Blowing His Mind

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Chapter:27 Finally Freed

Phoenix 's P.O.V

A month after the inncodent at the hospital. Pepper is convicted of not only murdering my mother and heather, trying to kill Abby , but also shooting at the hosptial. Pepper is finally given the help that she needs and deserved. I blew out a breath as I exited the court room. That was so draining but finally after all these years they had the closure they deserved. Milo met me at the exit with two bouquets of red roses. "You sure your ready for this?"

They deserve this as we enter his black convertible. The way to green's cemetery is long drive into a wooded area. I gather up the flowers as we approach our mothers grave

"Mom I hope you finally find the peace you deserve . Pepper did this to you but she got the help she needed. I will always love you" I said I felt down deep in my soul freed . As I uttered the words out loud I the closure I needed and deserved. I placed the flowers upon heathers grave touching each letter.tears streamed down my face

I know I'm not the twin you wanted but I loved you.. I hope you have the peace you deserve . I will never forget the good times we had together and I know you never wanted me to be miserable. So, I can now finally move on. Thank you heather.

We left the cemetery in silence.I never asked what he had said to mom and heather that day at the grave site. As he didn't ask what I had said but we left the horrible past that day with a now brighter future. If I knew my my freedom didn't just end after the cemetery .I wouldn't have believed it.

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