Blowing His Mind

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Chapter:28 Hallow Victory

Phoenix's P.O.V

We returned to the office.. "still not returning your calls "Milo asked

Nope I'm worried .

My father strodes into the room in his pristine three piece suit. "Phoenix I need to talk to you alone."

He hugs Milo before Milo existed the room.

Hi son ,how you been?

Fine and you .. what brings you by today ? I just closed pepper's case. Mom finally can have the peace she deserves. "That's great" but his smile doesn't reach his eyes. Something is deadly wrong my father had his court room poker face. Showing his opponent nothing of his feelings or opinion.

It's official as of today. I'm sorry Phoenix

What is ?

"Your divorce" He solemnly stared. I nearly fell out of my chair" say that again..,

"It's final.. it's usually never this fast but grabriella didn't want anything from you .."

Her only request is to give you this."He placed gabby's wedding ring upon my desk. The ring pinged off my wooden desk. I stared at the silver band upon my desk . I could feel my fists tightened. " what about the kids?"

It will take months to clear the courts with kids are involved in a divorce.

Their too young to be accounted for the honorable judge .he instantly signed off and it has been filed. So these are you copies I'm so sorry Phoenix I know you loved her." Walter said that without looking at me.

Oh the other matter I came by is for this. He put out his hand. " congratulations son your free!

What !?I bellowed i just got my heart ripped out and your congratulations me!

No Phoenix I'm relieving you of your title at dunnivan's law firm . I have known for a awhile that you hated to be a lawyer.. cooking is your passion . The title of lawyer is now passed on to.. me !

Sarah entered I just passed the bar as of yeasterday so I'm taking your position. I hugged them both."you won't regret this" .

I know we won't. They said in unison .

It felt like a hallow victory without gabby in my life. I went to our home and all her side of the room is cleared out. I can't like without you gabby .

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