Blowing His Mind

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Chapter: 10 clubbing (part:2)

Phoenix's P.O.V

Where did she go she said she was going potty and never came back.

Considering that's she has been drinking . I wandered past all the bumping and grinding sweaty bodies. To the restroom area . I see my wife kissing someone . Damn this woman is going to be the death of me!

I pull her off the guy who the fuck is he gabby!!

Calm down Phoenix this is my friend I stared down this young guy. Terror filled his eyes "get away from my wife"

"Hey man I don't want no beef!!" He backed away as I gabby face scrunched up in fury she looked so adorable as she started to poke my chest"you don't own me Phoenix.."

No baby I don't own you.,

"Stop agreeing with me "she slurred

How you get the name Phoenix?

My mom loved the name when they went to Arizona. So they named me after the city. Her eyes watered "that's beautiful"

Your beautiful when your not drunk my wife.

"You have the most amazing eyes ..I love them." She giggles then hiccup" we would have made beautiful babies. I'm never gonna have babies.. she tears up.

Yes you will you would be an amazing mother.I tried to console once more only to fail. Why so sad gabby ?

"Milo having a baby he hired me to plan it."She quietly said "Plus, I know he married his ex wife The day he was suppose to marry me. Tears fell once again once the tears subsided." She steeled her spine and tried to walk past me to the booming bass of the dance room.

Gabby I missed you! I said as she stopped cold in her tracks " what did you just say ?"

I choked back my pride I missed you that morning you left every day since.

"Do you really miss me or is it some other reason?"She asked


"Don't finish that sentence you will only lie to me like everyone else does" she pulled her hand away" let me go Phoenix"


Well once out divorce goes through you will . She said sharply

What are you talking about? I almost yelled

"I got Walter to pull up the papers. Plus we have to be separated for a period of time apart."My blood ran cold.why did you do that!

"this is wrong" her words stung

If that's the way you feel come by my office tomorrow I will call my dad and help you.

Thank you Phoenix.

Whatever Gabriella I walked her out to Vivian " I will bring her home where do you live?"

What she do kiss someone else in front of me and told me she is still going through with the divorce.

1234 floral lane

I took my wife to the cab and gave Jonas my keys" sorry buddy I will make it up to you"

"No prob the wife says the girls are down I'm about to head out soon"Jonas nodded.

Be safe and call me when you get home.he nodded" you too man"

I ushered her to the door towards the cab. The cab pulled up just in time . once I got gabby into the backseat she fell asleep upon my shoulder. Phoenix, I could have loved you but I can't trust your family.

Ok gabby

I carried her up to her apartment and dressed her in her favorite pjs. She snuggled into the bed I love you Phoenix .

I stopped cold in step towards the door no one ever said that to me. I didn't take it to heart she always said she hates me all the time. I yearned for someone to honestly love me not fuck me and wish I were milo. I slammed the door making the door rattle.

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