Blowing His Mind

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Chapter:17 misunderstanding or Not?

Gabby's P.O.V

I wake up to wetness covering my face" Titian down boy!"

I'm up!

I look around the silent room and pick up the now wiggling Pomeranian . I walk downstairs the house is silent. I followed the stairs down to the first floor. I seen him in the showdown of the dark room sleeping on the couch in front of a now blazing fire.I let Titian out he did his business I carried him In .

I picked up the nearby pink blanket and draped it across his body. " heather"he started screaming in his sleep. Shh.. calm down Phoenix I cooed

He shot up in a daze tears streaming down his face. Gabby.. Go to bed !he ordered

"I was just trying to help .. just go!!he said through gritted teeth

Phoenix!! Please..

"No just go"he said coldly as he dropped his head in his hands.

I relunctly went back to bed only to have a restless night sleep. Phoenix" tears haunted me that night .


The next morning I wore stroud and sore I looked in the mirror . Now ,that I knew about the twin I seen my everchanging body in a new light.

My once flat stomach has seemed that it has changed overnight. I would soon have to go shopping for bigger clothes .

Phoenix was gone before I got up . " hello"

You must be my sister - in -law?

Yes..Hello I'm gabby

Hi I'm Sarah Phoenix and milo's sister.They never said they have a sister.

I'm technically their half sister, my moms their step mom. She clarified. I got cereal and sat at the table before going dress forms first day of work . They don't let anyone know about me their over protective. .

I can understand your their baby sister.

So congrats on the baby .she said as I dropped my spoon by accident . It clanked upon the hard wooden surface.

Babies I corrected

Sarah face dropped "the dunnivan twins"

My father is a twin he says our offspring mostly likely be twins except Milo. I'm sorry for what he did. Sincerity laced voice made me want to cry.

I have to go to work . I declared

Me too I work at my fabric shop on Weston and Ford. Maybe we can do lunch sometimes there's a great deli around the corner.gabby go easy on him he gad it rough.

Yeah I guess.,


After my first day of being Travis's nurse-in- training . I got into a routine wake up, eat breakfast with Sarah, go to work ,eat alone , and then go to bed. It's Bergen days since the that night I had seen phoenix.

One Friday night I finally had it of this solitude. I walked to his room knocking on the door and walking in to find a half naked woman sucking on my husband's neck. He pushed her off gabby" it's not what you think"Phoenix called out as I turned and picked up my dog.


The bitch gathered up her clothes and gave me a satisfied smirk. I wanted to claw her eyes out in this very second. " I will call you again lover"

I ground my teeth as I marched to my room. He didn't owe me his faithfulness. We werent even really married.

I packed up my bag I can't stay in this house any longer ." Gabby please open this door"

No go to hell Phoenix I yelled!

Firecracker please,it's not what it seemed.

I fling open the door he still had her red lipstick open his collarbone. His tan skin made the mark more visable. His now tasked hair made him so handsome.

I'm going to Vivian's don't call me til you have the papers drawn up. To think I was actually falling in love with your cheating ass.

Falling in love!

Yes .love ! Did I stutter or you can't understand English! I yelled " I'm done with you."

"You can't love me!" As he ran his hands through his hair."The last woman that loved me I killed her!"he admitted.

What !?

You heard me! Phoenix admitted

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