Blowing His Mind

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Chapter:21 I missed you

Phoenix's P.O.V

Travis happily releases gabby into my care. I take her our home up the stairs and into my room. For once it felt like home seeing her in my bed. I snuggle behind her she snuggled into me.sighing my name ..Phoenix .. how you know it's me without opening your eyes?

Phoenix you have and always will be a constant in my life. I feel safe in your arms she admitted my heart soared at her warm words. Maybe just maybe she loves me as I love her.

Yes ,my love ,your in my arms once more.

"I missed you"

As I have you



"We're having triplets"

I know we're having two girls and a boy


We're going to have to get a bigger vehicle that made her laugh. I can't see you driving a mini van. She Only laughed louder.gabby moved til she lay upon her back.

We're going to need room with all the car seats and all the needed supplies. I stated

"Think of any names yet?"

Yes the girls rose after my mom and emmalyn after yours and the boy I don't know.


I like it our peanuts. I rubbed her swollen belly in bed for the first time. I felt them move in astonishment and wonder .

"Their showing off Alex stay down here Emma likes the left and rose sleeps or the right they all have their own personality. Alex like attention, rose is shy ,and Emma is all over the place."

Thank you for letting me experiance this with you.

"Phoenix I".

I stopped her kissing her soundly I rolled on top of her . Her body clung to mine as we passionately kissed. Gabriella ...

I almost lost you

"You will never loose me Phoenix. I'm yours."

I kissed her til the little one kicked."the peanuts are hungry". I smiled at her I have been waiting for this a long time. As I picked her up and carried her out the room.

"Phoenix ,I'm on bed rest I'm not dead. I weigh a ton now.. I look like a beached whale ".I chuckled at her statement as she playfully hit my shoulder.

No you don't ..To me and the kids .Your the most beautiful woman in the world . A tears slide down her face.

"oh, Phoenix!"She whispered as she snuggled into my shoulder.I stopped infront of the nursery . I'm going to hire someone to stay with you and help you.

You don't have to Phoenix.

Yes I do.


Finally ,she agreed to having someone around during the day time when I'm not home. She won't be alone if something happens. I opened the door she gasped .. Phoenix when did you do this. I placed her down on her rocker she rubbed the belly " this is your room peanuts this is why you didn't want me in this room"

Yes this is the reason.. your room is going to be converted into Alex's room.

Gabby smiled "that's a great idea it gives me something to do on bed rest"

No ,you will not be doing anything strenuous. She put my hand upon her belly. Ok but I will help

Urgh , yes you can! In this moment I would give her anything she desired just to see her smile. Once again I picked her up"Phoenix your spoiling me!"

That I am , I love when you smile.

I carried her down as the timer went off. "Aren't you full of surprises phoenix"

It's Alexander middle name is Alexander just like our son. At the time when you said you wanted to name him Alexander I knew you didn't know .

Gabby smiled " alexander is the perfect name for my men."

I'm Gabriella Chantel Dunnivan that's my name . I squeezed her at her statement. The delicious smell of the lamb filled the kitchen. Sarah smiled as we entered. " thank you sis for putting this in before we arrived."

No problem ..congrats on your boy.,I smiled for the first time in days at the thought of being a father again. The idea of being a father again didn't scare as it once did. I actually looked forward to the upcoming event of meeting my children.

I finished cooking the dinner I promised Gabby many weeks ago. Joy filled my heart as I sat down to dinner with the two most important women in my life. My sister and my wife. Life is good .

As we laid that night in each other's that night"gabby can I ask you a question.

Yes she said as her thin night gown fell slightly showcasing her tattoos. My hungry eyes scanned the show of all the dark ink upon her pale skin. " does you tattoos hold a special meaning to you."

She blushed as she got up from the bed walking towards the French doors. The crisp night air flowed into the room. She stood out on the veranda overlooking the lawn . The moon cast an eerie yet serene shadows across the lakes . " my mother was very sick for many years. My mother was my whole world after my father left. I watched my mother wither away slowly til she found comfort in only death could give. My father won custody of me I ran away after I arrived. Each tattoo signifies each and every place I have been since that faithful day. My first is the skull then so on and so farth. I already planned my next one my heart sank at the knowledge of her nomadic tendencies. She plans to leave me already.

I placed my hands upon her shoulders she grasp my hands " take me to your bed Phoenix .. take away the ghosts of my past . Replacing them with only happiness."

That I can do as I kissed the curve of her neck. Knowing if I only had these moments then I would treasure them . You have my heart gabby silence accompanied my admittance as usually it did .

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