left the moment milo didn't show up. The instant I married the wrong twin. I started crying once again. I became a blubbering emotional nutcase all of a sudden. When we arrived at the apartment I crashed upon the couch and didn't leave that couch for two days later. Billy Pizza delivery man from Marco's pizza became my best friend.

Vivian came in after work days two of my couch potato vacation. "Get up get dressed where going party . Of course take a bath girl you reek. "

"Thanks Vivian" I said sarcastically

"Your welcome girl , only real friends tell you the truth even if you don't like it." Her words were true thanks

Don't thank me because..

Because I kinda ran into your husband today at milo's office . I instantly sat up waiting patiently to continue. Well..

Your not gonna like this.. Vivian said not making eye contact. What am I not going to like ?

Well , Milo is .. using our service to plan a baby shower for his new wife Nicole. His ex wife. He remarried her that same day he left you at the alter.

What that bastard married he ex wife and now having a baby .

Let's go out! I screamed as I threw the blanket off the couch. "Gabby your husband asked about you I stopped in my tracks".

I walked towards my room" gabby call the poor man he looks bad" I only knew him for a few days. plus ,Walter hasn't called me back about the divorce."

Gabby she sighed

What is that all ?

No he said to tell you to call him.

That's not happening anytime this century I said coldly. "He doesn't look like the type of guy who will keep accepting you constant put offs." Vivian said as she started to fluff her long chestnut brown hair . After a fast shower and putting on my favorite clubbing cloths . We left to our favorite club a few blocks away. I needed a night of no worries fun with my best friend.

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