Blowing His Mind

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Chapter:26 Silent Shot

Gabby's P.O.V

I wake to see my father sleeping in the corner my mouth dry from the lack of moisture. As my eyes adjust Travis's face comes into view. "Hey how do you feel?

Tired ,bones ache, and very thirsty.

That's normal when you go into emergency c-section. I touched my now deflated belly " I'm a mom!"

Yes three healthy children that can't wait to meet you.

Tears streamed down my face.. with joy . I looked around Where's Phoenix ?

Home to shower he should be back soon. You need your sleep. I will come back later as he put the chart upon the door.

I drifted off into a soundless sleep. Only to be awoken my a loud crack of a gun and screams. "Dad please go protect my children." He nodded and took off for the elevator. Another shot rang out. As Travis came into the room " gabby you have to get up. He helped me to my feet.."

Pepper is crazy it's not safe for you.

He helped me to the door peering out into the Choas unfolding before us. We were half way to the elevator as the third shot hang out and Travis body jerked. It's was as if in slow motion we fell to the floor. I put my hand upon Travis shoulder putting pressure on the wound .

Go gabby leave me go!!


As if sealing my fate as he closed his eyes. As his hand hung onto mine. "Thank you .."

Pepper then laughed" always heroic"

"Pepper"phoenix's voice rang out as the last of the " forget about her.. we can be together ! Throwing down the signed divorce papers upon the floor. My heart dropped as the papers hit the floor. She leaped into his out raised arms. Kissing passionately til the police took her away screaming and kicking. I looked away" it's not ., what you just saw"Travis said as a nurse rushed over to help . Travis blood cover my hands as they got him on a gurney rushing him down the hall leaving me standing their like an idiot. I looked in phoenix's direction as the police questioned him and nurses scurried to tend to the injured. Only three shots were fired but the casualties were immense. The first shot pepper shot was at a indecent light spraying shards upon the by-standards within the lobby . The second is the receptionist poor girl refused to give her the information she wanted. And the last is poor Travis for helping me. I owe him my life and the life of my children.

As I got cleaned Travis blood off my fingers. As the swirling pink coppery liquid swirled down the sink below . I let myself cry for not only me but for every thing that has happened. Once my hands cleaned I steeled my spine and walked out in the now quieted halls . Bending down gathering up the scattered divorce papers .

Miss may I borrow a pen..

Are you ok? The receptionist askedAren't you suppose to be in bed .

I will go back to bed after I sign this..

Below his signature I signed my name with shaking hands. From this day foward I'm free from Phoenix Dunnivan and the hold he has on my heart.

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