Blowing His Mind

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Chapter:7 clubbing (part:one)

Phoenix's P.O.V

It's been long three days since I seen gabby. The rude awaking that she not only left me but the country on a red eye. I cursed for the upteenth time today. Milo came into my office unannounced again. Damn !what do I pay Nicole for I said before thinking. Milo scowl intensifies.

"Watch your mouth .,Your talking about my pregnant wife and your sister- in -law " Milo snapped.

"Sorry been on edge since I got back alone. She fucking won't return my calls . I don't know what I did wrong to make her leave. We had a nice dinner, had sex and then I woke up alone".

I frustrated bellowed as a sexy brunette came into my office. What now!

"Calm down I can see why she calls you the devil .. tisk ..tisk Such a temper" Vivian chuckled.

Hello asshole.. oh I mean Milo. How may I help you today. Milo smiles at her he can be so dense at moments. She blatantly been rude towards him. " I need you to plan my wife's baby shower."

Her jaw dropped at the conclusion "Phoenix this is the lovely miss Vivian ; your wife's best friend ."

I interest perked up at the mention of gabby . Why can't I think of nothing but her for. Days she intoxicated all my thoughts since I met her. What is my brother up to hiring your ex. To plan your baby shower he has a death wish. Knowing gabby's fiery temper this should be interesting.

Vivian, I'm Phoenix dunnivan I'm sorry we got off on the wrong foot earlier I'm usually not like this but a person I know... she how do I say this nicely.. she cut me off " she got you all messed up !huh!


"your smitten; your eyes twinkled when I said I knew her" Vivian stated. She hasn't moved off the couch since she returned back. Don't tell her that or I will hunt you down and get you in your sleep. She threatened

I chuckled " I can see why your both best friends.Thank you Vivian."

So lover boy were going to be going to shaniagan's bar then hitting up club elite the owners a personal friend of mine. If your introstead. She winked as she walked out of my office with a knowing smirk upon her pretty face.

I guess where going clubbing tonight I stated .

No can do bro I got plans with a preganant wife who wants a back rub and Chinese. " Milo ! Baby please can come here now!" Nicole calls out


Yes dear as he hustles down the corridor towards Nicole's desk" pussy whipped"

I called up my friend Jonas stating that up for some clubbing tonight. My faithful friend is always up for partying or hanging out. since his wife gave birth to twin girls he happily spend any man time he can get.

I unloosen my tie and met Jonas in the parking lot . Hey man how you been?

Tiffany's and trini is teething driving my wife crazy so when you said going out I am so happy to oblige. How you been I heard about Milo and Nicole ..

I'm married going see my wife tonight. I said through gritted teeth at the thought another guy grind his hips against my wife . I never was a jealous guy til I got married. We walked into elite it's still the same nothing ever changes when Shane runs the place. I scanned the dance floor for my auburn hair beauty. I finally found her in a skin tight dress that flattered her curves and her hair flowing freely behind her.

As we walked up Vivian tipped her fruity drink at us. Jonas struck up a conversation with Viviana's I put my hand upon gabby's hip she automatically leaned into my touch. So any asshole could come up to her .touch her like this boiled my blood .she turned facing me wrapping her arms Around my neck and nuzzled into my neck. Her scent that uniquely hers filled my sense. " mmm.. Phoenix I knew you would find me!" She purred into my neck. I almost blew my load at the seductive purr in her voice. Vivian mouthed I'm sorry.

I ordered a water with lemon I made gabby drink some. What happened to my wife ?

Got into a shot completion with the bartender she's a lite weight when it comes to alcohol . Fuck luke you got my wife drunk! Luke looked at him then at gabby " awh man! I didn't knew you were The husband she was bitching about. I wouldn't have let her drink like that if I did."

It's ok man I understand thanks for keeping an eye on her.

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