Blowing His Mind

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Chapter: 16 A Pomeranian named Titian

Phoenix 's P.O.V

I open my eyes to see gabby's beautiful face peering down at me. What happened ?

"Your face wanted to make-out with the floor"

she sassily stated.

You fainted when you heard it's twins.travis stated as he checked my vitals.

Guess what their both girls.gabby picked Out like a light again.

Smelling salts did the gob it woke me up once more. Wow , you don't want girls.

I do but twin girls is a lot at one time. I said as she started to laugh. That's when I noticed my heads in her lap. It felt nice to be care for.

I offered your wife a position as my nurse . I'm in need of one but it's also something for her to do til the babies are due. I nodded if that is what she desires I will be happy to support her. Gabby starred tearing up . First the girls now a crying wife. Don't wake me up this time !

It all boils down to any thing emotional is my kryptonite. I assessed the situation " honey see I'm a rutabaga. That's what got her into a fit of laughter even though the tears still streamed down. " your a dork."

I'm your dork her face fell at my statement. I shouldn't have said that I realized the ramifications of what I had just said. She stayed silent til Travis released us. Let's go home I can show you around the house. Travis called out "you start tommorrow at 8 "

Ok boss then I will see you then.

I drove us home she stared in awe " how"

How what?

This is the house I picked out with Milo I loved the kitchen.

I know it's my wedding gift from Milo .. plus Nicole liked my condo in the center of the city next to our business . It's easier for her to commute to work . So you traded houses.

Yeah something like that.

So I can live here?

Yes she jumped into my arms. Her sweet rose perfume enveloped me like a hug.


Gabby's P.O.V

I laughed he actually thought that he's winning me over just because he bought my house. He's got another thing coming.

I rubbed my belly affectionately Hello peanuts.

Listen to this Your father's in for a real treat. As we walked inside Phoenix gasped at the sight before us. Pink throw pillows , blankets, flowers , and the list goes on of the pink assorted decor I bought just for this reaction. But the next surprise had him Baffled

The fluffiest animal at the animal shelter I requested before the sickness sunk in. A Pomeranian came running out jumping at phoenix's pants leg. Oh, my poopsie .. mommies home. Oh Phoenix do you mind my poopsie .

Thank you Vivian for all of this!

Even though this is our first meeting I actually instantly fell in love with him. What is it's name .. titan . I love mythology .. he cut me off giving the abbreviated version .The Titian's tried to takes over Mt. Olympus .The Titian's plan was spoiled by Zeus and other gods . They were banished by Zeus for their blasphemy . You know your mythology I stated proudly.

"No ,I am part Greek. my mother.. god rest her soul lived in Greece after she divorced my dad." He said as he looked at the unlit fireplace ghosts from the past crossed his features.

So that's why you hated the thought of divorce.I asked

Partially but honestly I really hate divorce because I know how dirty they can get. I see it Day in and day out how a love crumbles and hate sets in. A couple goes from happiness to hatred in a blink of an eye . He said as he walked towards the kitchen the tantalizing smells coming from the kitchen made my belly growl loudly.

Hungry ? He laughed

The peanuts are always hungry ! I stated as he actually smiled well we're perfect together I love to cook. I almost melted with his admittance.. food is my weakness. I'm a scrawny foodie ..I have a passion for good food.

He smiles what do you desire tonight?

I looked into the pot the aroma almost dropped me to my knees. Chicken Marsala ... mmm.

We're going to get along well as the Titian jumped on the couch bored. I moaned with every bite phoenix's honey eyes darken with passion. Gabriella Stop that or you won't like the results.I instantly understood what he meant I whipped my mouth on the towel. I'm sorry it's just so good.

Wait til you have my signature dish. He confidently stared

What would that be by chance?

"Leg of lamb with a fig sauce, roasted red potatoes , and sprigs of asparagus" my mouth watered at the thought of lamb

Mmm. How you know I adore lamb ? "Wild guess you are carrying half Greek kids" i took another bite an involuntary moan escaped again. I looked up to see staring at my lips at which I licked all the flavors upon my lips.

"Stop the moaning !"He commanded under his breath.

Well then stop feeding me so we'll . I snapped

"If it keeps you moaning like that I will cook every night". He said with a wink .was he flirting with me?

Then I will be fat and sassy at the comment he busted out laughing raising his grape wine at me. " life will never be boring with you around"

Wait til you meet my kids. I cheekily said.

"Our kids" he corrected

Yes our kids .. then an instant dread filled my core. Unshed Tears threatened to spill forth at the thought of him leaving. Damn preganancy! I said louder than intended.

What firecracker?

Nothing ,which room is mine anything on the second floor . Just not the two on the end there off limits.



Oh ,so this is how our arrangement is going to happen! I trudge to the second floor weary as I hit the top stairs seeing him furiously scrubbing the dirty pots .

Night Phoenix

"Gabby .. I ... never mind good night!"

I walked into the large room a huge kingsize bed in the center of the room . It looked as if the room itself has never been used before. I dropped upon the soft bed . I must have fallen asleep instantly .

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