Blowing His Mind

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Chapter:24 Blowing His Mind ( Part:2)

Phoenix 's P.O.V

I cringe at the memories but I had to know. "It all started when gabby received an a call from and unknown caller. She got instantly cross and snappy. She told me " she had to get to your office before going to her scheduled doc appointment.when we arrived at your office she walked at a fast pace to your office to get the divorce papers off your desk before you could see them and sign them."I paled gabby had seriously filed for divorce even after everything we had been through.

"Nicole greeted us at the office door rubbing her belly as her water broke." Vivian chuckled "I actually freaked out at that moment."

I sat down in the empty chair Next to her bed. " we helped her as well as we could to the elevator and down to the car in the garage. It was going well, til it came time To break at the intersection. Vivian hung her head down as her long brown hair hung down shielding her bruised face. She winced the memory "i kn0w it is an uncomfortable memory". Vivian looked up as Travis came through the door" how's my favorite patient today?"

I looked at Travis he shook his shoulders" don't judge me !"

Gavin laughed " you do have an introsting family Phoenix"


"Travis said Jonas and you are his brothers" . I smiled I also have a twin brother Milo. And a sister Sarah . You will meet them later on today.

Vivian stared Travis down as he inspected her face " swelling is gone down."

"I want to have your babies"she said under her breath a mere inches away from travis's ."Gotta buy me dinner and maybe a drink but something can be worked out."Travis said with a wink as She blushed.

I laughed til tears rolled down my face" does that line really work. We gotta work upon your game."

"I thought he did fine for a teenager" Gavin said cheekily.

"Laugh it up"Travis said crossly which made us explode into fits of laughter . " I felt sorry for him" Vivian said. That's when we all laughed again til our sides hurt.

" I have to go see my wife and kids."I finally said. As we exited I seen Vivian grab Travis by the lapel and kiss his. " we left in the nick of time!"

"Young love" Gavin said as we entered gabby's room. She still slept soundly I kissed her fully lips. "Come back to me my love" I said as I touched her forehead to mine.

"I'm going to go check on the kids" Gavin said as he closed the door. It felt like forever as the monitor melodiously beeped. The door opened Milo popped in " hello "

"Hey bro"I said as I held my wife's limp hand.

How's your son?

"Great his name is Jacob and he is doing fine."As he showed a picture of him and his son. "Nicole is still curious that we didn't have a daughter. We can always try again"

"Oh no we're not! "Nicole said as she entered the door. "One and one only.."

She came into the door carting around a monitor in tow. " how are y'all ?"

Good now congrats on your son.she scoffed. Yes I guess.

"Congrats on your three!! Your never going to sleep again." She said nicely for once from all the years I have known Nicole. No stark comment or complaint.

Vivian enter the door wheeled in by Travis . " Phoenix.. I just got a call from my mechanic the car can be fixed but it seems my brakes have been tampered with .that may have caused my accident.

There is so many unanswered questions the biggest question is why does this feel like their accident wasn't accident. ? " son, go home Amanda shower you haven't left her side for hours now. I will stay with her til you get back."

I relunctantly nodded I knew what he had said was right. I needed a shower and rest. I was no good for her or the kids if I'm not taking care of myself" thanks Gavin!"

I left to come home to an unnaturally empty house. Sarah went to Milos house to get the house ready for the baby's arrival. I walked up stairs to my room that I now share with my wife. The French doors are open I close them . I walk into the bathroom to shower and let the freezing cold jets spray away my emotions. I almost lost what is the most precious thing to me.

I toweled off and put on a pair of old jeans. " hello lover" pepper cooed as she walked

Of the dark hall. What are you doing here you know your not to come within 15 feet of my house or my wife. Her pretty face morphed into disgust at the mention of my wife.

She's not here is she

Pepper, I think you should leave this instant! I said firmly

Oh you don't mean that

Oh but I do leave pepper or so god help me I will call the police. I said through gritted teeth as she ran her fingers up my fore arm. She out of the way now .. now we can finally be together.

What are you talking about? What did you do pepper?

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