Blowing His Mind

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Chapter:13 Wise Advice

Phoenix 's P.O.V

After my surprise eye opening meeting with Vivian . I called Jonas to meet me at my favorite pub. I sat down at my favorite booth and I loosened my tie. Candy saulterd up to my booth" hello handsome want the usual?"

Yes ,you know me too well.

" I will get you your Guinness" she saultered away before gabby I would have watched her s inviting hips sway . It just didn't entice me as it once Did.

Hey man how's the married life treating ya ? Jonas said as he slide into the booth.

Just found out I'm going to be a father! I said as candy dropped the filled mugs in front of us.she winked at me before walking away.

"Congrats man ! Drinks on me! Hey candy bring us two more !"Clapping me on the back.

Jonas how did you feel when you got the news?

To be honest I was Scared at first .due to how much my old man was a douche of a father. All my fears and doubts melted away .Once ,I seen my girls for the first time on that monitor . Everything changed I fell in love with them even before they were born. I know how you feel and if you ever need to talk I'm here for you . Jonas said as I sipped on my cold beer.

I felt better knowing Jonas's had my back. " Jonas I fucked up today I mean really fucked up royally. Thinking about the look upon gabby's face as her lip quivered as she left my office.

" welcome to real married life."jonas laughed " I fuck up all the time but at the end of the day she still loves me"

What can I do I don't know how to make her feel better. Yes , I do as instantly struck with a thought. But I need you to help me if you don't mind. As candy placed a platter of buffalo wings and curly fries In The center of the table.

"Mind .. never. is it involving power tools?"Jonas instantly answered

Yes how you know ?

"It doesn't have to take a rocket scientist to know where your train of thought is going. You just found out your going to be a father I can guess what you need". Jonas said cheekily

Your a good man and good friend thank you jonas.I thanked him as we dove into the food before us. Now how To tactfully convince gabby to move in with me.

For the first time in my adult life I'm baffled .. she's going to be the death of me or my deliverance.I placed a few tens upon the table and said my goodbyes to my best friend. I ran to the nearest corner store.


Gabby 's P.O.V

The phone ringer wakes me from my nap. Since learning about my little peanut I have been feeling more fatigued. How am I going to drive if I'm always getting tired. I consumplate this as I the ringer finally gets on my last nerve.

What do you want? I snap instantly feeling guilty for the harsh this moment I could careless of hurting the feelings of the person who called.

Gabby , it's Milo I'm sorry for abruptly calling . I'm calling to apologize for all my actions.

He fucking wants to get closure now of all time.

A whole two and a half months after the fact. Does these dunnivan boys get the hint to leave me alone.

Ok you want closure I forgive you for being spineless and not telling me in person that you weren't truly divorce the day of our wedding . Yes I know you stood me up and remarried you now very pregnant wife. I took a deep breath before finishing. In all honestity, Milo, I do not regret marrying Phoenix even though he can be an ass at points . He gave me my little peanut.

Little peanut what's that?

Milo ur going to be an uncle I'm pregnant for Phoenix . The line went dead knowing Milo as I do he fainted. I chuckled at the mental image of him fainting " take that Milo" I confidently say as I open the front door to my apartment. Only to find Phoenix himself standing there flowers in his hand and a brown bag of something that smelt wonderful in the other.

Hi he said sheepishly

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