Blowing His Mind

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Chapter:14 Rutabaga

Phoenix's P.O.V

Think.. think ..think..

I'm a lawyer I passed one of the most toughest test in existence - the bar . As I looked at her shocked face as she opened the door .On my way here I came up this elaborate speech that would tell her every aspect she needed to know . As I gazed into her now furious eyes all the words escaped me .

What do you want Phoenix?

I want to apologize for my cruel actions and words I have said before. I..she cut me off as she took the outstretched flowers . Smelling them a small smile curled the side of the lips. Then it was gone.

Can I come in?honestly I have never been in her apartment before." How you find out my apartment?"


She sold me out!

No I had to bribe her with this .. I shoved the bag at her . Her faced morphed into pure delight as she rubbed her belly . She stopped as she noticed me staring at the gesture. I remembered how much you enjoyed these on our honey moon.

Chocolate covered cherries .. I remember your deathly allergic to strawberries. I added swiftly before she could slam the door in my face.

To my surprise she did not slam the door In My face. She did the complete opposite she opened it for me . I entered the small apartment now littered with an assortment of boxes. I honestly dreaded to hear the answer but I still had to ask.

So .. you like boxes?

No Phoenix ! For a lawyer you already know the answer and your just waiting for me to spell it out for you.

Then spell it out to me Gabriella . Considering this is the first real conversation we have had since London.

She gritted her teeth at the use of her full name. "I'm sorry for saying Gabriella". As she turned away from me all together.

Phoenix I'm going home to raise my little peanut.

You mean our child? I said as she looked at me " yes our child"she confirmed.

Gabby I have a lot of pride but I will lay it at your feet this once . Please think about this notion I'm proposing. If you don't like it . It can and could be modified to you prefaces.

Go on I'm listening, devil , what are you propsing.

A truce .. A simple truce no more fighting and arguing. You and I both know it doesn't get us anywhere . I swiftly inputted I have a big house please .. if you like move in with me!

Move in with you as in husband and wife or what?

We can call ourselves "Roommates" if you will have free run of the house and your own two rooms of your liking. Plus,you and I both know you will need help further along in this pregnancy . So, why not let me help? I asked

Why do you want to help Phoenix what's in it for you? Gabby said as she scanned my eyes for and hidden lies.

I couldn't answer her when I couldn't answer the question myself. To be there for you and our little peanut. Even if it's for a trial period I will still be grateful for the chance to be apart of your lives.

Please gabby.. I know I'm not an easy man to get along with. I can be an I started using the alphabets Using a cussword names for all actions as of lately . When I got to r= rutabaga

Rutabaga!! She actually laughed "how is that poor vegetable an insult?"

Well a rutabaga is a tough vegetable,is often looked over and easily thrown away. I explained . I'm not so many words I just told her about the real me that even Milo doesn't know. Living In milo's shadow when it came to romance and relationships. All women I have even been with rather be with Milo than me. Deep down I knew gabby rather Milo Than me. She would never love me due to the fact she loves Milo. I chinches my fist at the though of her upcoming rejection. I can't bear another rejection.. I thought

Her smile dropped as her eyes searched mine. I felt as if she was peering into my very soul. Seeing all my insecurities and fear that I hide from the world and sometimes even from myself. " Phoenix , your not a rutabaga your a tomato , misunderstood at times but has a sweetness to his somewhat acidic nature ." Her eyes widened at the sentence she just caught that she insulted me.

Your saying I'm toxic ! I tried to look away as her palms cupped my face. " no, your not toxic in the least bit. How can I say this.. you act like a hardcore lawyer but on the inside". She took my palm and rested upon her belly. " your kind"

Kind me I can't even console you. This sent her into fits of laughter at my expense. For once my temper didn't flare just seeing her the way I remember her carefree and happy. It made all the difference in my ever changing mood.

"You suck at consolingly" she cheekily stated.

Then , will you think about moving in with me?

"Maybe living with the devil won't be so bad"

As long as I get to live with my firecracker I will keep the devil at bay. She bit her bottom lip and gaved at me with those " come fuck me" eyes. Thick Sexual tension flared between us as it filled the small area. "I will Think about it she" cheekily said . I had to leave before I had her pinned against a door taking pleasure in only thing she can give me. This is not a way to her heart I reminded myself as I hastily walked to the door.

Phoenix , be safe. As she closed the door behind me. I smiled the whole way home

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