Blowing His Mind

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Chapter:25 Hateful Woman

Phoenix's P.O.V

"I did what I had to do to get you to realize we belong together. "Pepper snappedas I pulled out my phone and hit record. Pushing the phone in my back pocket . My lawyer instincts screamed " this may be viable in court if need be."

Pepper ,were never going to be together .we we did sexually will never happen again . I'm in love with Gabriella not you. It will never be you I'm sorry

"Sorry .. sorry he says you don't know what I had to do for us. The measures I had to go through to get us together". As she started paced int room tugging on her black hair . " you must love me Phoenix!"

What measures did you take to get us together? She laughs maniacally" your so smart and yet you never figured it out?"

What did you do pepper?

I caused heather and your mother's crash . I cut their brakes..just as gabby had earlier today.

I took a step back all these years I have blamed myself for their accident . Never in my wildest dreams would I ever think of them being murder for what .. love

Why did you kill them pepper..

"Heather was in the way of our happiness .,she had to go "she laughed as my blood ran cold. "Your mother figured out that I tried to kill heather after I found out about the baby. Pepper laughed it was awesome that they both got in the car that day. Made my job and life easier. "

Your evil pepper..

"My love I did it for us !"as said as she crossed the room. She whispers in my ear I hold back the bile that rose into my throat . As her hand rang down my back cupping my butt. She pulled out my phone ." You didn't think I didn't know your recording me!" She screamed.

You will love me Phoenix Alexander Dunnivan

As she jumped from the window into the bushes below .,. I watched her run from sight. I had a sickening feeling where she was headed to.

I grabbed the nearest shirt and ran to my car. Please lord let me get there in time I said as I drove away

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