Blowing His Mind

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Chapter:20 Bruised ribs and Restraining Orders

Gabby's P.O.V

Days flew into weeks . Weeks flew into months

It's been months since I married Phoenix . It's nice after all that drama life has finally calmed down .

I sighed in relief at the slower pace. I missed the craziness of life with Phoenix . I had went back to Vivian's apartment. It just didn't feel like home anymore as I once did. Vivian was happy to see me come back but asked a lot of questions. I thought of her questions she had asked last night before bed. Caught up in my own thoughts As I walked into work. I see the face of the one person I loath. Does this woman have a life? If she doesn't she needs to get one. I said under my breath as I pulled out my clip board.

Hello miss how can we help you today?I nicely asked

"Yes you can stay away from my man"pepper says as a sinister smile appears upon her face . Pepper hopped down from the examination table pushing down her already short shirt. She resembled a fifty cents hooker with a bad perm. Who ever did that to her. Hair should be slapped . I reigned in my temper I'm not going to let pepper ruin my day.

Well when he's divorced you can have him. This statement seemed to appease her . I walked passed her . She has no injury so this is a waste of my time. She put out her leg purposely tripping me as I tried to pass her. I couldn't stop myself in time the cold cement floor greeted me . I fell I tried to take most of the fall protecting my protuding belly. " I will make sure you remember he is mine." As she preceded to kick me . Her pointed high heel shoe hit my belly repeatedly til I was in tears.

Then the bitch acted like she didn't do anything. As she called out " Travis .. come quick Gabriella has fallen and in serious amount of pain". She swiftly kicked me in the ribs before leaving the room to find Travis.

I'm going to beat the shit out of the bitch when I get up I vowed "She has a fucking death wish."

Pepper is in fake tears as she and Travis come into the emergency hospital . " oh, gabby what happened."travis said sincerely as his brown eyes fell upon mine . I looked away I couldn't make eye contact . Why couldn't I have fallen for Travis and married him. He seems so much more stable and kind . Than the egotistical moody Phoenix and his psychotic ex.

" She so clumsy.. she fell and I couldn't catch her in time is the baby ok?"pepper said through fake tears.

You mean babies! She's carrying twins. This made pepper face fall for a mere second.

If I weren't in so much pain I would have drop kick this fake bitch right in the mouth. It hurt so much that all I could do is open and close my mouth. "Pepper help me get her on the table" Travis orders.

She helps me almost to my feet only to drop me " sorry my hand instantly cramped up" as I fell once again to the floor. " if you mess with my man next time will be worse."she vowed under her breath for only me to hear. Poor Travis picked me up glaring at pepper. If looks could kill pepper would have been dead on the spot.

Get out pepper now! Travis bellowed as pepper happily saultered away . Travis's face morphed from fury to compassion. " why couldn't have I fallen for you."

"Gabby , your made for Phoenix not me." He said nicely As he pushed my hair from my face." He is lucky man to have you as a wife"

Thank you travis

Where does it hurt?he professionally asked


Ok , let me see I'm a doctor so don't be worried I'm only going to examine you .

Trust .. u

After his examination he covered me as if nothing happened.This will help your pain and make you sleep. I felt my eyes feel heavy before he finished the sentence.For once in a long time I welcomed sleep.


Phoenix's P.O.V

I threw myself into work the instant I got back from mike's .Sarah had free reign of the house I slept on my office couch.I had four day beard growing as I looked at myself in the bathroom mirror. No one would believe now that Milo is my identical twin. I looked horrible dark circle under the eyes, ten pounds lighter, and a beard. My phone rang I had the urge to ignore it but something in my gut told me to answer it.

Hello ..

"Hey man.. I hate to be the bearer of bad news I need you to come here to the emergency hospital. As soon as you can it's gabby and the kids."I didn't let Travis finish the sentence before I was running out the bathroom down the hall towards the elevator.

Nicole ,I'm gone for the day it's gabby .call me if you need anything.I called outa she gathered all my stuff.

Nicole nodded as she handed me my brief case and jacket. "Go !I hope she's ok. "Nicole said as i sprinted into the awaiting elevator.

I made it in record time especially with noon time traffic. Travis where's my wife.

Hey Phoenix she is in here. There is good news and bad . Which would you prefer to hear first? Travis asked

Bad first!

Well she has bruised ribs and minor bruised on her torso and face With a fractured right wrist. She is doing fine ..

How did this happen?

"Well ,I left her alone with pepper I should have known not to leave her with pepper. Knowing how posseive and how pepper is.A few minutes later I hear pepper calling for me telling me that gabby fell . Honestly I didn't see anything but the bruising shows that pepper assulted her when she fell." Travis paused as he put his hand upon my shoulder"So in my professional opinion as her doctor and your friend .I highly suggest that you put a restraining order against pepper for gabby and the kids safety."

I understand and I think your right my friend.

The good news is that the kids are. Fine .. actually I have something to show you

This is baby one and two

But baby three

So this is actually real ? Yes but it means she is on bed rest. Talk to her you get to choose the triplets brithdates. She will not have them naturally due to how many y'all are having.

Want to know the genders.

Why not

Baby 1 : girl( emmalyn)

Baby:2 girl( rose)

Baby:3 boy !!!

I fainted once more damn I gotta stop doing this. I came to seeing Travis chuckle dude you fainted again.

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