Blowing His Mind

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Chapter:11 Weeks Later

Gabby's P.O.V

Weeks later since the party I haven't heard anything from Phoenix in weeks. After my refusal to do milo's baby shower. Vivian took over much of the workload . I haven't been feeling up to par to do much lately.

My phone dinged

Appointment at 2:39 at my office Phoenix.


The Papers you wanted.



I walk into Phoenix office " holy smokes he a fucking lawyer" I scream So he knew how to divorce me. Yet he didn't try to get out of this mess. I passed picture of all the generations of dunnivan's in the law practice. I stopped at phoenix's recent picture . His cocky smirky stopped me in the mix. " hello ma'am can I help you" her floral perfume made me nauseous. I ran to the nearest bathroom empty all the contents of my morning bathroom. The receptionist stood by the sink handing me a napkin. "Oh, hunny congrats!"

What are you talking about it's just the flu . "No honey your pregnant! I know the symptoms"as she rubbed her belly.

No, it can't be ... it's not possible. All those nights in Phoenix arms . It can't be !! That's when I noticed the receptionist's protruding belly. Congrats !

Oh girl ,my husband doesn't know it's a girl. We talked like we known each other for years. I'm gabby

I'm Nicole ..

Oh honey your so pale. Do you need to sit down?

I need to go. Is phoenix in his office " yes"

I storm into his office my breath is taken away as I gaze at my Phoenix writing at his desk. He didn't look Up his glasses pearched upon his nose as typed. " Phoenix"

He looked up with a cold stare " hello Mrs dunnivan ,how can I help you?"

It hurt to hear him to talk to me so informally. " Phoenix"

Don't call me informally Mrs.dunnivan he snapped

What happened for this informality phoenix?

Mrs. Dunnivan you chose for me to do this.

Please call me gabby

As I remember you stated that I don't own you. You made your choice Gabriella by getting my father involved even after I pleaded you still involved him. So , you reap what you sow. He said coldly

Phoenix we need to talk I pleaded

Now ,you want to fucking talk ! after all these weeks I tried to reach out to you you reject my calls and text. Gabriella , I gave spoken to my father we agree this is for the best.


"It's Mr. dunnivan" I said

Ok ,that's how you want it to be then go fuck yourself. I fucking don't need you or your damn money. I stated as I stormed to the door . You know what I hate you more than I have ever did don't contact me til you get the papers!


Phoenix 's P.O.V

Im not a violent person but I threw the mug against the door. Hearing it shatter upon impact as the door swung open . Only to see Nicole barge in fussing at me.

" what did you do?"she stated as she put her hands upon her hips. Her protruding belly more defined with the stance.


"Nothing that poor girl came out this office in tears who is she?" She stated

Nicole let it go !

No who is she ?

"My wife" she paled "then your wife pregnant"

What ! How you know?I bellowed as I shot out my chair.did she tell you ?

. "she had morning sickness earlier and I know pregnant women ,you ass !"that when the water works started as she plopped down upo the couch in the corner . Rubbing her belly as she cried. If she gives birth on my couch I would feel horrible about upsetting her.

Fml ! She came in to tell me she's..

I called Milo. "Milo get your ass here ! your wife is crying I just seriously fucked up!" I heard the phone drop.

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